BBC London Olympics will be extensive use of mobile media

Following the Internet from a technical means to become the fourth media, the many people have mobile phones as the fifth media. But the communication speed is too low (ie, bandwidth is not enough), makes the mobile phone can not afford a lot of information, particularly pictures and audio and video information transmission. As with the press, radio, television and the Internet as a media form of a tie still quite immature.

Recently, some media from Barcelona at the World Mobile Congress understood that mobile broadband technology has become the focus of competition in mobile communications sector. In this area, including "Long Term Evolution (LTE)" technology, including a variety of technology will play an important role. As a powerful wireless communications technology, LTE peak download speeds of up to 100Mbps, upload peak speeds of up to 50Mbps. If the bandwidth to achieve a breakthrough on the Internet, various functions can be ported to mobile phones, mobile phones will rapidly rise as a medium.

And the Internet is different from mobile media start very high. Is expected to 2013, the number of worldwide mobile Internet users will exceed the number of Internet users use the computer to reach 1.78 billion. Contrast to the rapid development of Internet history, we can predict that if the bandwidth to achieve a breakthrough soon, mobile phones, we can immediately become the largest number of users of a media is bound to impact on the formation of other media.

It is precisely because the significance of the fifth media, mobile communications to the General Assembly of the World, "based on mobile communications media" and mobile broadband, mobile communications applications, as the General Assembly with the main question. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Director of Future Media and Technology Center Eric Hughes pointed out, television, radio and Internet are the three basic reporting platform for BBC. Recently, BBC on the mobile media has given high priority and will be reported in the 2012 London Olympics extensive use of mobile media. In his view, the 2012 London Olympics will be the coverage of mobile media has become an important milestone in the media.

According to the General Assembly, the Global System for Mobile Communications Association, organizers predicted that 15 years after it had been 50 billion of electronic equipment is mobile Internet, people, and objects of basic interoperability of the era will become a reality. By then, the fifth media's influence over the current imagination. The other four media, media convergence is only the fifth in order to ensure survival in the premise, exceed and achieve the development of mobile broadband era.

London 2012 Olympic International Broadcast Center in the construction schedule

According to the London 2012 Olympic site: the International Broadcast Center (IBC) cladding of external walls and roofs have been completed, the Main Media Center (MPC) construction project and has also achieved a high degree of planning.

Venue construction and delivery throughout the UK mainly responsible for the completion of construction companies, including those from Northeast England, Wales, North Yorkshire, England Central, Scunthorpe, and is located in Greenwich, London, the main administrative and other places

Main Media Center 4-core high-rise buildings has reached a high degree of planning, the current top of the building works are being undertaken.

Olympic Delivery Authority chairman John - Amit (John Armitt) said: "This year, all work into the most crucial stage, we accelerated the Olympic Park infrastructure and venue construction of the construction schedule, this' large-scale construction 'are among the scheduled construction. "

"With the construction companies across the UK for their hard work, for example, is responsible for the roof cladding of the Welsh company, is responsible for northern part of the British steel company, is responsible for the bottom and foundation of local companies in London, the International Broadcast Center / Main Press Center is now taking shape . 'We will certainly in time for the visiting public media during the Olympic Games to provide a high quality working environment, but also will be here after the match renting tenants and users of the potential to provide a flexible and easy to use office space. "

After the Olympic Games, the relevant facilities will be continued use as commercial office space, and it expects to bring thousands of new jobs. The Olympic Park estate management company will be responsible for the management of this building, while the Olympic Park will also be responsible for the overall long-term development planning, management and maintenance.

British 16-year-old design of the London Olympic Games new currency designs

16 year old designs a 50p coin for London Olympics


The new coin designs


16-year-old boy Mark

a 16-year-old British boy design of the new coin designs for the Olympic Games.

To commemorate the 2012 Summer Olympic Games held in Britain, this came from Yorkshire, England 16-year-old boy Mark, in one fell swoop to beat other candidates for the new designs of 50 pence, 50 pence in the British Royal Mint will be producing.

British scientists say solar activity will affect the 2012 London Olympic Games Live

February 3 quoted the British press reported that British scientists have warned that by 2012, solar activity will reach its peak, when the London Olympics are being held with the TV network will be affected , the Olympic broadcast can be interrupted.

According to the British "The Times" reported that the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will next week, "Solar Dynamic Observatory" spacecraft into orbit, to the observed solar activity.

Rutherford County in Oxford, UK. Dehais Templeton (Rutherford Appleton) Laboratory, Professor Harrison (Richard Harrison), is participating in the task of solar activity observed one of the scientists.

Professor Harrison has warned that 2012 coincides with the 11-year cycle of solar activity reached a peak, "London Olympic activities will be affected."

Harrison pointed out that the London Olympics television and Internet operations will be subject to intense solar activity influence on the live broadcast of the Olympic Games interruptions may occur.

Reported that scientists have already learned that, once the intense solar activity may cause disruption of satellite and communications systems on Earth but "the sun weather" is currently unpredictable.

However, this year, February 6, the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration will "Solar Dynamic Observatory," into orbit. Professor Harrison said the great influence of solar activity on Earth, through research solar activity, "we hope to predict solar storms, and to protect the earth's IT systems to identify new ways."

According to reports, the sun Dynamic Observatory spacecraft will stay in orbit for five years, trying to find out the reasons for solar extreme events, such as sunspots, solar wind and solar halo and so on. In this way, the spacecraft will be targeted magnetic storm (magneticstorms), corona (solarflares) phenomena such as advance warning.

Rutherford. Dehais Appleton Laboratory Huo Dawei, director of space science professor (Richard Holdaway) pointed out that if there is prior warning will be sensitive to the first turn off the circuit, reducing the satellite converter damage.

London Olympic Games, the Olympic Park project is being carried out on the greening

The construction of the Olympic Park and Olympic Village, a total of more than 4,000 trees will be planted the same time, there will be 300,000 trees wetland plants and hundreds of thousands of Lvzhi and the bulbs are planted all kinds of green plants, including forest , grasslands, ponds, lawns, gardens and wetlands and forest.

A giant walking bridge connects with the simultaneous construction of the Olympic Park Stratford City, the bridge 10 meters in height, will build a "floating garden."

Park Avenue is a replica of the northern part of St. James and Hyde Park Road next to the boulevard and the cage built, equipped with a unique design on both sides of the street lamps, guard rails and traffic management facilities, so visitors feel like arriving in a park them.

Olympic Delivery Authority chief executive David - Higgins said: "We cleaned up industrial land, and for the London 2012 Olympic Games has created a green background, this project will constitute the United Kingdom more than one century, the largest city in Park, as a precious legacy for the benefit the public in London. "

"With the inspiration derived from the Victoria Park, this brand new 'major parks' pastures, gardens, woods and rivers, the masses will be the transport hub in east London to provide a wonderful core area of public recreation areas, wild animals will be here live in harmony with humans. "

2012 London Olympic stadium will be recycled materials

Into the 2012 London Olympic venues, the audience may have to look at the sit down, because, to some extent, the construction is located in Stratford, east London Olympic stadium will include the materials recovered firearms and props materials, these items confiscated by the London police came.

London police said they confiscated 52 tonnes from the guns, knives, metal keyboard dismantled. Some materials will be melted, for bridges, buildings, cars, trains construction, while others will be recycled for the construction of Olympic venues.

The main purpose of doing so is to reflect the designer Populous architects advocated by environmental philosophy. It is learned that the London 2012 Olympic venues will eventually be using a series of not disrupt the ecological balance of the material, including marijuana.

We really like the Olympic Games promote the concept of such a recycling. It is reported that the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals will be included from the waste TV sets, computers and keyboards and other electronic refuse derived metal.

2012 BMW to become the exclusive automotive sponsor of the London Olympic Games

宝马成为2012伦敦奥运会独家汽车赞助商 汽车殿堂

November 18, London, BOCOGBMW

In addition, BMW also became the 2012 London Olympic Games partnership for sustainable development, will fully support the London Olympics to achieve "low carbon", "HealthLife "commitments.

BMW AG responsible for sales and marketing director Ian Robertson (Ian Robertson), said: "Sustainable development is the BMW Group's guiding principles. We have been for five consecutive years the Dow Jones Sustainability Index ranked the world's most sustainable the development of automobile manufacturers. Therefore, we with the 2012 London Olympics' low carbon 'and'HealthLife 'happens to coincide with the commitment. "

"This partnership is for us a very important opportunity. The next three years and beyond, we are committed to producing the world's most energy-efficient high-end cars, and enhance the future development of personal transportation solution. This became the Olympic Games partners, will also inspire our customers, employees, distributors and suppliers. "

London Olympic Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic Games, service vehicles in the carbon dioxide emissions and to meet European Union emission standards put forward a very strict requirements. BMW will not only provide vehicles to meet the EU 6 emission standards, will satisfy the London Olympic Organizing Committee to set carbon dioxide emission of 100 kilometers an average of less than 120 grams of the standard. Based on BMW EfficientDynamics (Efficient Dynamics) strategy, at present, BMW technology in reducing emissions is an industry leader.

2012 London Olympic Games Pictograms released

2012 London Olympic Games Organizing Committee officially announced October 18 the sports graphics, graphics sub-performance in two ways: "profile" and "dynamic", the two forms of graphics will be applied to different categories, such as "dynamic" graphics 2012 London Olympic games will be licensed merchandise, posters, subway, etc. applications, and: "Contour" graphic is focused on the various events, sports venues to use.


2012 London Olympic Games Pictograms released


2012 London Olympic Games Pictograms released

London Olympic Organizing Committee has developed two sets of project icon, a set of silhouette-based, another set of colors and styles to the more lively, is said to draw on the London Underground icon of creativity. London Olympic Committee President Sebastian. Branch said that these icons will become an important distinction between the various projects identified and will be widely recognized. "In the future three years, the various sports projects will have the opportunity to write their own chapter, which will allow the British public to learn the London Olympic Games and what brought them," he said, "I hope that this logo will play a guiding role. "

1,000-day countdown to the opening of the London Olympics
The first 30 session of the Summer Olympic Games will be held July 27, 2012 in London, England opened. In this day there are 1,000 days from the time of the London Olympic Organizing Committee organized a series of activities to attract people's attention to this event.

30, London, Griffin BOCOG jointly photographers in the UK National Portrait Gallery has launched the "road leading to the 2012" photo exhibition, which is the 2012 London Olympic Games in cultural projects in the focus. This activity will be through a series of portrait photographs, records England all walks of life participate in the Olympic bid, the whole process of organization and organizing. LOCOG chairman Sebastian Coe at the exhibition opening ceremony, said in a speech, "For me, the reason for celebrating the countdown to 1000 days, the most important reason is that this is the public celebration, the public's Olympic Games, Their passions will be excited that they will benefit. this morning (photography exhibition) is a way to record the Olympic Games, this is a long road. "

2000 Sydney Olympics women's heptathlon champion Lewis expressed the hope that this exhibition will inspire the younger generation more passion for sports, active participation in sports. She said, "I want young people to have the opportunity to come to National Portrait Gallery Watch 'The path leading to the 2012 photographic exhibition', we know that young people can well afford to be out of the Olympic Games inspire enthusiasm, to create a whole generation of energy. On the now, in the next three years, we'll have a fascinating Olympic Games. "

Day photo exhibition on display in some of Griffin's work is photography taken from 2005 onwards, he chose the London bid, the Olympic Games in various critical points in time, grab all kinds of people involved in the exciting Olympic moments, and his Photos impressive. Griffin said of his creation, said: "I have these pictures in essence a work of art in the form of ourselves, this exhibition realized I want to do is just wonderful. For I am a photographer for said that filming of the 2012 Olympic Games has a passion and commitment to good character, that is what I want. For to have such an opportunity, I am so honor and gratitude. I hope you will be able to enjoy the beginning of the project work. "

Virgin college students who participated in the first Olympic bid process, and was shot photographer revenue. That day, he also came to the exhibition site.

"I'm very excited. I have talked with 30 other partners involved in competing for Singapore to do a statement. Since then, I have been involved in the cause of the Olympic Games to participate in a variety of activities to promote the Olympic Games. I represent all of those young people to very excited. I am excited, and they touched. I hope I can become a volunteer. Now I still study and work, to graduate in 2012. I hope that when I can become a part of the Olympics. So far, we have been involved in the Olympic Games work, we know that for each thing. This is our future. "

LOCOG chairman Sebastian Coe also said in an interview, despite the global economic crisis suffered, but the London Olympic organizing process and the investment work was carried out smoothly. London Olympic Organizing Committee and International Olympic Committee maintained close cooperation with Beijing and other cities in close communication.

"We work with (Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee) has a very close relationship. They helped us learn more about the Olympic Games, the complexity of this project, and our relations are very close. (Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee Vice-Chairman) Mr. Wang Wei is now the co-ordination a member of the Committee to help us host the Olympic Games in London. Our team is still the team with the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee has a close relationship. "

What will you do in 1000 days - London 2012

BT Lights Up London 2012 - BT Tower Fireworks

London Olympics aimed at the British track and field record 10 medals For the best record in

Although the distance from the 2012 London Olympics are more than two years, yesterday told the British Broadcasting Corporation interview, head of UK Athletics, said the British Olympic track and field team in London, the goal is 10 medals. From 1988 Olympic Games so far, the United Kingdom six consecutive Olympic Games track and field medal count, 8, 10 medals of the target display a host of ambitions.

UK Athletics head Devosse, said 10 medals is "an incentive" is also "can achieve." UK Athletics Beijing Olympic goal is five medals, but only received a gold 2 silver 1 bronze 4 total medals, did not complete the task.

London's proposed Olympic cultural projects

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson Electric are working to build a series to meet the 2012 London Summer Olympics of cultural works, including a monument and a statue.

Monument to the proposed Olympic Park in London at a cost of 15 million pounds. British "Daily Mail" 25 reported that it intends to rival France's Eiffel Tower, previously denied the affair because of Johnson's use of "inverted pyramid-style nonsense" and have been referred to as "Pi Feier Tower." English "Pi Feier" means "nonsense", pronounced with the "Eiffel" close.

It consists of living in the United Kingdom Great Indian steel baron Maximilian Mittal funded, attracting many leading British designers tenders for the design, the final package could be finalized within the next two weeks. British "cultural Olympics" last week identified 12 Olympic public art, one of which is called "Godiva lady" the huge statue to the United States may be reminiscent of the Statue of Liberty.

British 9-year-old girl in 2012 London Olympics design of commemorative coins

the United Kingdom Cardiff, 9-year-old girl FlorenceJackson show she designed the London 2012 Olympic Games commemorative coins. The face value of 50 pence coin, Britain's Royal Mint and the child's first cooperation.


The design of new double-decker bus in London 2012 Olympic Games before the operation

The new double-decker bus chassis, the front slope of the low board design more suited to the next door mobility or wheelchair passengers on and off.

According to Reuters, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, 23, said in London will launch a new, more fuel-efficient, lighter, more environmentally friendly double-decker bus will be in time for the 2012 Olympic Games put into operation before the opening. London, Department of Transportation has selected a few days ago the Northern Ireland bus manufacturers Wrightbus to produce this new type of bus.

Red double-decker bus is a major feature of London, the new double-decker bus will be retained after the older open the front doors and front air grille design; to the top of the stairs instead of the curved staircase and more spacious, and the front of the Under the door-board low-floor ramp design more suitable for the disabled and wheelchair-bound passengers get on and off; car used a "living room-style" interior design concept, using warm lighting, leather seats and wood floors, so that passengers can take a bus are also enjoy the comfort of home; both sides of the spacious and large viewing windows designed not only the convenience of passengers, but also for the stairs provides a day of natural lighting, saving energy; upper compartment uses a glass roof for natural light better , while the roof solar panels on the car is able to provide heating and cooling energy, Ke Yi temperature adjustment; driving the design of spaces increased by-wire driving technology in order to increase driving safety.

It is reported that at least this new bus carrying 87 passengers, and cited the hybrid engine technology to improve fuel consumption and reduce pollution. (Yang Fan)

The new double-decker bus in London

103 countries and regions selected for the London 2012 Olympic Games judo qualification

The International Judo Federation: The International Judo Federation Sports Committee has updated the 2010 race schedule, if the world ranking of statistical work can be completed on schedule today, London 2012 Olympic Games qualifying quota sample audit soon.

"At present, only the European Union are likely to use all the quota. But we know that this will depend on countries in the world ranking tournament participation. Of course, in May 2012, the situation may be different now, but can be pre - master the new system first-hand the work carried out for statistical information is still very useful, "Bata (Barta) said.

If the London 2012 Olympic Games are held tomorrow, then there will be 103 countries have qualified, including the United Kingdom (as organizer), Japan, France, Germany and South Korea will also participate in all 14 heavyweight match. In addition to 103 already qualified for the countries, there are still 20 places available for distribution to invite other countries. In the previous two Olympic Games, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games a total of 92 countries participating, while the 2004 Athens Olympics 94 participating countries.

Bata said: "As you might expect, the facts proved that the new system not only unearthed a number of top athletes, but also taking into account the breadth of the participants, that is, there will be more countries participate in the Olympic judo competition opportunities. "

London 2012 procurement business opportunities

Editor's Note has just experienced the glory of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games 2012 London Olympic Games has entered people's vision. To hold the Olympic Games, we should first do a good job related to the procurement process. This article describes the ongoing procurement of the London Olympic Games, the relevant circumstances, both the global overview, there are details of the analysis, worth reading.

According to the plan, the Olympic bowl is located in the east London Olympic Park, will host the Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies. The stadium seats a total of 80000 is expected to reach 400 million cost 9 1000 6 million pounds (about 700 million a 10 million euros / one billion four million dollars).

London's Olympic stadium on the form under the narrow width, resembles a soup bowl, with the Beijing Olympics "Bird's Nest" exist side by side. At the bottom of the track and field and the bottom of the 25000-seat plane on the ground below, while the upper part of the 55000 seats at the end of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games will all be removed. In addition, in the design, only the VIP seats are blocked, and the other seats are open.

For the 2012 London Olympics to succeed, the British organizers out of the nowadays world's largest shopping list, triggering a bidding war unprecedented.

Procurement of large-scale

Procurement of items from the London Olympic Games venue construction, sports services, protocol device, catering to security, health, technology, transportation, communications, logistics and other services in respect of security, all-encompassing. So far, the total amount of 50 billion pounds of contracts were more than 1,000 suppliers in the bag, which accounted for 98% of British businesses. Procurement and project management is responsible for organizing the Olympic Delivery Authority, said there are 17 billion pounds of procurement contracts be made standard, has attracted thousands of businesses are waiting for.

London's Olympic bid was required to specify the Web site to register and upload Company before they are allowed to submit bids for the majority of procurement will be conducted online. Up to now, the site has been issuing more than 10,000 projects, there are more than 5000 procurement projects will be posted.

Encompassing procurement

Now, more than 7,000 people in redoubling its efforts to build the Olympic Park and Olympic Village. Is located in central London, the Royal Horse Guards parade ground of the beach volleyball stadium construction project and has also ground breaking, this venue can accommodate 1,500 spectators, BOCOG is purchasing 5,000 tons of sand, in addition to plans to deploy three sets of metal detectors in case there are Metal sharps incorporation in the sand.

Compared to venues, parks, residences, public information center eye-catching infrastructure projects, and the race equipment and materials are very fragmented and the values are relatively low, but because of its varieties, the total large, also attracted the eyes of suppliers. Olympics sports equipment required more than one million, such as the trampoline 8, hockey 1200, football 1400, pump 92, etc. There are also such as the tens of thousands of seats, 22 million square meters of tents, 400 generators, and 240 kilometers of separation fence and other facilities, it can be said readily available. Service life of the procurement projects are very attractive, only meals should be prepared 14 million copies, the Olympic Village being purchased 17000 beds, 6500 towels and some other daily necessities.

Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games after the purchase is also proceeding. Its procurement list includes 310 wheelchair basketball game with the ball, 600 wheelchair rugby balls, 65 volumes for the bowling ball game tape and so on. In addition, there are some special sporting goods, such as 52 built-in bells Goalball match special ball.

Focus on justice and green procurement

Many people guess the bulk of the sports equipment contracts will be no suspense to be Nike, Adidas, Reebok and other sporting goods company well-known brands carve up, but the Olympic Business Leader Chris? Fujimori confirmed that is not true. He said, "all procurement information is true and complete disclosure to the community, this is a very open, fair and transparent process, we just saw in the most favorable price, but also to fully compare the quality of services and enterprises the ability to . "

Green procurement is a major highlight of the London Olympic Games. Olympic Delivery Authority in 2007 on the development of a sustainable development strategy, including the procurement of low-carbon materials, recycling waste materials, use of rainwater collection, as well as in stadium design, the use of birds and bats nesting technology. The preparatory process, 60% of the materials by rail or water transport, than planned to increase the proportion of 10%. The implementation of sustainable development plans to enable preparatory work for the London Olympic Games, won the award in the British best-building "sustainable Heritage Award." London's mayor, said the construction of the Olympic Park in east London to improve the environment has created opportunities as well as its capital, provides a comprehensive and sustainable development paradigm.

Olympic Games a huge procurement market

Olympic games industry will drive the acceleration of the entire production supply chain operation, and thus the creation of tens of thousands of jobs. The University of Nottingham Business School lecturer at Adam? Black in the "London Olympics 2012 economic impact study" that even London, the UK's economy will be because of the Olympic Games have different degrees of expansion, the report for 2005 as the base year is forecast by 2012 in London and the UK GDP the growth rate will reach 25.8% and 6.6% respectively.

British Chamber of Commerce said the Olympic Games for many enterprises, especially local businesses provide tremendous opportunities for British business minister Peter? Peter Mandelson urged the enterprise make persistent efforts to invoke the saying goes - "success beyond the end, it begins end." LOCOG chairman Sebastian? Branch said that British businesses expect from 2012 onwards into the 10-year golden period of development.

In the "2012 Olympic Games Construction Summit", the British Olympics Minister Tessa? Jowell said the British enterprises in the process of hosting the London Olympic Games has accumulated valuable experience, take to the access to global markets, Scriptures, in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, will take significant advantage of purchasing war. Recently, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio da Silva and British Prime Minister Tony Blair signed a learning experience of the London Olympic Games, the government agreement. Tessa? Jowell pointed out that Russia, Brazil, South Africa, all these will strengthen the infrastructure construction of the Olympic Games, the British enterprises are facing a huge potential market.

Procurement operations could be further improved

Undertake subcontract some of the criticism of the Olympic Games two vendors did not respect their legitimate rights and interests of the procurement, complaining that the system is running some disorder, sometimes when they submit bids to the Web site intention to revoke the tender notice, while others marked after the project node Tender Notice hung out again. A few companies have been criticized on the site of the so-called opportunity to just lip service, saying that they vote marked only finished two weeks later received an e-mail notification is not successful, there is no any information about the project, and other destination. There are people proprietary standards questioned jokingly procurement people through this platform, "fishing" is actually arbitrary, companies rely on good fortune to be successful. Olympic Procurement Bureau Director, Center for Mo Lage paid? Stewart acknowledged the procurement system has yet to be perfect, but denied possession of the procurement on the tricky, welcomed the public to make comments and suggestions.

London Olympic food flagship "British manufacturing" brand

London Olympic Organizing Committee announced on the 7th of the 2012 London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, food blueprint that will be available in 40 venues over 14 million copies of meals. LOCOG CEO of Dayton, stressed that the Olympic Games must be a British production of food as much as possible.

After more than 18 months of research, analysis and consulting, London Olympic Organizing Committee on the 7th will be a 40-page food plan made public. It is estimated that the London Olympic and Paralympic Games will be 40 places available more than 14 million copies of meals. Among them, the London Olympic Organizing Committee will be responsible for 1.5 thousand riders to provide food, this will probably need to consume more than 82 tons of seafood, 7.5 million liters of milk, 330 tons of fruits and vegetables, 19 tons or more eggs, 31 tons of poultry meat and 100 tons of cattle, sheep, pork.

Dayton, said: "To provide catering services at the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games is a very difficult task. We hope that both athletes and spectators have the most extensive choice of as much as possible In addition, we hope that these foods are from the United Kingdom."

London Olympic Organizing Committee for the food source of the establishment of two criteria, one must satisfy the basic criteria, while the other is the idealized higher standards. For example, all dairy products, cattle, sheep, poultry meat have to be a British production; vegetables, fruits, cereals and dairy products are all must pass the name "Red Tractor" food safety certification. The so-called higher standards of idealized, including food for the organic, free-range poultry for and so on.

In addition, the London Olympic stadium, promised that all will have free drinking water.

London Olympic Games mixed doubles tennis tournament, or by abolition of cycling individual pursuit race

LONDON, December 8 sports Ta Kung Pao International Olympic Committee executive board meeting held on the 9th, will be considered at the London Olympics, tennis, cycling an "operation" may increase the mixed doubles tennis competition and abolish cycling individual pursuit race .

International Tennis Federation had previously proposed that want to join the London Olympic Games tennis mixed doubles competition, the current Olympic Games tennis competition where men are single, doubles and women's singles or doubles. However, according to the Associated Press reported that the IOC is difficult to pass the proposal on the grounds that the lack of mixed doubles match world-class players.

"This is where many of the room can be manipulated, we are consider allowing singles players to participate in the mixed doubles competition, thus getting the mixed doubles match with star players, but also the Olympic Games would not exceed the limit on the number of athletes," ITF executive Vice-Chairman Mahe Ci said.

Another executive committee in this highly controversial issue is whether to cancel the London Olympics in the individual pursuit cycling race. In the Beijing Olympics, the cycling men have seven sub-items, a woman has three small items. International Cycling Union hopes that men's and women's events, respectively, to reduce and increase to five, with a view to equality.

Under this scheme, men's and women's individual pursuit race and time trial, as well as men's Madison race are likely to not appear in the London Olympics. Many cyclists have made it clear that against the abolition of individual pursuit race, they consider this project a bicycle race in the most representative. "Individual pursuit race the first person who crossed the finish line to win, this is the Olympic Games faster, higher, stronger concept is very consistent," the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games individual pursuit champion, said Boardman.

In addition, former U.S. sprinter Marion Jones in Sydney, had used illegal drugs during the Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee at this meeting will be the redistribution of three Olympic gold medals in Sydney, but the 100-meter gold medal will not be vested at that time The runner-up, the Greek players Catalina, as she had been to avoid doping test after the misdeed.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Google for the London Olympic Village to be built ultra-modern architecture

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Google is considering the construction of an ultra-modern London's Olympic Village building "digital cloud."

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Perception City" laboratory is seeking funds for this construction project, the lab said, Google and the world's largest engineering consulting firm Arup will join the British design team. Italy is also a renowned writer, Weng Beituoyike the project consultants.

It is learned that this was originally listed as the center of London's Olympic Village, including the construction of the metal framework of up to 120 meters, the top to install a series of interconnected plastic bubble-shaped ball, and can display various images and data. From afar is like Just like clouds above the stands in the tower, combined with these "clouds" can display graphic digital information, so called "Digital Cloud" (DigitalCloud).

This design was selected Johnson, the Mayor of London, as the London Olympic Park construction options, and several other buildings are also under consideration, the ultimate results are not yet announced. However, the "Digital Cloud" has been a lot of people of all ages, the authorities and even launched a website to raise donations for the general public, hoping to this design into reality.

Responsible for providing graphics data, Google says, we can provide during the Olympic Games in London, we are most concerned about searching for information, and then put into the digital cloud, to let people know what people are interested in at this moment.

In addition to unique design, the "Digital Cloud" also into the most advanced environmental technologies, to ensure that it is a "zero-emission cloud." In addition, the "Digital Cloud" is also a good tourist place for sightseeing and leisure, through the elevators, climb stairs or slopes, you can complete picture of bird's eye view of London.

International Cycling Union announced the London 2012 Olympic

With the International Cycling Federation International Cycling Union (UCI), after consultation of the British 2012 Olympic Games, organizers announced the Olympic cycling events of the LOGO.

This consists of four representing LOGO BMX BMX, mountain biking, road cycling and track cycling pattern combination, BMX project graphics driver for a clear jumps, he obviously is characterized by a riding car and wearing a pointed helmet.

2012 London Olympic venues may be used as the 2018 soccer World Cup

The Olympic venues will likely be as a bid to host the 2018 soccer World Cup, the main stadium, if it can come true, then the venue will be transformed into a football stadium has a 80,000 seat .

Is responsible for the arrangements in the Capital Gymnasium in all venues of the London bid to host the World Cup, United have confirmed that the main Olympic stadium, together with the Emir of Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur stadium planned new stadium are in their consideration of the inside.

However, if access to London's 2018 World Cup bid, Wen Boley Stadium can be used to host the opening ceremony and the finals, it does not seem to need to enable the other three London venues.

A United spokesman told reporters in London, said: "London, United hope to the main Olympic stadium as a 2018 World Cup bid in an alternative venue."

London Olympic Committee (LOCOG) Chairman Sebastian 2018 bid team members • Division insisted that the main stadium after the Games should be mainly used for track and field events, while the capacity of 80,000 during the Olympic Games will also be reduced to 30,000.

• Olympics minister Tessa Jowell in July this year, excluding the Olympic main stadium being used as the possibility of the World Cup in 2018, but the newly established specifically responsible for planning the Olympic venues after the game use of the program of the Olympic Park, and asset management companies have been does not exclude the possibility of the capacity to keep the original audience.

A spokesman said: "The Olympic Park Asset Management company is currently considering including the main stadium after the match, including use in relation to the Olympic venues. At this stage, have not been ruled out any possibility, but also undetermined."

"Undoubtedly the main stadium will assume its in competitive sports all the functions. From now until Christmas, we will be through further research to determine the main venues to maximize the use of the program and its most appropriate scale."

"We will continue to support London's 2018 World Cup bid."

16 wish to participate in the British cities bid to host the 2018 World Cup must be the end of November to submit their own programs, in December will be decided at the 12 selected cities.

BMW to become the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Partners

November 18, London, BOCOGChairmanSir Sebastian • Division (Lord Sebastian Coe) announced that BMW Group became the 2012 London Olympics automotive partner, will provide approximately 4,000 vehicles to undertake athletes, technical officials, the media, BOCOG operations team, the IOC Committee members, members of the International Sports Organization, the International Olympic Committee members, as well as car service partners. In addition, BMW also became the 2012 London Olympic Games partnership for sustainable development, will fully support the London Olympics to achieve "low carbon", "HealthLife "commitments.

BMW to become the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Partners

BMW AG responsible for sales andMarket• director of marketing, Ian Robertson (Ian Robertson), said: "Sustainable development is the BMW Group's guidingPrinciples. We have five consecutive years the Dow Jones Sustainability Index ranked the world's most sustainable development of the auto maker. Therefore, we have with the 2012 London Olympics' low carbon 'and'HealthLife 'happens to coincide with the commitment. "" This partnership is for us a very important opportunity. The next three years and beyond, we are committed to producing the world's most energy-efficient high-end cars, and enhance the future development of personal transportation solutions. This become an Olympic partner, will also inspire our customers, employees, distributors and suppliers. "

London Olympic Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic Games, service vehicles in the carbon dioxide emissions and to meet European Union emission standards put forward a very strict requirements. BMW will not only provide vehicles to meet the EU 6 emission standards, will satisfy the London Olympic Organizing Committee to set carbon dioxide emission of 100 kilometers an average of less than 120 grams of the standard. Based on BMW EfficientDynamics (Efficient Dynamics) strategy, at present, BMW technology in reducing emissions is an industry leader. BMW Group will also be provided for the 2012 London Olympics electric service vehicles.

LOCOGChairmanSebastian • Division said: "The car for any Olympic Partner for the operation is critical, I am BMW to become our partners are very excited. Will be host for the 2012 London Olympics a sustainable development of the Olympics is our common aspiration. We believe that the value of BMW's contribution and look forward to the cooperation of the next three years. "

During the Olympic Games, BMW will provide athletes and staff for use in the Olympic Village BMW bike, BMW motorcycles will also be available to some of the Olympic and Paralympic project uses. In order to facilitate people with disabilities driving wheelchair on and off and to meet the requirements of some BMW vehicles Olympic service will be partially converted.

Since 2000, the BMW Group in the UK investment had more than 1 billion pounds, engaged in the production, marketing and financial services areas and employs more than 8,000 people. The company also through a variety of support services, suppliers and dealer network, the creation of more than 5 million jobs. BMW Group will also start the MINI brand by 2012, the process of cooperation with the London Olympic Games.

BMW Group will also be provided for the 2012 London Olympics electric service vehicles

London 2012 Olympic and BMW both sides of this cooperation is based on the concept: fair competition, sportsmanship, cultural exchange, as well as sustainable development, the BMW Group has always been an important part of the core values.

London Olympics to adjust a bicycle race UCI President of this defense

A to foreign news agencies: the International Cycling Union (UCI) President Pat - McQuade (Pat McQuaid) as the International Olympic Committee Thursday passed the 2012 Olympic Games track cycling competition policy adjustments affirmative defense.

London Olympics will be held in men and women of all five games cycling, respectively sprint, team sprint, Keirin, new number of all-around competition and team pursuit race.

All-round game is a game consisting of 5 different multi-project event. Individual pursuit race was canceled, some of the decision of cyclists and cycling fans are very angry, but McQuaid said the UCI Track Cycling move will be conducive to the development of race as a whole better.

"I've seen many of the requirements to retain certain items to the petition or protest, but these countries have to submit or simply considering how to retain their good projects. The UCI will have to look at the overall situation, and focus on the global cycling movement in the future development, "Mr McQuaid told Reuters. "We want to strive to achieve gender equality, the same time we hope to add more events, but the IOC does not allow blindly adding items, so we can only make a difficult choice, the movement of the track cycling events to make adjustments . I also hope the individual pursuit, points race and Madison are able to match Olympic Games selection, but it is impossible to achieve. We have added a number of projects all-around game, because if you do not, of all cycling venue Item will only perpetuate the 3 or 4 days of competition. but also has all-around tournament schedule will be extended to 6 days, compared with even one more day of the 2008 Olympic Games. "

McQuaid said that some people in order to quell the discontent of the policy adjustment, UCI may now constitute the all-around game of the five projects (200-meter road race starting, 5 km sprint, 3 km individual pursuit race, 15 km Points race and the 1 km time trial) to be re-examined to make them more emphasis on endurance athletes.

McQuaid also said: "All along, the track cycling race is more emphasis on the sprint athletes, but this time we will carefully study the adjustment strategy of all-round game to make them more inclined to endurance. In this case, all the cycling events will be there are three kinds of suitable sprint athletes, suitable for two kinds of endurance athletes. "

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