The first style toy of London Olympics appears Includes Beijing seal

It is sure to be attracted to reach London for the first time by the red double-decker bus of full street, this red bus with abundant history, with lying in the riverside Big Ben Bell of Times (university degree clock) The same, it is one of the most characteristic signs of London. And it is in Beijing Olympic Games closing ceremony " 8 minutes such as London " The excellent behavior had is more impressive. Nowadays, a new image of its appears again, that is a first style toy of official licensed-type production of the London Olympics.


Have exposed the red bus of the closing ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games

The spokesman of London BOCOG says: "One year ago,whose name is at Beijing in we through ' next stop get London ' bus express welcome to world, it is very suitable to regard this as the first style toy. "

London BOCOG has expressed that transfers the relevant toy products of Olympic Games to making toy train and world-famous Hornby Company of racing-cycle in July, it is scheduled to last three years. And the red bus announced this time is only a member in numerous toys souvenirs, other products will also include train model of the Olympic Games, model of race course, London Olympics main stadium model and model of means of transportation represented by taxi.

Strive to enter the London Olympics in seven events The golf Rugby becomes the big craze

Superstar's Tigers - hope that Woods wins the Olympic gold of golf will come true soon. At present, IOC consider, include 2016 in among the events of the Summer Olympics most popular sports item, among them golf and seven people's Rugby are hot projects. The IOC will hold the 121st IOC member conference in Copenhagen in October of 2009. When the time comes, to increasing the softball to move and vote in the 31st Olympic Games in 2016.

IOC executive committee will elect two items from 7 sports that are recommended, still include the baseball of these 7 items, softball, the squash, the karate, the wheel slips. 15 council members of IOC will recommend two sports to happen from it, later October was passed in Copenhagen after voting together by all 106 members of IOC. Among them, baseball and softball Beijing Olympic Games are out, the possibility to enter again is very small.

The committee member of IOC carries on one's shoulder or back waves dagger-axe and tells reporter of Associated Press, " this will be a long-term and difficult discussion. " "I think that there are different opinions. We hope to reach the unified opinion, but it is very difficult to find the common point. "

Seen from the present, the golf is selected very encouraging, however, some IOC members are afraid whether Woods or other top athletes will participate in the competition then. "Some people have some stereotypes to the golf. " The committee member of the director of IOC Denis - tile Germany (Denis Oswald) then Speak of, " we can't guarantee the best player will participate in the contest. Certainly, we do not have anything that is limited to this, but the golf is a sport globalized very much. There are good fields in all parts of the world, and no matter men and women all participate in this sport. "

As to this, Woods says: "In 2016, I am 40 years old, if I will not have retired till that time, I am sure to participate in the Olympic Games. I think golf one real global sport, in in the near future sure to appear at Olympic Games. If golf selected Olympic event finally, I think this take exercises to golf and some carry on golf little country of sport very much important now.

At present, the slippery sports of the wheel have already been listed in the 16th Guangzhou formal event of Asian Games of 2010, and become the formal events of international sports meetings such as sports meeting, Pan-American's sports meeting, the sports meeting of the Mediterranean and world Special Olympics of the world,etc., make four events of Rugby, karate, squash with the golf, 7 people as the alternative event of the first echelon of the Olympic Games together at the same time, join the London Olympics at the expected meeting in Copenhagen of the IOC in 2009.

How too great to know now the Rugby is classified as the possibility of 2016 Olympic Games event!, but this piece fashionable project at least unable to receive material benefit from Rogge, president of IOC in America and Europe, even if Belgian were once a Rugby athlete before this.

Referring to the prospect that the karate enters the Olympic Games, international karate association members hold the prudent optimistic attitude. He says: "The karate has certain popularization, appreciative value is stronger too, this is its advantage, but karate and judo, tae kwon do have similar places, the unique characteristic is relatively weak, this may enter the Olympic Games and produce the adverse effect to it. "

The Tang, President of International Softball Federation, - originally specially specially express while giving an interview. "We want to attend, ' hey! The softball is just here, we can't let them forget us " Originally specially specially say, a lot of child and others want to participate in the Olympic Games in the whole world, we want to let them participate, we can't give up. " Peter knows too the golf is a craze selected as Rugby. "We believe the Olympic Games gate will be unlimited to us, hope the IOC members will believe us. "

Woman's boxing becomes the formal event of the Olympic Games in London

Rogge, president of IOC, announces in Berlin formally: The woman's boxing event will become the formal event of the London Olympics for 2012 years.

The incumbent IOC's president Jacques - Rogge was a boxing doctor in the past, he has been supporting woman's boxing to enter the Olympic Games very much all the time. In carrying on IOC executive committee in Berlin, this hope of Mr. Rogge's became reality today.

Woman boxing originate from England for 1720 year first, make for the performance event at Olympic Games for 1904. But behind that, woman's boxing has not appeared on the court of the Olympic Games again.

According to the previous report, the gold medal that woman's boxing enters the boxing event after the Olympic Games will not increase to count, so the gold medal of man's boxing is counted and must be reduced.

The sports elite in Great Britain jointly supports the international cultural heritage activity of London Olympics

As remarkable athletes' representative figure in Britain, David - Beckham comes out boldly to add to the team supporting world to encourage planning this time. David? Beckham, Chris? Knight of Iraq, smooth Buddhist nun suddenly? Graae? Thompson woman ancient wine vessel with three legs and a loop handle, Denis? Lewis and Colin? Jackson,etc. pulled together to encourage 2012 international cultural heritage of plan and London to plan to express energetical support to world that faces children and young people a few days ago.

3 years from 2012 Olympic Games at present, these five sports stars promised, assist, realize London apply for organizing the Olympic Games group in commitment that Singapore make, " come near global children, the inspiring strength of letting them experience the Olympic Games brings, get to know several ten million young people from all parts of the world, lead them to join sports activity and realize the promotion of the quality of the life finally. "

In order to show one's own support to activity, Beckham says: "No matter London in 2005 is when Singapore won right of bidding to host, or on the closing ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games, I participate, this makes me really experience the strength of the Olympic Games too. "

"Sports is a kind of languages applicable to all of people of the world, it can change people's life. Encouraging the plan through world, we will have an opportunity to make several ten million children experience happiness and passion that sports bring. We can be believed in and respected through sports professor and others, can promote their self-confidence at the same time. This is that one lets them understand how to guarantee the security, how to keep fit, it is even a chance how to survive sometimes. "

And Paralympic Games children and activity that young people hold for the first time in history as Olympic Games, world encourages the plan to make the life of young people of five countries of Azerbaijan, Brazil, India, Palau and Zambia change. Bangladesh, Jordan, Ghana, Mozambiquean, Terry Buddhist nun reach every work with Trinida & Togago and go on, face Malaysia, Nigeria and South African proposal activity and already launch.

The goal of this plan is to make 12 million children from 20 countries have an opportunity to contact and understand the 2012 London Olympics. This is a real international activity, the child of Britain will be benefited because of exchange network among the schools too, the children will have an opportunity to know one's own culture background and experience of life.

The Olympic Games in London opens for time 12 past 20 on July 27, 2012

Receiving much concern London Olympics confirm, open for time specifically finally, this Tuesday, London BOCOG announces formally this Olympic Games will open at 12 past 20 on July 27, 2012 local time, the same as Beijing Olympic Games, London has not chosen to open on the hour, but comply with year letting and imply " 2012 " in time ,In order to commemorate this unusual moment.

According to the regulation, the London Olympics lasted 17 days together, would close formally on August 12, 2012, carry on the Paralympic Games from August 29 to September 9 subsequently. On July 27 of London time, is the day of the 3rd anniversary of count-down of Olympic Games, the Olympic main stadium that is building is shown the enormous figure " 3 " ,This is construction workers' celebration way. Meanwhile, also especially held the first World Conference on media in London Olympics, the country including China, U.S.A., Germany, Japan has all sent representatives, more than 100 media personages in all have participated in this meeting.

The third anniversary for the count-down of London Olympics

July 27, London Olympics construction worker of gymnasiums and stadiums show one enormous " 3 " in main stadium in the center Word (left picture) ,In order to commemorate the 3rd anniversary for the opening ceremony count-down of the London Olympics. Launched a series of in all parts of Britain last weekend " 2012 Olympic Games of London is opened for week " The activity, in order to arouse people's expectation and enthusiasm to the Olympic Games in London again. Sebastian, president of BOCOG in 2012 years in London? The department Lord says, " I believe more and more London is a city full of intelligence and intention, our group and partner are promoting the glamour of this city through making great efforts, we are leading to 2012 on the road to the London Olympics. "

After reaching London from Beijing from the Olympic holy flame of 2008, Britain accelerates the preparation of 2012 Olympic Games of London under the double pressure of the brilliant and global economic crisis in Beijing Olympic Games, every family of London will begin to bear the tax of 20 pounds, the expenses transformed as venue construction and traffic of the London Olympics since 2009. Exchequer and national lottery ticket organization, can be already gasped for breath by the Olympic Games bill, though the fund is tight, arrange to go from venue construction and tournament, the work of London BOCOG has already been got definitely, already all has been completed for the main venue external agent structure project of the Olympic Games at present. Britain is besides planning actively in hardwares such as capital construction,etc., the efforts of the respect make many achievements to popularize in Olympic spirit, sports and build up body in an all-round way. Investigate from speciality census data of organization reveal table tennis people property of participation of this item raise to some extent only among all Olympic Games sports item, the ordinary people of other projects have not produced more interests. At present among British ordinary people, " whether what we can reap after the Olympic Games " Doubt still can be heard without end. So the activity was entrusted to more meanings will it be 24 - 26 July " 2012 week such as opening such as London " this time, British government want, inspire popularity of the economic recession, make organizers obtain more inspiration from it too, run out Britain's characteristic Olympic Games.

The new threat of the London Olympics: The network attacks

July 21 electricity in London of Reuter (reporter Avril Ormsby) ---British Ministry of Internal Affairs high-ranking official show Olympic Games organizer network that London Olympics face attack risk to be " very much sensitive " to 2012 year Tuesday . Because of its characteristic of evolving constantly, it is even more important that the network attacks the challenge that brings to Olympic Games.

Ticketing service system, traffic network, hotel reservation and security are all potential attack targets.

Officer show, responsible for Olympic Games safe officer go on, take precautions against, work to possible airplane hijacking too, avoid terrorist's attacking in the sky in order to protect the competition area.

British government latest " security strategy report " (Safety and

Security Strategy) Point out, the greatest security threat of the Olympic Games is the international terrorism.

A officer of Ministry of Internal Affairs says: "Evidence does not reveal 2012 and may encounter the terrorist attack now. "

"But the precedent of the competitive sports before if you see, especially the Olympic Games, imagine it was not the groundless rumour that the possibility that the terrorist attack threaten takes place in 2012. "

Already there are about 600 million pounds (980 million dollars) at present Classified as the safe fund alone, but the officers of Ministry of Internal Affairs say, if threaten to upgrade, the safe budget may be heightened again.

The officers say, the network attacks the unique challenge that has already become safety work, because the attack form of the network is changing constantly, mean having more fund that are being put into taking precautions against the question that the computer attacks.

"The main challenge lies in predicting what kind the network three years later attacks, "An officer says, " we are very alert to the network question. "

The British coach called upon in 2012 the London Olympics increased the steel tube dance event

Does the steel tube dance enter the Olympic Games? Please must not regard this thing as and laugh at looking. Recently, a steel tube dance coach in Britain starts " applies for organizing the Olympic Games " The plan, hope to persuade IOC, regard steel tube dance as the performance event of the London Olympics for 2012 years, enable the dance fans of this group of steel tubes to represent the elegance on the Olympic Games.

This " applies for organizing the Olympic Games " The promoters of sports are in very flourishing steel tube Êf thatch of dance coach in Britain. As a fanatic steel tube dance fan, thatch of Êf is not merely a big favourite follower in the circle of the steel tube dance, made a lot of teaching video-tapes - -Her steel tube dance performs the video and spreads wide on video screen websites too, is described for angel's face and combination of devil's stature by net friends.

But to thatch of Êf, this is still far from enough, can participate in the Olympic Games in her greatest dream. It's a great pity, though the steel tube dance is that a kind of strength combines perfect sports with U.S.A., but not a event of the Olympic Games. In order to finish one's own dream, thatch of Êf has got in touch with about 5000 steel tube dance fans in the whole world, hold various activities, hope to persuade IOC, regard steel tube dance as the performance event of the London Olympics for 2012 years.

While giving an interview, thatch of Êf is said: "I think there are not the differences in steel tube dance and gymnastics, all need to make some highly difficult movements, let the referee give a mark. If the gymnastics are qualified to enter the Olympic Games, why steel tube dance can't? " She has even shown two photos, among them the gymnast is the handstand on the pommelled horse, dance performer is propping up the steel tube handstand with steel tube, it looks that really there are a lot of places of resembling.

Thatch of Êf is still a steel tube dance " Apply for organizing the Olympic Games " Having set up one's own websites, but according to website's content, unexpectedly 90% are promoted oneself, so she is a steel tube dance " Apply for organizing the Olympic Games " Motive,still doubtful.

[The law circle briefs on ] the origin of the steel tube dance, there is a kind of more traditional statement, it emerges from the womb of the 12th century a kind of primitive tribe carries on the dance worshipped in reproduction. By the beginning of 21st century, the steel tube dance develops and becomes the sports of building up body and reducing weight of a kind of fashion, especially women are extremely popular in the American-European white collar. The modern steel tube dance that improved has already been accepted by people in the dispute slowly.

In order to participate in the London Olympics New Zealand athletes opened the brothel and raised the money unexpectedly

At present, the straight place of Olympic venue of London is in construction in full swing, the athletes of various countries lay oneself out to prepare for hard too. However, the great amount of race-entry expenses let a lot of strong athletes without financial resources difficult to make.

According to Britain " The Times " Report on the 13th, New Zealand sports department stipulates, each player participating in Olympic Games must raise all expenses including plane ticket, subsistence charge by oneself. Famous tae kwon do past masters of New Zealand Logan and Campbell, have unexpectedly run a brothel in order to collect together the silver of foot!

23 -year-old Logan and Campbell enters the tae kwon do match top four of the lightweight on Beijing Olympic Games, though later he was defeated by Zhu MuYan, player of Chinese Taipei, considered as the tae kwon do new star of New Zealand. Since Beijing Olympic Games finishes, Campbell just accepts training without a single halt, prepare for the 2012 London Olympics actively. With his level, it is extremely hopeful to become " top seed " of 2012 Olympic Games The first.

For catch the valuable chance, embarrasingly short of money Campbell hesitate, will blow " procuress " ,Have opened an advanced brothel in large scale in Auckland, largest city of New Zealand. He hopes it is enough to amount to 12 ten thousand pounds at least for this brothel to raise for him (nearly shut RMB 133 ten thousand) Funds,help he for Olympic Games dream.

This brothel is " Senior gentleman's club " ,It was Campbell and the professional graduate of the financial accounting of University of Science and Technology of Auckland 20 years old Hu Ge and Philips that establish together, have already become one of the biggest brothels of New Zealand at present. The brothel has hired several dozen sexy and pleasant call girls, offer various pornography service for guest at any time.

Campbell say Beijing Olympic Games spend him 5 whole family. Pound of savingses, all these it is he parents that live frugally, work with all one's might money earned by hard toil come oned to make. Two jobs that Campbell's father has held a part-time job, very arduous. Campbell says: "Parents are unable to bear the expenses that I participated in the London Olympics again, can only depend on myself now. In the impressions of people, the procuress is the rough people standing in the streets and lanes drawing the guest, I am not. I am only one of the owners of this organization. "

It is legal that open in the brothel in New Zealand, but Campbell's identity is special, this has caused the great disturbance, and he probably abandons the race-entry qualification. Philid of caretaker John Cisco of association's fund of New Zealand tae kwon do says: "Weigh an athlete's quality, should not merely see his behavior in the professional field, it depends on athletes as what kind of model teenagers make. "

However, it has precedent early that industry of athlete's property of participation raises the race-entry fund. 1999, Australian cyclist Nichol and Tasker, in order to raise the money, went to the strip tease club to dance frenzied dancing unexpectedly. 5 Canadian sportswomen participate in Vancouver Winter Olympic Games in 2010 in order to raise the money, take nude photo collectively.

Olympic Games main venue of London is not used for holding World Cup

It is reported the British government announces recently, the main venues of the London Olympics will not be used for applying for soccer World Cup for 2018 years in 2012.

Olympic Games main venue of London cost more than 500 million pounds, can hold 80,000 audiences. London BOCOG has promised to IOC, after 2012 Olympic Games, this venue will be reduced and kept for the sports cultural heritage that can have held 25,000 audiences. West Ham of England Premier League club has hoped to turn this venue into a pitch, suffer the refusal of London BOCOG, and they have claimed to already lock the lessee from another project firmly. But up till now, the lessee has never confirmed. And these projects are originally all in the charge of London Development Authority, grew suddenly and changed in February of this year, after Boris and Johnson is elected the London mayor, he has given up the original plan, have established the Olympic Games legacy to pay the company. Olympic Games legacy pay Ford, president of Company, think to reconsider venues reduce the scheme after the match, she inclines to keep 50,000 seats, needn't rebuild venues while so holding World Track and Field Championship. However, how to safeguard it is a question after the match.

"Should maintain a stadium with 80,000 seats between 2012 and 2018, we do not have enough funds. " Olympic Games minister Tessa and Joe and Weill says, " we have been knowing the commitment that we make to the IOC very all the time, our venues will be used for enriching the masses' sports culture life after the match as a grand sport hall. " Find suitable lessee, people afraid Olympic venue in will turn into one enormous and a expensive one burdensome after the match.

London Wins 2012 Games (BBC)

BBC Coverage of the moment London won the right to host the 2012 Olympic Games. London beat rivals Paris by 54 votes to 50 in the final round of voting at the 117th IOC sessions in Singapore.

Olympics 2012 Stadium

Olympics 2012 Aquatic Centre

Olympic Park fly-through 2009 - London 2012

Watch progress of the Olympic Park venues over time on our webcams at

THIS VIDEO: Jonathan Edwards takes you on the latest fly-through tour of the Olympic Park, and shows you the progress of work on the Park since it began.

The Olympic Games in London exposes to the sun the black hole of 100 million pounds The budget is overspended

The London mayor kisses the investigation of making

100 million financial black holes surface

March of this year, Boris, mayor of London? Johnson require that carries on financial examination to all Olympic Games organization, just in this customary inspection, the investigator finds there is financial black hole at 100 million pounds in the London Olympics organization. London government Ma Wei accounting firm to the agency for development of London appoint, subsequently ' Management organization about the economic commercial department of London) Carry on the investigation.

At present, two high-ranking officials in agency for development of London have already been suspended from the duty, a person among them has been named Blake, responsible for buying the land that the Olympic Green needs specially, another person is Blake's accountant. It is reported, during the process of buying the land, they have not prepared the compensation payment in order to move personnel, this sum of expenses is probably between 60 million to 100 million pounds. In order to build Olympic venues, a lot of citizens in London are forced to move, this sum of huge fund is originally used for compensating the relocation citizens lying in the Stratford of east of London, the residents not getting the compensation payment now are excited, have already initiated the enormous dispute in London. No doubt, this financial question not merely makes London BOCOG unusually unbearable, have even influenced the building-up work of the Olympic stadiums of London seriously.

Generally speaking, the financial affairs unusually relate to deposit the fund in mistake, but the financial black hole is really due to neglecting the fund is diverted on purpose this time, there is not a final conclusion yet for the moment. "It is beyond the scope of customary investigation to already investigate, enter administration of justice now and investigate stage. " The personage concerned said, the government of London determines to investigate and include in the judicial process, the Olympic Games is prepared to firmly believe the appearance of the financial black hole is to operate the fault in the organization, does not swindle on purpose, here, council's spokesman of the Olympic legacy thinks the financial black hole will be remedied in time, "we have already made some schemes of remedying, will not influence the process of venue construction. "

The problem lies in people have prepared to already hold the suspicious attitude in sincerity of the organization to London government and the Olympic Games now, the special department responsible for risk control has not discovered the problems in time in the council at first, in addition London municipal government perplex financial scandal too, London vice-mayor before the this because credit card store difference in expose and forced to resign.

The investigation to the financial black hole is still continuing, but can affirm, the blueprint that the London Olympics is being prepared in absolutely not hoping is so beautiful, under the pincer attack of deficit and scandal, the Olympic Games has already become a huge stone pressed on London government and BOCOG head.

The budget of main venue overspends nearly 200 million

The Olympic Games minister regrets applying for originally

In fact, even if no this time sensational financial black hole will appear, the preparing to awkward of the Olympic Games in London, Olympic Games minister Qiao Wei acknowledged 2012 Olympic Games budget was up to 9,350 million pounds in early time, it is 4 times at 2,350 million pounds estimated in advance while applying for originally, the more terrible one was, in the construction of Olympic venues, this budget is being broken constantly too.

In the latest report announced not long ago, only the construction expenses of main venues such as Olympic Games main court, swimming center,etc. were up to 1,360 million pounds, exceed the budget of 190 million pounds, and the urgent fund of 27 hundred million pounds which the British government compiled of 2007, has already put 2,200 million pounds to use now, there is not much left. "We see coarseness what original budget is now. " "No matter what reason, it's time to appear to clear up the mess in the government now. "

Face the predicament in economy, London BOCOG has already begun to consider cutting down athlete's dormitory in a large amount, it is reported, the room of Olympic Village of London is counted and compressed from 4000 to 2800, this has meaning the athletes when the time comes many people share a room, even so, this just as ridiculously inadequate effort to save a grave situation to Olympic Games construction which London spends money like water. Why does the London Olympics encounter the awkward situation for the moment? One of the answers is to sweep across the global economic crisis, this lets the Olympic Games of London prepared disasters pile up on one another, it is serious to rely on the credit crisis for the moment of London of the banking very much, the market of real estate is close to collapsing too, in addition, numerous sponsors are in the state of looking around, under the coercing of economic crisis, a lot of investors with intentional script withdraw one after another.

Consider, support deficient, fund gap have to subsidize by the Britain government finance, is Britain's Olympic Games delivered to office chief John? Armitt says frankly: "Situation and already totally different apply for, now, have terrible trend more and more, totally the government undertakes the expenses, this is a very extreme situation, it is what we do not want to see either. " You know, the financial deficit under the influence of economic crisis of Britain government has up to in the past 15 years highested.

Because such a pressure, Olympic Games, minister of London, and Qiao Wei quite cannot help but feels, she has even produced the repentant purpose of a silk in bidding for hosting the Olympic Games, " know such a situation of now (the whole world encounters the economic crisis) early ,We should bid for hosting the Olympic Games, though so, now we or can make great efforts, budget for, maintain 9,350 million at. "

2012 London Olympics " Digitize most " But refuse the latest technology

In 2012 the London Olympics organizer showed a few days ago, the London Olympics will be the strongest tournament of a digitization, will pay close attention to netizen's voice to the most advanced network media, but will not adopt those latest technology.

2012 year London OCOG new A good fortune, Bell of Likes, (Alex Balfour), director of media, Show, " the Olympic Games is not the place of an innovative technology of test.
We pay close attention to, improve masses possibility of property of participation very much, around how about meet the challenge of scale some innovation of us, but not centre on the most advanced technology. "

News report of the London Olympics Brock - one (Jackie Brock-Doyle) of executive Jege of 2012 years Show, the sponsor may show the new technology, but a lot of people think wrongly, "all people can walk and watch the 200-meter dash match in the street of Oxford through the mobile phone. " Though a lot of people are very interested in advanced technology and use the most, but in so important tournament of Olympic Games, media must be reliable and passing the fact and verifying, but not pursue advance

Find the graveyard of Rome era at Olympic Games facility construction site of London

There are a large number of skulls in the graveyard

Recently, the archaeologist is under a new highway built for the 2012 London Olympics, bury the collective graveyard with a large number of garrulous corpse after discovering one. They suspect in the grave left because of the major war in era this is Rome, it will be probably British at the Iron Age that these are cut to pieces.

In England the southwest Dorset Ridgeway mountain of coast, one lead to majestic cogongrass new way then in course of building. This seashore small town will hold the yacht match for future London Olympics. The workers dig out a lot of skulls under the road bed. The archaeologist has excavated, studied this thoroughly.

Excacation person in charge, David of Oxford University archaeologist fruit (David Score) then Say: "We think, these corpses dismembered will be probably the British native at the Iron Age. The problem is how they die, who has killed them. Do they massacre and die each other inside the race? Or is massacred by Romans? " He tells Reuter's reporter: "They will probably conflict with invading Roman. "

According to the introduction of historical materials, the army of Rome invades Britain in A.D. 43, Mark Law works and guides darkly then the legion sweeps across the west of England rapidly, give tit for tat with Kehl special clan of Britain. This graveyard lies in the hillock fort of largest the Iron Age of Europe - -Young girl's castle. According to the records of historical data, after the army of Rome invades, the masses of local clan have carried on desperate resistance. Some historians think, Romans must be in order to be responsible for destroying this field, they have massacred all people that include within women and the children, level this place to the ground. The fruit shows, the archaeologist found 45 pieces of cranium in the range six yards wide then, and a large number of trucks, arms and legs. They estimate and further deepen with excavating, will find more corpse dismembered.

Through appraise, most skull belong to young people, this prove they kill in not fighting or in extensive to put execute collectively, to death further. Has also found a lot of prehistoric ancient implements by the corpse, some the Iron Ages are early with the pottery chip of times in Rome.

London Olympic Games soccer still uses U23

FIFA decided the proposal of the age of sportsman participating in the contest of London Olympic Games men's football of 2012 a few days ago: Go into battle in the sportsmen who the sportsmen that the men's football of the London Olympics had a match will be born in after being January 1, 1989, i.e. U23 team. May 31, the decision that FIFA Executive Committee has a meeting: The soccer reform scheme of the Olympic Games wouldn't be submitted to this all representative assembly for discussion, and will not involve before the next meeting either. It is revealed, the strong opposition of the IOC is one of the reasons why FIFA makes this decision.

Britain should send the super warship to warn the London Olympics

Britain plans to be sending and building 3 " Brave " One in one grade of 45 type destroyers provides protection for London Olympics. These 3 warships are respectively " Fearless" Number, " brave " Number, " diamond " Number, unit price is about 1,600 million dollars, expected to begin to be on active service in 2011.

The main weapons of these new warships are called " Leader's air defence missile system " .

According to the statement of the British navy, it is from a lot of directions that this system can be taken precautions against at the same time" Supersonic, stealthy, high mobility and can use, stick to sea or underriding guided missile of flight mode " .

British media reports, this kind of destroyer is furnished with " Radix Asteris " Guided missile, can follow and destroy the cricket size movement goal outside 30 kilometers.

During the London Olympics, if the aircraft kidnapped by the terrorist flies to the facilities of Olympic venue, warn in the mouth of Times river when the time comes " Brave " One grade of 45 type warships can shoot down it.

It is reported, it is " brave " to send Grades of 45 type warship responsible for cost that warn in 600 million of London Olympics ' Nearly shut 9. 600 million dollars) In the security protection budget.

The international basket unites IOC of the requirement Increase Olympic Games team participating in the contest of London

The international basket unites and already requires the IOC to increase 4 teams more in the 2012 London Olympics.

International basket unite, say, rise to 16 from 12 countries, bring heavy masses and effective match Friday.

The international basket is united secretary Bowman and said: "This match had already been expanded rapidly, admitted at time. Its audience rating will boom, is absolutely beneficial to the IOC. "

Begin from 1976 Montreal Olympics, the match of men's basketball has been keeping 12 teams participating in the contest all the time, but after allowing U.S.A. NBA sportsmen to participate in from 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the status was thereupon growth.

Bowman says, the basketball is second only to track and field sports in the Olympic Games audience's popularization.

"We have already given some agreements to IOC and the Olympic Games. I believe that if increase many teams, we can be in order to contribute more. "

Bowman says, the slogan of the basketball is not " made big but does strongly " ,It has an sufficient reason to strengthen the battle array.

Beijing Olympic Games last year, U.S.A with NBA star James gained the gold medal, other contestant countries have Brazil, France, Italy and SerbiaMonteneg,etc., some star Tony and Park like Spurs views and admires at home.

Bowman says: "It is that 24 countries participate in the conference that our world has a match, and we can increase to 32 teams of matches at any time. "

In addition, Bowman says, 16 teams not only can save the IOC and expenses funds of the preparatory committee in the future, will shorten two days competition day too, finish within 13 days.

Though Bowman is the members of IOC, he can't participate in decision. IOC project committee will offer one to report to to the executive committee that 15 members make up, they will make the decision at the meeting of Berlin in August.

Require in London Olympics beginning sporting can participate in the contest matted to increase for boxing while being other ' Popularize and introduce woman's medal project) ,And demand to increase the swimming of 8 jobs.

The Olympic Games in London popularizes and introduces business opportunity of 8 billion dollars

High-tech Expo attract all parts form a team, participate in, London Olympics at yesterday prepare, bring enormous business opportunity come on, relevant projects reaching 8 billion dollars wholly are popularized and introduced. At the meeting, more than one hundred central authorities keep a close watch on the business opportunity of the London Olympics in the enterprises of Beijing and Beijing, and High-tech Expo has become the bridges of both sides of communicating.

According to relevant personnel of London BOCOG, it is estimated that will sign 70,000 commercial contracts during the whole of London Olympics preparation, London will get economic growth space at 80 billion dollars. At the introduction meeting, London develop administration Beijing representative office person in charge say, have 801 company gain, add up to 3,500 million, or dollar of contracts already at present.

It is reported, two enterprises of Beijing win a bid of the London Olympics event at present, including the group company of Beijing Urban Construction Group and China, Beijing river culture develop the company. Among them Beijing Urban Construction Group will be responsible for the construction of the temporary facilities of the Olympic stadiums, and China river design and make 2012 badge for London Olympics, among them 90% with a limit on quantity edition all, it is estimated whole sales volume over 20 million.

As to finishing yet, business opportunity of London Olympics valued at nearly 2,600 million dollars, the enterprises of Beijing demonstrate the strong interest. London is negotiating with including a number of enterprises that has ever participated in Beijing Olympic Games event such as Lenovo Group, patriot in many ways.

Team's woman general is selected in Great Britain's royal aerobatic flight for the first time

Since the establishment of 44 years ago enjoying great prestige in team's red arrow demonstration flight team of aerobatic flight of RAF of the great reputation, woman team members are selected and joined for the first time. The flight lieutenant 31 years old Moore will fly in the team and launch training at the same time from September of this year, will have an opportunity to perform on the two 12 London Olympics.

Moore joins RAF for 11 years, are under the jurisdiction of the whirlwind type fighter plane squadron of air base of Norfolk prefecture, responsible for training the new pilot specially. RAF says, about 30 people apply to join the demonstration flight team of red arrow every year, but only the best pilot is qualified to be selected, the flight of 1,500 hours notes down and finishes a fast jet plane performance at least to demand to include having flight work performance higher than average level, having at least.

Expected Olympic Games performance of London

Moore is not applied to join the red arrow team, but the first woman pilot succeeding in being selected by the first women, she will register and accept training to red arrow team in September with another flight lieutenant of the elected Plank, participate in demonstration flight between and two 12 on two, have an opportunity first class way tournament Cheng that is hold in Britain, even use every trick in the London Olympics three years later

Olympic Village of London because the economic crisis falls into the predicament The government is forced to add extra several hundred million

According to Reuter and Associated Press, British government determines on Wednesday local time, in the event of Olympic Village of the London Olympics in 2012, add extra and pour into 300,002,400 pounds (491,500,000 dollars) Public fund,so as to ensure project completion.

According to the original plan, will build and will for more than 17000 athletes to live in 2012 Olympic Village of the east, London during Olympic Games, government of Great Britain has determined to choose the way that the individual provided funds to finish the construction of Olympic Village before this. But because global financial crisis, economic recession cause it is unable to obtain enough private subsidy slowly, the construction of Olympic Village gets into a difficult position, so the British government is forced the additional funds. In January of this year, the British government meets an urgent need from the Olympic Games the fund allocates 476,800,000 dollars extraly for construction of Olympic Village; In April, applied for loan of 373 million dollars of a bank of European Union. The British government determines to continue pouring into the fund again this time. The project of the whole village costs about 1,460 million dollars altogether, other fund will mainly come from the bank loan.

In addition, the international broadcasting center of the Olympic Games that originally determines to be invested in the construction of by the individual too and media center, because too because nobody provides funds, will change into and be built by government's public fund.

Olympic Games, minister of Britain, and Joe denies to this bigly " Increase taxpayer's burden " And increase the statement of the whole cost, he explains: "Actually we decided to strive for the construction that individuals provided funds to finish Olympic Village, but on condition that tighten in economic crisis, credit, this method has been already unrealistic. And changing can save the public fund instead in the long run by the public capital investment, because whole Olympic Village project obtain enormous sale reciprocate behind Olympic Games. "

It is reported most Olympic Village put into into market after Olympic Games, a part regard as economic and functional house face low income crowd, a part is used for selling. Deliver to the administration bureau and estimate, after the Olympic Games, sell through the house in Olympic Village in Olympic Games, can regain fund of 324 million pounds at least.

Make it in the economic recession Olympic Village of London is built some fund is changed privately commonly

The impact on Olympic Games venue construction of London of the economic recession is further aggravated. It is estimated that will cost 1 billion pounds, there is Olympic Village of 2,800 apartments, originally build at the cost of privately owned fund, but have to join in public fund of 324 million pounds now.

According to BBC today, Olympic Games minister and Tessa? Qiao Wei says: "The privately owned fund has already been given up, because that is not a good trade for taxpayer. " The government says, after the Olympic Games finish being sold in these apartments, put publically into and get back.

Qiao Wei says: " adopt and invest the whole project, Olympic Village will become publicly-owned, the public will be from selling (the apartment) China got and reciprocated generously. "

According to her, of the 324 million public fund that increase, 261 million come from, meet an urgent need fund, other 63 million pounds come from and deposit money.

Though the government advocates the joining of the public fund constantly, will benefit the public, but does Olympic Games minister stop the shade? Rob full of trees but says the truth. He says: "The shortage of privately owned fund that Olympic Village is built, is the economic direct reflection that declines seriously at present. " He emphasizes, once the market takes a turn for the better, this part puts into and must sell the privately owned ones, today's input must be compensated to taxpayers.

Woman's boxing enters the several of Olympic Games in London to settle

Rogge, president of IOC, has already agreed woman's boxing to be the formal event of the London Olympics for 2012 years, the race-entry rank is 51 kilograms, 60 kilograms and 75 kilograms.

In order to cater to the IOC" The weight-reducing plan " ,I.e. 15000 team members participating in the contest, 302 principles that total number of gold medals keep intact, have been devoted to bringing woman's boxing into international Boxing federation of the Olympic big family all the time, at the Milan executive committee, adopt unanimously, have 11 Olympic Games rank now compress man to 10 in will it be will it be 16 - 18 February this year, this means abdicating an Olympic gold to women. Compress 11 ranks of woman fist to 5 at the same time, tell 40 seats to women from the man is already existing 286 mats of Olympic Games planned numbers, make the number of people of every rank of 5 race-entry ranks of the Olympic Games reach 8. With originally same at women's and men's of Olympic Games boxing event race-entry total number, but the total number of gold medals relatively increased by 4 originally.

International Boxing federation referred this proposal to IOC formally at the end of February, think after Rogge, president of IOC, communicates and consults with IOC project committee repeatedly in the first ten days in April, important role acted in Olympic Games from the woman player and in 26 big one at present, boxing is that objective factors such as the only project not so participating in the contest as woman team members,etc. are considered synthetically, woman's boxing ought to become the formal event of the London Olympics for 2012 years.

Meanwhile, made the first Olympic Gamesing had already determined to cancel man's baseball, woman's softball event, can increase under the situations of 2 gold medals, Rogge and event committee think, the woman's boxing Olympic events should be 3 items, concrete scheme is: It is since 11 piece for rank in man reduce until 10 pieces,is it little for woman to set up, in, it is for 51, 60, 75 kilograms grades of rank of 3 pieces to be the heavy, every rank is 12 people, amounts to 36 people, this scheme totally accords with " weight-reducing plan " of the IOC .

August 13, the IOC will hold the executive committee in Berlin of Germany, discussion event committee refer to about agree woman boxing classify as London Olympics join the assessment report have match event 2012 year, will come into force formally after obtaining unanimous approval

The London Olympics is refused to increase income the software Claim that there are too many risks

2012 Olympic Games of London seems to refuse to use the software of increasing income. London CIO Pennell of IOC in getting green IT09 meeting say, increase income software compatible store too many risks in in application program. In order to realize the Olympic Games, needs to use the application software proved, but the large-scale application software can't run on the open standard. The London Olympics uses a little linux only under some exceptions, the large-scale software runs on windows.

Pennell thinks, the compatible question that the enormous difference of the hardware of the server causes, make linux not more efficient than the exclusive platform. It is named information system of Info 2012 that the organizer of the London Olympics is developing one, the expectation can reduce the printing and consuming of millions of paper than Beijing Olympic Games. It seems, IT group that the London Olympics needs one to be suitable for.

London 2012 Olympic Velodrome

Designed by Hopkins Architects, the 2012 Olympic velodrome with be situated in the north of the London Olympic Park and be an iconic centrepiece for the cycling and BMX events during 2012 before becoming the UK's premier cycling facility.

Beijing 2008 - London 2012 Handover - The Olympic Flag

International Olympic Games is absolved for the London Olympics expenses in the economic recession

The IOC says on the 23rd, though receive the influence of the most serious economic crisis since World War II, Britain invests 9,300 million pounds (13,540 million dollars) for the 2012 London Olympics Still natural.

Though Britain budget that the prospect announced on the 22nd is dim shadows this visit, but the IOC's Coordination Commission prepares to three - day Olympic Games in London to investigate that is over in the word of compliment again.

Denis, president of the Coordination Commission of IOC? Oswald says, the dull economic prospect will not influence the income of the London Olympics for 2012 years.

Oswald tells reporters: "Each city organizes the Olympic Games to improve the infrastructure and having its distinctive quality. You can scrutinize all previous host cities for Olympic games including Athens, they have one new airport, one new train line, one new subway line, one new fast track, a new expressway All these facilities are built for the Olympic Games. "

"In order to make a modernized city, the investment is very essential. I think the east suburb area of London that demand perfection urgently is facing a very similar situation. And the Olympic Games brings the best chance for rebuilding in the city exactly. "

Olympic Games main venue, Olympic Games village and international broadcast and construction of media center progress leading already or with plan, move ahead simultaneously, but because the private fund is exhausted, the Olympic Games is delivered to the administration bureau to still move a part used emergent fund of 27 billion pounds as the overall budget.

Since London obtained the right to host of 2012 Olympic Games, the construction expenses of the main stadium of the Olympic Games have doubled. And until recently, the government did not pour into cash of 95 million pounds in order to solve the matter of great urgency of construction of Olympic Village.

Oswald says: "Meet an urgent need fund to be all right used in Olympic Village build by guaranteeing time limit for constructioning. When selling again in Olympic Village, this sum of fund may be regained. "

12 months ago, Oswald once showed the high score (10 points full marks) of 9.75 for the preparatory work of London BOCOG . But he has not done so, has just expressed it since he visited London last time this time, the change of the scenery of the east of London " Can be rated as surprisingly" .

He says: "We know all preparatory work go on on time, some work even walk in the front that is planned. In leave Olympic Games open have more than 3 years, this lets us feel happily everything is under control. "

When asked several big challenges that the London Olympics faces by 2012, Oswald thinks it is the greatest trouble that London has the traffic stopped up.

He tells Reuter's reporter: "Those street of spacious cities come to make easy progress from experience to the traffic team even more. "

"And London street is narrow and small, needing numerous intention personage's exploring can guarantee the traffic is unblocked and reduce athletes from Olympic Village to the method of time of the competition gymnasiums and stadiums. Though face so severe a challenge, London BOCOG is making great efforts to improve the traffic, believe they can unquestionably find the outstanding solution.

London Olympic Games stadium ceiling begins to start building

The ceiling of the main stadium of the London Olympics will begin to install soon this week in 2012, this means preparatory work of the London Olympics will enter a new stage soon.
The stell-structured roof located in top of main stadium will be lifted the height of 37 meters on schedule, this installation project is expected to last nine months, and the construction of whole stadium will be completed in an all-round way in the summer of 2011. The official spokesman of the London Olympics says: After the stadium binds the project and finishes, the main stadium of the London Olympics will dimple the overall picture gradually. People can know gradually too which kind of look this key building of the London Olympics is. This stadium will undertake opening and closing ceremonies and track and field events during London Olympics, it can hold 80,000 people to march into the arena to cost altogether at the same time. After the Olympic Games, the seat will be reduced to about 25,000, it is reported that much Rugby football club intends to regard this as the home court. A spokesman of development committee of London says: How London utilizes this stadium more rationally, it will be more and will be made and used in the fields of basic education and nationwide fitness programs.

The IOC: London Olympic venue well construction progress

(London Reuter) The IOC points out, the preparatory work that London of Britain launches for 2012 Olympic Games makes good progress, the progress comes faster than the other previous host cities.

Oswald, executive committee member of IOC, begins to carry on the inspecting of three days to Olympic Games competition area of London on Tuesday. One year ago, he was that London prepared the high score that the work of the Olympic Games gave a mark 9.75 ahead of time.

Oswald says after inspecting the construction work of the main stadium of Olympic Games of the east of London: "We have a stadium, this is sure, but some past Olympic Games might not be like this. "

He points out: "I had been here last May, what I must say was, I did so much work to feel very satisfied with to them, the whole concept makes me with deep impression too. "

London main stadium of Olympic Games will furnish funds of 540 million pounds ' About 1,185 million Singapore dollars) Build, it is nearly one time to be large than original estimation.

Five major fields because of the Olympic Games in London - -Construction work of stadium, race course, swimming center, Olympic Village, broadcast and media center, already in process like a raging fire, the IOC nowadays mainly needs to be concerned, assess the cost with constantly surging construction work, and the impact that the credit crisis bring.

Because private investment has already been exhausted, British government has already been forced to draw on the urgent fund, in order to let the project of Olympic Village continue. However, London declares, master budget of 9,300 million pounds of preparing the Olympic Games will not increase.

The officers of the IOC inspect the London Olympics preparation

IOC officer begin, prepare to London Olympics progress situation inspect 21, they will be inspecting in construction at present especially within two days " Five major possessions " --Main stadium, cycle racing hall, the aquatic sports centre, Olympic Village and press center.

Prepare to establish the office (O D A) in Olympic Games of London responsible for infrastructure construction of the Olympic Games President John and Armitt says, since inspecting last year in the IOC, have already made progress greatly in the preparing of London and building-up work. While inspecting last time, each venue project to be built in London has not gone into operation, but the main stadium of the Olympic Games has already begun to take shape now, the foundation of the cycle racing hall has already been completed too. He says, the main stadium of the Olympic Games has already become a view on the horizon of the east of London now, the aquatic sports centre builds up progressively too, the first batch of houses of Olympic Village rises sheer from level ground too.

London OCOG department, Sebastian of president, say, witness Olympic Games main stadium wait for venue appear progressively 2012 year, make him move endlessly. He says, these world-class facilities will leave British athletes and nearby residents the abundant legacy

London Olympic Games media center goes into operation Costing 530 million can receive 20,000 reporters

The media center of the London Olympics went into operation one month ahead of time in 2012. The media center is located in the northwest corner of the Olympic Green, is a very important Olympic Games construction project,

London Olympic Games pay administration bureau say: "Begin to make the international broadcasting center and main press center formally now, the workers have already begun to be driving ground base. " Still reveal in interviewing, the media center will cost 5.3 hundred million dollars. During London Olympics, offer 24 hours service for 20,000 domestic and international broadcasters, telex company, characters reporter and photographer. After the Olympic Games in London, this facility will be used for commercial purposes.

Just before soon, the IOC coordinates a committee member to go to the Olympic venues of London to inspect, basically satisfied. At present, there are aquatic sports centre, the bicycle hall and athletes' village in the London Olympics gymnasiums and stadiums that have already begun to construct.

Rogge agrees woman's boxing enters the Olympic Games in London

International Boxing federation president JingGuo Wu show IOC president agree, become the formal event of the London Olympics for 2012 years about woman's boxing already April 13, just count and turn in the gold medal from 5 while applying into 3. This is that a staff reporter is often the news got in Jianping from vice-president of international Boxing federation, director in Tai centre of State Sport General Administration fist on the 14th.

Chang JianPing says, Wu JingGuo is that the IOC bids for the 2016 Olympic Games 7 people in the city assess one of the group members, just investigated from one of the biding cities, Chicago of U.S.A. that assessed and made a detour Beijing to go to Japan to investigate and assess on the 14th on the 13th. Wu JingGuo reveals while meeting in Beijing, Rogge, president of IOC, is communicated and consulted thinking repeatedly with IOC project committee with Jianping frequently, and Olympic Games have current situation,etc. factor, woman of boxing, consider only among the all event at present from important role that sportswoman act among the Olympic Movement And then think, woman's boxing should become the formal event of the London Olympics for 2012 years. But in view of factors such as scale of the Olympic Games and number of medals,etc. at present, Rogge and event committee think, it should be 3 that the gold medal that woman's boxing enters the London Olympics is counted, this is that the gold medal which the IOC can accept is counted too. But not international Boxing federation submits in February of this year and gives the IOC 5 of an application.

Neither nor until it reduces to be 10 pieces to rank of 11 pieces in man in scheme it is concrete,is it little for woman to set up, in, a heavy rank, each rank and 12 people, it is 36 people altogether, has not exceeded 286 planned numbers of Olympic Games man's boxing participating in the contest before this.

Often Jianping thinks, though the IOC considers only agreeing from the overall situation woman's boxing has 3 ranks and enters more or less shortcoming of Olympic Games, but seen from development of China and world woman's boxing, this is undoubtedly an enormous break-through and leap, will encourage and impel more countries to pay woman's boxing to pay close attention to. Among them, as the formal event of the Olympic Games, it will become formal events of National Games naturally too, make the woman's boxing of China really enter a qualitative leap. International Boxing federation is discussing at present it is as the boxing event of woman of the Olympic Games which 3 ranks are selected.

Chang JianPing says, according to the regulation, the IOC will be at executive committee of Berlin of Germany of August 12, discuss formally and about agreeing woman's boxing classifies as 2012 after the assessment report of IOC of London through what the project committee referred to, could come into force formally.

AHMM designs Chobham institute of Olympic Village of London

Olympic is delivered to the office (ODA) Have announced by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) Plan of Olympic Village Chobham institute designed.


The institute plan, permit, become ODA until facility handle key element of the scheme after the match already, plan to open in September of 2013. During the Olympic Games, here is the main operation centre of Olympic Village, offers athletes' accommodation.

It lies in the northeast corner of Olympic Village, includes a kindergarten, primary school, middle school, adult education facility and child-care center in the daytime prepared for 0 to 5 years old children. The professors of this institute are mainly art of acting, course of English and sports speciality,etc.. In addition, this institute will also build artistic facility, the space offered for the fact that the local will have a meeting and sports facilities prepared for students and residents of a community.

It is estimated the engineering time will begin in summer of this year.

European Union sanctions releasing the loan Used in the construction of the London Olympics village of 2012 years

One European Union bank London OCOG release loan use for the construction of Olympic Village to 2012 year.

Deliver to the administration bureau and raise the private fund hard, determine whether to accept the loan of 373 million dollars of European Investment Bank in Olympic Games.

This sum of loans can only be used 1300 sets of construction of 3000 houses of east of London, these houses will be regarded after the Olympic Games as the economic and functional house.

The Olympic Games is delivered to the administration bureau to say: "The approval of this part of fund is a positive step. "

In January, the British government meets an urgent need from the Olympic Games the fund allocates construction for Olympic Village that cost 1,460 million dollars of 476,800,000 dollars extraly.

Chinese fireworks enterprises aim at the fireworks of London Olympics and set off right
2008 olympic game

The Olympic Games burst forth in the night sky of Beijing Olympic Games " Fifth Ring Road " " great footprint " Wait for the Chinese fireworks, leave global audience bright memory. Nowadays, Chinese fireworks enterprises aim at the goal the fireworks of the London Olympics of 2012 to set off right.

A few days ago hold in Changsha the ninth China ' Liuyang) At the international news conference of firecracker festival, mayor of Liuyang city Liang Zhong reveals, on the festival of this firecracker, more than 200 latest products, more than 60 items of latest technology of setting off will be represented in front of travelling trader and honoured guest in whole world, many " Dash for shouldering the doing of the pot of the London Olympics " .

Liuyang close to provincial capital Changsha of Hunan, is known as " the township of Chinese fireworks " ,It is the production base of largest fireworks in the world, 30 ten thousand obtain employment workers. The fireworks enterprises of Liuyang are suppliers and setting off the unit of the main opening and closing ceremonies fireworks of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games too.

Hold time to be still early from London Olympics, Liuyang fireworks enterprise of city set off London Olympics fireworks right regard important goal as already. Limited Company of panda fireworks group yielding unusually brilliant results at the Beijing Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies party, keeping close ties with officer of BOCOG of London now.

According to the introduction of this Zhao WeiPing, Chairman of company, after Beijing Olympic Games, the company has been launching new scientific research supported by Ministry of Science and Technology, hope to introduce more better fireworks variety and set off technology while marching into the Olympic Games in London, " can break through to some extent in environmental protection especially " . He reveals, the company has already been invited to participate in the fireworks which implements the London New Year party for December 31 this year to set off at present.

The Olympic Games in London draws the experience of security protection from G20 summit

G20 summit
British police augment horsepower to guarantee political V.I.P.s of various countries' security at London G20 summit that has just gone over, the organizer of the London Olympics learnt much experience about security protection work from it too in 2012. Security expert thinks, this Olympic Games is probably the Olympic Games that the safe risk is supreme since the dawn of human civilization. The picture is March 31 of 2009, police will check the protestor's tent on the square of Congress of London.

G20 summit

The Olympic Games in London is 10 big native stars

In 08, and the Paralympic Games that China succeeded in hosting Olympic Games, draws support from the home advantage, become the country that obtains the first in total number of gold medal, may be called unparalleledly, this set British media to admire very much. London will undertake the next Olympic Games, whether the Olympic Games, delegation of Britain, could make the good result to become media's extensive concerned focus through the advantage of appearing on the scene like China. A few days ago, British famous media " telecom newspaper " chose the star beneath most mention of 10 large native country of London Olympics, among them there is table tennis, diving, gymnastics respect star, certainly will launch haggling with the advantage event of China. The details are as follows:

Ivy, the woman (18 years old, iron-man triathlon)

After the Olympic Games very long break later, athletes begin to carry on arduous training, make preparation for match in summer. Go to Australia to travel, enjoy the climate of the warmth there, makes Ivy overcome the fear of swimming in the sea, coming back home, Ivy began to train diligently, grasped the skill of running. Meanwhile, also in Milton (Milton Keynes Bowl0 participate in several 40,000 bicycle race, in order to bicycle trick-cycling to raise her she.

Allen, the man (18 years old, tae kwon do)

Beijing Olympic Games has already gone over, Allen has lost the chance to take the bronze medal by mistake, at present, a fist that he has already got back to the industrial area of Manchester of Britain is said " The champion makes ground " Carry on arduous training. Last weekend, he went to France to participate in several Friendly, and would participate in the Open of Belgium from the 18th of April to the 19th, draw back his curtain of this season.

Daniel, male, (19 years old, bicycle)

At the beginning of this year, Daniel is not very smooth, he was infected with the virus of throat suddenly, so that can't train in three weeks. Unless but later, it find match state quickly he,in after Manchester short distance win the victory after defeating Buddhist nuns triumphant, runner-up of Olympic Games, among the match. This week, the kilometer that he is participating in the world championship in Poland has a match.

Paul - gold grams of Hall, male, (19 year old, table tennis)

Paul got four champions in the recent Britain advanced grade of table tennis matches, obtain singles, doubles, players who mix playing and the athletes under the age of 21 champions at the same time first after becoming Britain. He is still selected to specially train elites together with those expected European athletes who get the Olympic champion in 2012 and 2016 at the same time. He wants to go to Yokohama of Japan to participate in the world championship match in April.

Daniel - help spit of fland then, man (19 year old, the gymnastics)

Have full-length match, help spit of fland train hard straight then, look for the method to make one's own movements perfect. Unfortunately, he is injured unexpectedly, this may make him unable to participate in every competition of European championships of next month. Recently, he is selected to participate in a popularity very high match - DTB championships, this match will be held in four cities of Germany.

Gordon - Reed, male, (17 years old, tennis of wheelchair)

It is the motive force that Gordon makes great efforts to strive of the beginning of this year to obtain the elementary ranking competition champion in the world, he succeed all the way, defeat Tom, player of Dutch, elementary master match in France China has got the single champion, has realized his ideal. During the Easter, he Rory reach, join two match.

Drayton, female, (20 years old, athletics)

In the Britain championships that Sheffield holds, athlete Drayton of column of 400 meters has revealed the natural gift of her dash in last 60 meters. In the Britain south championships, she has obtained the personal best achievement for 7.44 seconds too. Next month, the west of the bank have a match (Penn Relays) that she can go to U.S.A. and hopeful in the product China makes the good beginning of foreign match of a season.

The jasmine is neat, female, (14 years old, the disabled person swims)

In the Britain elementary short distance championships that Sheffield holds, jasmines have created a succession of personal best achievement together, and backstroke to win the championship in butterfly stroke of 50 meters, breaststroke in the match, obtain the silver medal and obtain 50 meters of bronze medals of freestyle in breaststroke match of 100 meters. Unfortunately, she has been infected with the toadstool, this makes her miss last week's Britain long distance championships, at present, she is having a match and making preparation attentively for Europe of May.

Mei Gen - Sylvester, female, (14 years old, diving)

In January of this year, Mark stands on springboard of diving final of 10 meters of Australia's young Olympic for the fifth time, though it is so advanced as to have a match in three years that she has already participated in. In the Britain elementary championships, what everything is carried on is very smooth, however, when she is turning over the 3rd somersault the wound on the knee was worsening suddenly, make her have to withdraw from the match. Unless at present, go on she still it train,but wound to hear of her has to 90%.

Tom - Daeley, male, (15 year old, diving)

In 08, Tom - Daeley 14 years old is the youngest contestant in the British representative team of Beijing Olympic Games. Though obtain the seventh place only in the Men's 10 Meters diving platform match, he is sure to present brilliance on the London Olympics after 4 years. Tom - Daeley says, the goal of Beijing Olympic Games is not to gain the medal, but draw experience for 2012 years. Daeley young happy smile and extreme diving talent make that he become London Olympics diving at the court " The British prince " .

London Olympics basketball hall is plan, permit 2012 year


The third largest venue in the Olympic Green, 2012 Olympic Games basketball hall is plan, permit. This building designed by multi-disciplinary expert will hold the basketball, handball final and match of wheelchair basketball, wheelchair Rugby, will become athlete's place of the time field during the opening ceremony and closing ceremony to


Planned to permit 2 in basketball hall acquisition of the London Olympics in 2012

The conceptual design of the basketball hall is designed the group to make and reach unanimity in June of 2008 by Sinclair Knight Merz, Wilkinson Eyre and KSS, file and plan to apply in November. ODA planned to sanction this application in the committee last week, but would present the office of government of London finally.

During the competition, basketball hall have 12,000 seat use basketball preliminary contest and quarter finals for, and handball semifinals and final. During Paralympic Games, 10,000 seats will be used for watching wheelchair basketball and the wheelchair Rugby match here.


Planned to permit 3 in basketball hall acquisition of the London Olympics in 2012
This provisional venue lies in the west of the Olympic Green, the north of the Olympic stadium. The original field is the fencing hall, but the fencing hall has been moved to many grams of blue ExCel venues area, can build more park space in this case, utilize the facilities of the other venues as much as possible.

The basketball hall will be the largest temporary venues in the history of Olympic Games, 2/3 of the materials will be utilized or retrieved after the match.

The 2012 London Olympics CIO: The economic crisis does not influence IT budget

[CIO is saying ] the London Olympics CIO Jerry of 2012 years? Pennell (Gerry Pennell) : Though the goal is to get more done on less money, IT budget of IOC of London can not be influenced by economic crisis. It is the task that we must finish to hold a great Olympic Games, we will not let the present economic situation influence the realization of our goal. Our strategy has never changed, because our task is very clear.

[IT168 informationization ] if you are a sports fan, there are not several to work more attractively than 2012 London Olympics CIO in Britain IT trade.

Jerry? Pennell (Gerry Pennell) Afford to race against time, guarantee, hold the technology that sports gala use sufficient test, in order to can provide protection for holding of the Olympic Games in they after three years.

The technology that London BOCOG has already designed it is planned, and synthesizing cooperative partner Atos Origin (Atos Origin) with infrastructure construction at present IT system of carrying on the Olympic Games builds up and designs.

Main meeting-place of the London Olympics in 2012 years

London BOCOG can use 9,300 million Olympic Games fund come as their own operation costs, so Pennell needs fully making use of his experience to guarantee the project is handed over on time, and save investment as much as possible. Pennell has served as the technological executive of the federal sports meeting in 2002, have taken on Britain cooperation financial service company (Co-operative Financial Services) recently CIO.

Pennell say when interviewed by media for the first time after taking up an official post, " formate a group exactly from different different organization and individual of background, this is the main challenge that I face. We need to mould them into a whole, if can not do this, we will meet the trouble. "

He says, " the main thing which I discuss is, should have a very good understanding to the demand under the environment at present, strengthen the urgency of group's whole high-efficient operation. "

Pennell says, his experience in the federal sports meeting is very helpful for him to launch the new job. However, the situation of the Olympic Games and federal sports meeting differ widely, in the federal sports meeting, most work are finished by its oneself, and there is help of Atos Origin now. Let it be

Spreading the Olympic Games will delete the free style of Women's 800 Meters The illustrious name will be appealed for keeping

Olympic Games might swim woman 800 free style event, get rid of earnestly, star of Britain swimming world clever, Der of A, (Rebecca Adlington) Call upon the official of Olympic Games to keep this project.

Beijing Olympic Games gain 400 and 800 free style extra quality clever, Der of A, of gold medal last year, hope to capture a pair of gold in front of the swimming fan in the hometown once again 3 years later.

But the one that satirized is, in order to promote two sexes and an equal action, may block the middle part graceful Philippines (Mansfield) then of the beginning from Great Britain unintentionally A clever in Germany for chance of defending a title at once.

Report partly, world swims in the federation (International Swimming Federation, FINA) Have already required the International Olympic Committee to add 8 new events in the Olympic Games in London, including 1500 metres of free style of woman and man and 800 metres of free style.

But makes sure that international will be very difficult, because thus, already a lot of Olympic Games schedules will be expanded in an all-round way for the project.

So until swimming world hope, add new event by leader, they must delete some have event, the sex of trying hard to maintain the match at the same time is equal.

A possible compromise is deleted from the schedules of Olympic Games by 800 metres of free style of woman, but set up 1500 metres of free style project of woman for the first time.

The 75,000 Olympic events are left a seat vacant for The enterprise of China invests in Britain's best opportunity

London investment office (Think London) Promoted the group to hold cocktail party and a series of business activities of meeting for the trade investment of China of visit a few days ago. The investment office reveals, the Olympic Games in London stills have 75000 project engineerings to leave a seat vacant for, Chinese enterprises should hold the depressing opportunity of Olympic Games and pound sterling in London, invest in Britain thus further open the international market. At the invitation of London investment office and London mayor, 35 Chinese enterprises from trades such as Chinese electromechanical equipment, light industry, food,etc. visit London for the cousin, experience the business opportunity contained here. Have revealed, it is to investigate ' enterprises purchased and merge ' to make the investment and promote the group to visit Great Britain's main purpose this time before Chinese Department of Commerce is early. The spokesman of investment office of London reveals to the staff reporter, 35 are invited enterprises to intend to participate in the Olympic Games project in London mostly, among them at least 8 companies have participated in the Olympic events of Beijing. Though 50% of the Olympic Games projects of London have already called for bid, outside the construction project of these large-scale venues, and 75000 projects such as media center, project material, supporting project are left a seat vacant for, i.e. 7000 about contracts still await the reply to appear, the Chinese enterprises that has already gone through the Olympic Games in Beijing have an opportunity to get these contracts very much. This spokesman says again, London investment office has already arranged for these entrepreneurs to visit Olympic Games building site of London, hold the opportunity seminar of Olympic Games, introduce calling for bid, relevant information that competitive bidding procedure, competitive bidding require,etc. of the Olympic Games project in detail for the Chinese entrepreneur. In addition, London investment office will also hold more than 20 business activities in order to visit the Chinese entrepreneur, include meeting with the London mayor, visit London Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation's lecture, and how to utilize London to open up seminars such as the European business,etc. for the base. 4,200 million businesses opportunity attract China to make the investment CEO of London investment office Joe and Mike (Michael Charlton) Show, this ' project of trip in London ' (Connect to London Programme) It is London investment office and its main cooperator during Olympic Games in Beijing of last year, and last autumn is launched in 11 cities of China to last the further extension that commercial affair was propagated of 3 months. He says again, investment office and mayor's office, Germany of London are hardworking (Deloitte) , London develops the administration (LDA) , London Olympic Games Organizing Committee (LOCOG) , London Olympic development administration (ODA) And Britain trade investment administration (UKTI) During four months, contacted numerous Chinese companies, introduced 2012 Olympic Games and business opportunity of 4,200 million relevant pounds to them, including from location of London Olympics to Crossrail traffic engineering which spans London. In addition, London not merely has the best international talent, or the world banking centre, London investment office still can offer all information that globalization needs for Chinese enterprise, and pound sterling devalues and helps to reduce the operating cost by a wide margin. So, it should be the best opportunity of Chinese enterprise investment London at present. 95 home of mechanisms is considering already that invests in London in the following two years, 9 Chinese companies among them have already fixed and set up business in this within December.

Does the Olympic Games in London adopt the volleyball and unite the new rule and undetermined

International Volleyball Union announced the regular latest edition of volleyball, among them the comparatively great change is undoubtedly that everybody counts number of participants in team member of the world match and freedom. According to the latest rule, the number of participants in team member of volleyball team of the world match can rise to 14 from 12, there among them can be 2 liberoes, but not one limited originally.

Chinese women's volleyball

Though there can be 2 liberoes in a team, only one can play, other 1 can only do it for subsequent use. Each match, the main libero can only be changed once. Once spare libero appears on the stage, can't be replaced back in the same match by the main libero. If the spare libero injures the condition condition in the match, can't continue the match, the main libero can't get back to the field either. The coach has the right to appoint a regular athlete not competing on the field at that time to play a part in the libero temporarily at this moment.

Though the new rule has already been issued, the IOC requires, the number of athlete of each team that participates in Olympic Games match can't exceed 12. In this case, the volleyball court in the London Olympics is according to new rule or old rules and regulations, it is still the unknown number at present.

What kind of influence new rule will be produced to sport achievement in the future, after league matches of world men's volleyball and grand prix of world women's volleyball this year will begin to adopt formally, could come to light slowly.

The Olympic holy flame of London The cancellation is transmitted in the whole world

It is expressed on the twenty seventh that the Olympic Games in London made preparations to found the unit in the International Olympic Committee and two 12 years, holy fire the whole world that the previous two Olympic Games implement transmit and take action, adopt the conduct no longer when the Olympic Games in London is held, make into and transmit only in the host territory.

2008 olympic games

Before the Olympic Games in Beijing was held in two or eight years, the Olympic holy flame transmitted the global act and attracted a lot of politics to protest, obstruct to transmit the journey of the holy fire. When the holy fire reaches London, initiate the confused scene, the police, linking and fitting the army with supporting the Tibet personage to break into the conflict. Similar scene take place in France waiting some other pieces of countrying too, initiate China and relation of country concerned nervous.

Ferry, executive director of IOC, says, after it is transmitted in the whole world of holy fire that the Olympic Games in Athens is implemented at first in two or four years, this organization will consider stopping this measure at once; Think that it is all right to only run and transmit at home; Beijing raised and finished the whole world to transmit originally, IOC accepted too, but saw broken scene and dangerous, so the IOC determines not to transmit the global holy fire again.

Chinese enterprises support the London Olympics

IOC of London announces on the 24th, the crystal stone Company of Beijing becomes the London Olympics and digital picture service supplier of the Paralympic Games official side for 2012 years formally. This is the first Chinese enterprise which support the London Olympics. The reporter sees on the websites of IOC of London, the brand of this company marks and already puts with British enterprises such as British Airways, Lloyds Bank PLC,etc. together.

As to this, president, BOCOG of London, fill in Bath fit? The department says: "The digital cartoon making in the sport activity is a thing very difficult to do a good job of, the crystal stone will help us during match. Their function is very extensive, we welcome the crystal stone to join our group. "

As far as reporter know, before the crystal stone company contract with London BOCOG, the sponsor of the London Olympics is basically British native enterprises or American-European big shot's enterprise. So Beijing crystal stone Company capital London of intention carry off Olympic Games support with the service qualification having distinct sign meanings in the whole world.

According to the agreement, the crystal stone Company of Beijing is besides paying a sum of considerable supports, offer all digital cartoon business for London Olympics free. The service content of this company is similar to Beijing Olympic Games, one is a ceremony of all, including opening and closing ceremonies, the torch is transmitted, digital visual content of exhibition of receiving the award; Second, the teenagers -oriented propaganda program is made; Third, the project, including the shows of temporary venues, the infrastructure are introduced and image packaging.

After winning the right to host of 2012 Olympic Games, the effect picture of design of venue that IOC of London shows makes Englishmen joyful for it, but they have not expected it until the realistic cost has been high. It is reported, the construction expenses of the main stadium of 2012 Olympic Games of London, should increase 216 million pounds more than the estimation initially, the rising range of the budget is up to 77%. At present, the overall budget of the London Olympics is 9,300 million pounds, have already broken through the psychological line of defence of the native of London. Under the influence of continuously depressing bad situation at present of Britain's economy, a lot of London people take expenses of London Olympics complain in the government, Johnson, mayor of London, has to emphasize to the media, even the finance is more difficult, the budget of the government will not be overspended either.

The Olympic Games in London lacks the money Employ and support to China Invite more than 30 enterprises of China to go to Great Britain to look for

Under the financial crisis, inland economy can not only keep, develop steadily, seem business opportunity everywhere; Many enterprises of American-European area, the ones that all regard Chinese market as business of saving ' save someone's life the grass ', even 2012 Olympic Games of London of Britain should wave at China.

The officers of the IOC say frankly, economy makes American-European enterprises support and intent to weaken not prosperously, in the face of being short of fund, so welcome Chinese enterprises to sell and aid in Olympic Games in London.

Tsunami assaults The enterprise of Great Britain supports the attitude to change and guard

Influenced by financial crisis, many foreign enterprises curtail expenditures, make some international large-scale sport activities face supporting the insufficient difficulty, it is difficult for even Olympic Games to escape by luck. President of IOC market development committee Heiberg said a few days ago, the preparation of the London Olympics and Winter Olympic Games 2014 of 2012 years, under this financial tsunami, support and have slim prospect of success.

The IOC is getting clear, it is very difficult to find enough sponsor, it is difficult to find and build enough fund needed in venue, so they set eyes free, get succeed in China to hold 2008 Olympic Games. Heiberg says, welcomes any Chinese enterprise to become the sponsor of 2012 Olympic Games in London very much.

It is reported, before the financial crisis breaks out, London BOCOG had signed 7 top sponsors including adidas, British Airways, Britain telecom, Lloyds TSB bank, London BOCOG originally also plans to look for two more big sponsors more in the car and clothes industry, but after the financial crisis breaks out, many wealthy and powerful potential sponsors, all transfer toward guarding in supporting the Olympic Games.

Hundred billion investment awkwards The officers of Great Britain are regretful

In fact, the hardware construction investment of the Olympic Games in London, plan it for 9,300 million pounds (about 100,700 million Hong Kong dollars) ; Because enterprise support than expected unsatisfactory, local government increase input public moneys only, guarantee the project is not influenced; Among them, British government force, draw on urgent fund last month, for cost pound of athletes' villages, and media center Shu at 355 million pounds is tired. Hold the Olympic Games and encounter difficulties in the face of raising funds, even the officers of British cabinet say, regret striving for the right to host of the Olympic Games actively originally.

In order to attract Chinese enterprise investment London, London investment office has already invited the leaders from more than 30 enterprises in China, go to investigate London the local commerce and investment opportunity, including the seminar with the relevant opportunities of London 2012 Olympic Games.

The statistics show, more than 60 Chinese enterprises set up and manage the organization in London at present, the trade range covers a great deal of fields such as finance, aviation, communication, energy, masses' media. Does Britain hope to make use of? Chinese enterprises come to make the investment, can solve the matter of great urgency for the Olympic Games in London.

The Olympic Games in London lacks the money Employ and support to China

Under the financial crisis, inland economy can not only keep, develop steadily, seem business opportunity everywhere; Many enterprises of American-European area, the ones that all regard Chinese market as business of saving ' save someone's life the grass ', even 2012 Olympic Games of London of Britain should wave at China.

The officers of the IOC say frankly, economy makes American-European enterprises support and intent to weaken not prosperously, in the face of being short of fund, so welcome Chinese enterprises to sell and aid in Olympic Games in London.

Tsunami assaults The enterprise of Great Britain supports the attitude to change and guard

Influenced by financial crisis, many foreign enterprises curtail expenditures, make some international large-scale sport activities face supporting the insufficient difficulty, it is difficult for even Olympic Games to escape by luck. President of IOC market development committee Heiberg said a few days ago, the preparation of the London Olympics and Winter Olympic Games 2014 of 2012 years, under this financial tsunami, support and have slim prospect of success.

The IOC is getting clear, it is very difficult to find enough sponsor, it is difficult to find and build enough fund needed in venue, so they set eyes free, get succeed in China to hold 2008 Olympic Games. Heiberg says, welcomes any Chinese enterprise to become the sponsor of 2012 Olympic Games in London very much.

It is reported, before the financial crisis breaks out, London BOCOG had signed 7 top sponsors including adidas, British Airways, Britain telecom, Lloyds TSB bank, London BOCOG originally also plans to look for two more big sponsors more in the car and clothes industry, but after the financial crisis breaks out, many wealthy and powerful potential sponsors, all transfer toward guarding in supporting the Olympic Games.

Hundred billion investment awkwards The officers of Great Britain are regretful

In fact, the hardware construction investment of the Olympic Games in London, plan it for 9,300 million pounds (about 100,700 million Hong Kong dollars) ; Because enterprise support than expected unsatisfactory, local government increase input public moneys only, guarantee the project is not influenced; Among them, British government force, draw on urgent fund last month, for cost pound of athletes' villages, and media center Shu at 355 million pounds is tired. Hold the Olympic Games and encounter difficulties in the face of raising funds, even the officers of British cabinet say, regret striving for the right to host of the Olympic Games actively originally.

In order to attract Chinese enterprise investment London, London investment office has already invited the leaders from more than 30 enterprises in China, go to investigate London the local commerce and investment opportunity, including the seminar with the relevant opportunities of London 2012 Olympic Games.

The statistics show, more than 60 Chinese enterprises set up and manage the organization in London at present, the trade range covers a great deal of fields such as finance, aviation, communication, energy, masses' media. Britain hopes to invest in Chinese enterprises, can solve the matter of great urgency for the Olympic Games in London.
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