London Olympic Tower building to spend 19.1 million pounds

London Mayor Boris will be named this landmark, "Hubble Bubble Tower", in fact, an official named "ArcelorMittal track", which include hotels and tourism units, receiving 700 visitors per hour. "Hubble bubble tower," one of the UK's largest public art architecture, the high tower of 115 meters higher than the Statue of Liberty New York, comparable to Paris, the Eiffel Tower. The building required 1,400 tons of steel, it is to this magical city of London's most lasting gift.

An unusual shape, the tower up to 120 meters in 2012 Olympic Park in London debut, and become another landmark of London.

According to the request of Mayor of London Boris Johnson, LOCOG programs in more than 60 candidates for final selection by the Indian architectural design division works Kapoor. This distorted shape of the red tower was completed, it will stands at Stratford in east London Olympic Park, the Statue of Liberty than the United States is higher. Newspaper said that, it is clear that this is the Eiffel Tower from Paris, France, who found inspiration. Tower shape similar to the result of the Arab hookah tall, tower, nicknamed "Hubble bubble." London Mayor Boris Johnson said the construction of the tower will spend 19.1 million pounds. Of which 16 million funded by the sponsor, 3.1 million funding from the City of London.

Britain will send 500-member delegation to leave for London's Olympic record size

According to foreign news Reuters, will participate in the 2012 London Olympics will be the British delegation at least 500 the number of the scale.

British Olympic Association said Wednesday, sent delegations participating in this number will be the most innovative British century. This figure than the previous British Olympic Association announced the 550 members of the delegation slightly less.

"This is the gateway to the Olympic Games in 2012 an important step," British Olympic Association chief executive Andy • Hunter (Andy Hunt) said. "The last time the British Olympic team to send such a large scale is a matter of 100 years ago, while today's sports world and there is a difference when in 1908."

In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the British dispatched a total of 311 players participating, get 47 medals including 19 gold medals.

British Olympic Association announced last year, taking into account the cost, the United Kingdom may only form to send a delegation of 350 people, today's announcement eased concern that people have.

In this week's national Olympic committee meeting, the British Olympic Association have been exploring the athletes selected for the delegation selection criteria. British Olympic Association, Xi Kelin • Moynihan (Colin Moynihan) said the selection criteria will be very strict.

"We will not let anyone get away," Moynihan said. "We will establish clear standards to ensure that all the players on behalf of the British team are able to reflect the competitive level of the UK's best."

More than 10,000 businesses will participate in the 2012 London Olympic Games preparations

The London Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) today announced participation in the 2012 London Olympic Games venues and infrastructure across the UK are now more than 10,000 the number of enterprises.

The Olympic Delivery Authority through road shows, seminars, open days and other activities in the industry with these enterprises to develop a multi-party cooperation, the joint venture also conducted some demonstration of their industries involved in the sniffer dogs from Wales training institutions to the Chinese General County seedlings suppliers encompassing.

Olympic Delivery Authority chairman John • Amit (John Armitt) today visited the Olympic co-operation in the eastern part of many companies, including concrete, timber cladding and lifting equipment supplier. John also encourage other enterprises "seize the opportunity to" actively participate in preparations for the 2012 London Olympics project.

He said: "Any industry, any size company can deliver in the London 2012 Olympics to find their own handy work. Apart from the Olympic Delivery Authority signed a large number of direct contracts, the company also had the opportunity through the supply throughout the UK chain and the London 2012 Olympic Organizing Committee (LOCOG) participation in the Olympic project. the line of business should "seize the opportunity," signed an online bidding site, "actually the first network" (CompeteFor) a registered member to share this good once every hundred years time.

With the "big projects" in the final crucial stage, the Olympic Delivery Authority signed a contract at least 100 waiting to sign straight, including the construction of BMX track and shooting venues, temporary facilities. However, most of the opportunities at the moment is from the London Olympic Organizing Committee.

The new Olympic Village plan approved new health care facilities

According to the London 2012 Olympic Organizing Committee reports: In the athlete's village in the New General Hospital of planning have been approved.

Athletes and the Olympic Park, adjacent to the end of the village at the Olympic Games in London 2818 will be the new home of the residents, of which about half of the relatively low housing prices. Here also the construction of new public green space.

General Hospital will be located in the heart of all new facilities, there will be existing local residents and moved into the athletes village, after 2012 a new co-tenants to provide medical services. Hospital facilities include: multi-function general surgery, outpatient and therapy services, children's clinics and X-ray and ultrasound and other diagnostic facilities.

These facilities will meet the athletes during the Olympic Games for their medical needs.

London plans to install outdoor broadcast of the 2012 Olympic Games, the big screen

According to Associated Press reports: During the Olympics, London, tourists and local residents in the city will be four "live point", through the giant screen to watch the 2012 Olympics.

Mayor of London - Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson) Monday said the big screen will be erected in Hyde Park (Hyde Park), Victoria Park (Victoria Park), Jubilee Gardens (Jubilee Gardens) and Porterfield Park (Potters Field ). He promised that London will be full of "wonderful Woodstock-like atmosphere."

Johnson said that currently the only question is "how a lot of tourists at the same time, avoid the local residents and businesses on London's excessive interference

London Olympic tickets over 8 million sold overseas since the spring of 2011

London Olympic Organizing Committee announced that tickets for the London Olympics will reach 8 million, on sale in spring 2011.

According to reports, the total tickets for the London Olympics will reach 8 million, more than the pre-announced 300,000. Tickets for the Paralympic Games in London the number increased from 1.5 million to 2 million. 75% of the tickets directly for the general public, on sale next spring.

Dayton, CEO of the London Olympic Organizing Committee said that this is the Olympic Organizing Committee for the first time the important work on the ticket, announced later this year, they will release more information about fares. "Tickets sales are our major sources of revenue, but we must ensure that sports fans can afford tickets, so that our stadium" overwhelmed "."

British Olympic Minister Jowell said: "In their own country can be said to live watching Olympic games only once in a lifetime experience. For this reason, to hold as many votes only in the hands of the general public is essential."

During the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Vancouver Olympic Committee visit London to learn the Lord Sebastian Coe has said that left the deepest impression Vancouver Winter Olympics venues is packed spectacle. "What I have not found empty stadium when the race seat, even though some early games, and not war medal game, also true. More importantly, where the audience seems to me to really want to see competition. They put passion, I think they are real sports fans. "

Although the London Olympic bid promised a large number of tickets priced at £ 30 less, but the British "Daily Telegraph" believes that this pricing to achieve 441 million pounds for the hope that the Olympic Committee in terms of ticket sales is too low.

The greatest threat to the Olympic Games in London terrorist attacks

The Associated Press reported that 22 British government in its latest assessment report on terrorism said the London 2012 Olympic Games, the biggest threat the UK faces a terrorist attack.

It is reported that the Home Office anti-terrorism in the annual evaluation report that the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games, the Olympic Games the "biggest threat" is "international terrorism", and the British Ministry of the Interior that the year 2012 terrorism will be very active.

According to reports, the British worried that 2012 will occur similar to the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, as the attack, the mob came to take the high-speed boat, armed elements launched attacks in central London.

In addition, due to the aging of radioactive materials and some increase in illegal trade in military material, Ministry of Interior also acknowledged that the British biological weapons and nuclear weapons may have been worried about the increasing number of attacks. Report revealed that the British conventionally scans all personnel and vehicles crossing the UK in order to identify signs of carrying radioactive material.

Britain also warned that in parts of East Africa and Saudi Arabia, Al-Qaeda branch power increase.

Britain announced on 22 established a new Maritime Security Center, the center will be the main targets set to the East African pirates, and in 2012 should all be responsible for attacks against the United Kingdom waters. UK Security Minister Alan. West (Alan West) said that with the 2012 Olympic Games approaching, and similar events in Mumbai terror attacks, the British realized that the British should be more carefully monitored waters.

British Home Secretary Alan. Johnson (Alan Johnson) explained that the British army and NATO forces in southern Afghanistan over the past year to conduct military operations weakening al-Qaeda forces, from 2008 to date, have seven people in the military base leader The operations were killed.

But Johnson warned that the distribution in Yemen, Somalia, Saudi Arabia and Algeria linked with the base organization may increasingly have the ability to launch attacks abroad. In his view, the British continued to face these organizations, "gradual, long-term" threat.

Preparing Britain for the London Olympic Games target of 10 European Championship medals

According to Associated Press: British athletes at the European Championship on the task to be accomplished at least 10 gold medals to win in order to ensure that the British Olympic Games in London in 2012 to retaining its position as No. 4.

Sponsors ------ England UK Sport hopes that the British team to second consecutive Olympic medals in the summer to keep 4th place finish, and that athletes may be on July 26 to August 1 held in Barcelona, won 15 European Championship medals.

UK Sport chief executive John - Steele (John Steele) acknowledged that this goal is "challenging", but the end of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to London, opened in 2012, preparation time is more than half the athletes that will make "more a sense of urgency. "

UK Sport expects the British swimmers are expected in October at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, won 35 medals.

London 2012 Olympic medals or made in China

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the London 1908 Olympic Games who have produced medals British Vaughtons company could not rewrite history in 2012 as a Chinese company is likely to grab the contract will hand the Olympic medals.

Reported that the source of the incident the company had not been made is Vaughtons London Olympics bid contract opportunities collar pins, and the final contract by the Chinese Hua Jiang companies. This Vaughtons president Steve. Hobbes was clearly lost: "They say the London Olympics will help UK companies, but they do not want to listen to our inquiries. I believe that orders will be issued medals to China."

Vaughtons Founded in 1819, is a veteran Birmingham badge, medal makers, the just-concluded British League Cup medals is that the company produced. However, Hua Jiang, the company is not simple, this company is the London 2012 Olympic Games emblem class exclusive licensees to participate in the Atlanta, Sydney, Athens Olympics, 2002 World Cup badge production of goods, also participated in the 1999 Kunming International Horticultural Expo 1997 return of Hong Kong, Shanghai Expo 2010 and other large activities Souvenirs.

In response, a spokesman for the London Olympic organizers said the finalists bidding companies pin the contract has indeed expressed in the Far East for the Olympics, the intention of making badges, and Hua Jiang has set up offices in the UK. But the medal has not officially started the procurement process, the organizers did not do this with the Chinese company contacts.

However, in order to appease the loss of Hobbes, organizers or stressed: "The London Olympic Games 97% of the contract gave the British company."

Vancouver Olympic organizing committee in London to promote "international incentive program"

According to the London 2012 Olympic Games Organizing Committee official website reported: London 2012 Olympic Games, "International incentive program" (International Inspiration programme) team are looking forward to this pioneering history of the Games can be based Olympic Games bring eternal legend.

Winter Olympics held in Vancouver during the London 2012 Olympic Games Organizing Committee Chairman and former world track and field star Seko (Seb Coe), the British Olympic sports minister Teleishaqiao Weir (Tessa Jowell) and the Organizing Committee Vice-Chairman Project Foundation Xiji Si Mills (Keith Mills) met with the Brazilian Olympic Committee president, Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games Organizing Committee President Carlos Arthur Nuzman (Carlos Arthur Nuzman), on how in 2016 a total of Olympic and Paralympic cycle, continue to promote the project.

It is reported that Brazil has been involved in this project to have been 450,000 children and young people in Brazil through the funding of this project, through community and school projects to a variety of sports to.

London 2012 Olympic Games, "International incentive program" to "international influence with the Olympics, the Olympic world to appreciate the charm of youth, to participate in sports."

Project selection, including soccer star David Beckham (David Beckham), including a group of sports stars as ambassadors to promote the objective of 2012, to 20 countries and regions, 12 million children through the project's activities, to participate in high quality and variety of sports and entertainment.

Organizing Committee Chairman and former world track and field star Secco said: "The 'international incentive program' is the core value of the 2012 Olympic Games ------ This will be the term that belongs to everyone, especially young people, event. "

BBC London Olympics will be extensive use of mobile media

Following the Internet from a technical means to be the fourth media, the number of people have cell phones as the fifth media. But too low communication speed (that is, the bandwidth is not enough), making cell phones can not afford a lot of information, particularly pictures and audio and video information transmission. As with the press, radio, television and the Internet as a media form a tie still quite immature.

Recently, the media from Barcelona at the World Mobile Congress learned that mobile broadband technology has become a focus of competition in mobile communications sector. In this area, including the "Long Term Evolution (LTE)" technology, including a variety of technology will play an important role. As a powerful wireless communications technology, LTE download peak rate up to 100Mbps, the peak upload rates of up to 50Mbps. If the bandwidth of a breakthrough on the Internet, the various functions can be ported to mobile phones, mobile phones will rapidly rise as a media.

And the Internet is different mobile media start very high. By 2013, the number of worldwide mobile Internet users will exceed the number of Internet users use the computer to reach 1.78 billion. Comparison of the rapid development of Internet history, we can predict when a breakthrough if the bandwidth of mobile phone users can immediately become the largest form of media, will impact on other media form.

Because of the significance of the fifth media, mobile communications to the General Assembly of the World "based on mobile communications media" and mobile broadband, mobile communications applications such as the General Assembly with the main topic. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Director of Future Media and Technology Center Ailikeha Rodriguez pointed out, television, radio and Internet are the three basic reports BBC platform. Recently, BBC on mobile media to give a high priority and will be reported in the 2012 London Olympic Games in extensive use of mobile media. He believes that reports of the 2012 London Olympics will be an important media, mobile media as a milestone.

According to the General Assembly, the Global System for Mobile Communications Association, organizers predict, 15 years after a 50 billion electronic devices are mobile internet, people, human and material times the basic interoperability will become a reality. By then, the fifth media's influence over the current imagination. The other four media, media convergence and the fifth only to the premise of ensuring the survival, exceed and achieve development in the mobile broadband era.

London 2012 International Broadcast Centre in the construction schedule

Interactive Sports Beijing on February 26 hearing, according to the London 2012 Olympic Organizing Committee Web site reported: the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) of the external walls and roof coatings have been completed, the main media center (MPC) construction project has reached a high degree of planning.

Venue construction and delivery of major construction companies throughout the United Kingdom is responsible for completion, including those from northeast England, Wales, North Yorkshire, central England, Greenwich, London, Scunthorpe and in the main administrative and other places company.

Four high-rise core of the main media center have reached a high degree of planning, the current top of the building works are being undertaken.

Olympic Delivery Authority chairman John - Amit (John Armitt), said: "This year, all work into the most crucial stage, we speed up the Olympic Park infrastructure and venue construction progress of construction, this' large-scale construction 'building which is on schedule. "

"With construction companies throughout the UK for their hard work, for example, Wales is responsible for roof coating company, responsible for the northern British steel company, the bottom and the foundation for local companies such as London, the International Broadcast Centre / Main Press Centre is now beginning to take shape . 'We will schedule to visit all media during the Olympic Games to provide a high quality working environment, but also after the game for potential tenants and the rent here provide a flexible and easy to use office space. "

After the Olympic Games related facilities will continue to use as commercial office space, and it expects to bring thousands of new jobs. Olympic Park estate management company will be responsible for the management of this building, the Olympic Park will also be responsible for long-term development planning, management and maintenance.
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