Team's woman general is selected in Great Britain's royal aerobatic flight for the first time

Since the establishment of 44 years ago enjoying great prestige in team's red arrow demonstration flight team of aerobatic flight of RAF of the great reputation, woman team members are selected and joined for the first time. The flight lieutenant 31 years old Moore will fly in the team and launch training at the same time from September of this year, will have an opportunity to perform on the two 12 London Olympics.

Moore joins RAF for 11 years, are under the jurisdiction of the whirlwind type fighter plane squadron of air base of Norfolk prefecture, responsible for training the new pilot specially. RAF says, about 30 people apply to join the demonstration flight team of red arrow every year, but only the best pilot is qualified to be selected, the flight of 1,500 hours notes down and finishes a fast jet plane performance at least to demand to include having flight work performance higher than average level, having at least.

Expected Olympic Games performance of London

Moore is not applied to join the red arrow team, but the first woman pilot succeeding in being selected by the first women, she will register and accept training to red arrow team in September with another flight lieutenant of the elected Plank, participate in demonstration flight between and two 12 on two, have an opportunity first class way tournament Cheng that is hold in Britain, even use every trick in the London Olympics three years later

Olympic Village of London because the economic crisis falls into the predicament The government is forced to add extra several hundred million

According to Reuter and Associated Press, British government determines on Wednesday local time, in the event of Olympic Village of the London Olympics in 2012, add extra and pour into 300,002,400 pounds (491,500,000 dollars) Public fund,so as to ensure project completion.

According to the original plan, will build and will for more than 17000 athletes to live in 2012 Olympic Village of the east, London during Olympic Games, government of Great Britain has determined to choose the way that the individual provided funds to finish the construction of Olympic Village before this. But because global financial crisis, economic recession cause it is unable to obtain enough private subsidy slowly, the construction of Olympic Village gets into a difficult position, so the British government is forced the additional funds. In January of this year, the British government meets an urgent need from the Olympic Games the fund allocates 476,800,000 dollars extraly for construction of Olympic Village; In April, applied for loan of 373 million dollars of a bank of European Union. The British government determines to continue pouring into the fund again this time. The project of the whole village costs about 1,460 million dollars altogether, other fund will mainly come from the bank loan.

In addition, the international broadcasting center of the Olympic Games that originally determines to be invested in the construction of by the individual too and media center, because too because nobody provides funds, will change into and be built by government's public fund.

Olympic Games, minister of Britain, and Joe denies to this bigly " Increase taxpayer's burden " And increase the statement of the whole cost, he explains: "Actually we decided to strive for the construction that individuals provided funds to finish Olympic Village, but on condition that tighten in economic crisis, credit, this method has been already unrealistic. And changing can save the public fund instead in the long run by the public capital investment, because whole Olympic Village project obtain enormous sale reciprocate behind Olympic Games. "

It is reported most Olympic Village put into into market after Olympic Games, a part regard as economic and functional house face low income crowd, a part is used for selling. Deliver to the administration bureau and estimate, after the Olympic Games, sell through the house in Olympic Village in Olympic Games, can regain fund of 324 million pounds at least.

Make it in the economic recession Olympic Village of London is built some fund is changed privately commonly

The impact on Olympic Games venue construction of London of the economic recession is further aggravated. It is estimated that will cost 1 billion pounds, there is Olympic Village of 2,800 apartments, originally build at the cost of privately owned fund, but have to join in public fund of 324 million pounds now.

According to BBC today, Olympic Games minister and Tessa? Qiao Wei says: "The privately owned fund has already been given up, because that is not a good trade for taxpayer. " The government says, after the Olympic Games finish being sold in these apartments, put publically into and get back.

Qiao Wei says: " adopt and invest the whole project, Olympic Village will become publicly-owned, the public will be from selling (the apartment) China got and reciprocated generously. "

According to her, of the 324 million public fund that increase, 261 million come from, meet an urgent need fund, other 63 million pounds come from and deposit money.

Though the government advocates the joining of the public fund constantly, will benefit the public, but does Olympic Games minister stop the shade? Rob full of trees but says the truth. He says: "The shortage of privately owned fund that Olympic Village is built, is the economic direct reflection that declines seriously at present. " He emphasizes, once the market takes a turn for the better, this part puts into and must sell the privately owned ones, today's input must be compensated to taxpayers.

Woman's boxing enters the several of Olympic Games in London to settle

Rogge, president of IOC, has already agreed woman's boxing to be the formal event of the London Olympics for 2012 years, the race-entry rank is 51 kilograms, 60 kilograms and 75 kilograms.

In order to cater to the IOC" The weight-reducing plan " ,I.e. 15000 team members participating in the contest, 302 principles that total number of gold medals keep intact, have been devoted to bringing woman's boxing into international Boxing federation of the Olympic big family all the time, at the Milan executive committee, adopt unanimously, have 11 Olympic Games rank now compress man to 10 in will it be will it be 16 - 18 February this year, this means abdicating an Olympic gold to women. Compress 11 ranks of woman fist to 5 at the same time, tell 40 seats to women from the man is already existing 286 mats of Olympic Games planned numbers, make the number of people of every rank of 5 race-entry ranks of the Olympic Games reach 8. With originally same at women's and men's of Olympic Games boxing event race-entry total number, but the total number of gold medals relatively increased by 4 originally.

International Boxing federation referred this proposal to IOC formally at the end of February, think after Rogge, president of IOC, communicates and consults with IOC project committee repeatedly in the first ten days in April, important role acted in Olympic Games from the woman player and in 26 big one at present, boxing is that objective factors such as the only project not so participating in the contest as woman team members,etc. are considered synthetically, woman's boxing ought to become the formal event of the London Olympics for 2012 years.

Meanwhile, made the first Olympic Gamesing had already determined to cancel man's baseball, woman's softball event, can increase under the situations of 2 gold medals, Rogge and event committee think, the woman's boxing Olympic events should be 3 items, concrete scheme is: It is since 11 piece for rank in man reduce until 10 pieces,is it little for woman to set up, in, it is for 51, 60, 75 kilograms grades of rank of 3 pieces to be the heavy, every rank is 12 people, amounts to 36 people, this scheme totally accords with " weight-reducing plan " of the IOC .

August 13, the IOC will hold the executive committee in Berlin of Germany, discussion event committee refer to about agree woman boxing classify as London Olympics join the assessment report have match event 2012 year, will come into force formally after obtaining unanimous approval

The London Olympics is refused to increase income the software Claim that there are too many risks

2012 Olympic Games of London seems to refuse to use the software of increasing income. London CIO Pennell of IOC in getting green IT09 meeting say, increase income software compatible store too many risks in in application program. In order to realize the Olympic Games, needs to use the application software proved, but the large-scale application software can't run on the open standard. The London Olympics uses a little linux only under some exceptions, the large-scale software runs on windows.

Pennell thinks, the compatible question that the enormous difference of the hardware of the server causes, make linux not more efficient than the exclusive platform. It is named information system of Info 2012 that the organizer of the London Olympics is developing one, the expectation can reduce the printing and consuming of millions of paper than Beijing Olympic Games. It seems, IT group that the London Olympics needs one to be suitable for.

London 2012 Olympic Velodrome

Designed by Hopkins Architects, the 2012 Olympic velodrome with be situated in the north of the London Olympic Park and be an iconic centrepiece for the cycling and BMX events during 2012 before becoming the UK's premier cycling facility.

Beijing 2008 - London 2012 Handover - The Olympic Flag

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