BMW introduced the 1 Series and 3 Series London Olympic Games Special Edition

2012 London Olympics as the official automobile partner, BMW has just released were based on a system and a special performance 3 Series Commemorative Edition models.

BMW in the near future and again launch special edition model, although a department or old models, but who cares? And this is important to commemorate a special event to launch a unique new Bimmer and with a lot of special commemorative edition of the additional packages.

1 Department of special commemorative edition of the appearance of performance 116i, 116D and 118D choose three models, each with three or five-door version to choose. Accessories section includes Full M visual effects, aerodynamics, 18-inch wheels and sport suspension, coupled with the dark lines on the exterior with blue interior trim. This is definitely value for money, with these accessories, the price for this model than the ES model of your £ 1,500 (about 2,400 U.S. dollars).

Meanwhile, the 3 Series special commemorative edition, but the performance does not use full M performance suspension package, but with aerodynamic kit and 18-inch alloy wheels and so on. These accessories for entry-level 318i model, only 318i models priced higher than the average £ 500 ($ 800) or so.

1 Series and 3 Series London Olympic Games commemorative edition has several special properties of colors: Alpine White, Titanium Silver, Blue and black, while accompanied by a special badge essential. However, this is only two commemorative models launched in the United Kingdom.

London Olympic security starts a number of institutions to participate in emergency exercises

London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games before, police, fire, ambulance and other emergency services and other agencies will participate in exercises and testing of emergency preparedness work.

Home Office before the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games will be held at least 10 drills to test the readiness of the various Olympic venues. These exercises will be particularly testing departments, agencies appear in unexpected emergency coordination and cooperation, and communication between them and the public. In response to the heavy security during the Olympic Games work, the United Kingdom will spend 11 police and troops, the budget of 600 million pounds. British Olympic security official has conducted a series of exercises, learning has hosted the Olympic Games in Beijing and Vancouver's security experience. Exercise is expected to set a different emergency situations, including terrorist attacks occur when the various departments, the site response.

Beatle is expected to meet again to sing the Olympic Games in London

According to foreign media reports, former Beatle (The Beatles) Paul McCartney • Sir (Sir Paul McCartney) and Ringo • Starr (Ringo Starr) has transferred will be held next year London Olympic Games opening or closing sing.

It is understood that former Beatle Paul McCartney • attending a talk show said earlier, is responsible for the London Olympics series of art songs, and his agency contact, and and the other reached a preliminary cooperation. In response, Paul said: "I know this news will be well known, and I will involved in this rumor there, but I am honored to participate in this international event in the future."

According to the British "Sun" (The Sun) said: "London Olympic organizers and Paul has reached a cooperation plan, but can not reveal too many details. Paul is very happy to be singing the Olympic Games, while the the former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr • Paul is also very likely and the same stage. "

Moreover, in addition to the London Olympic organizers intend to achieve next year's opening ceremony for Paul McCartney and Ringo • • Starr once again on the same stage, the "Sun" also said that the intention of the organizers of the Beatles in the late The Qiaozhi Ha • Harrison (George Harrison) and John • Lennon (John Lennon) offspring appeared on the stage.

In this regard, insider explains: "The Beatles are the best known of this century, today the British rock band, their fans from around the world, it is important that they are an important symbol of British music, but also in foreign countries also enjoy a very high visibility. "

It is reported that the London Olympic Games opening ceremony will be UK time July 27, 2012 at the closing ceremony on August 12, UK time, carried out by well-known British director Danny • Powell (Danny Boyle) directed. And each Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies are the focus of attention worldwide, about 20 million viewers will watch the opening ceremony live.

London's Olympic Park, surrounded by flowers, plants reach an area of ​​10 football pitches

From the London Olympic Games less than two years, the organizers of the Olympic Park began to "dress up", which is decorated outside the focus of the main stadium.

According to the plan, the London Olympic stadium will be surrounded by flowers, plants will reach an area the size of 10 football fields, in an attempt to add color to the London Olympics, but also to provide a post-Olympic era of gorgeous space.

The first planting of flowers now bloom, golden yellow is the main color, the organizers look forward to host a "gold" Olympic Games, so that flowers during the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in London, normally open during the unbeaten.

To this end, the London Olympic Organizing Committee has been carefully arranged to try to control the flowering period, so that flowers just bloom in Olympic Games period.
University of Sheffield, wild flowers experts who offer advice and suggestions, and participated in the study, improvement of flowering after the wrong flowers, including cornflower, marigold, Kim prairie flowers and other flowers.

Deng University of Sheffield Nigel Bennett (Nigel Dunnett), said: "To achieve the best state, so that various colors of flowers can bloom at the same time is not an easy task, which is based on years of research and experiment. "

London Olympic Delivery Authority chief executive David Higgins (David Higgins) said: "The Olympic Park flower garden, wetlands, forests, and the 2012 Olympic Games will provide lawn green and gold background, will be the end of the Olympic Games become a wildlife paradise. "

London Olympics thousands of British children's cartoon boy together to complete the available

One created by the London 2012 Olympic Children's cartoon premiered in London on Thursday night.
Meet in London as part of the Olympic Games Cultural Olympiad, this called "The Itch of Golden Nit" cartoon is about a 11-year-old boy Beanie his parents, where Stella rescued from the devil, and the solar cell (the Golden Nit) return to the center of the sun, thus saving the universe.

13 children create animated hero's voice with the big stars for the film onto a red carpet premiere.
This cartoon production plans by the UK Heritage Fund (Legacy Trust UK) to provide 300 million pounds funding.

The Foundation for the 2012 London Olympic Games to the impact of culture and sports set up a charity.
Collective creationThousands from all over Britain to help 13-year-old boy created this half-hour cartoon.

By the Tate Modern (Tate Modern) the film program led Tate (Tate Movie Project) in the UK set up 250 workshops, creative artists for the small cartoon characters. Then upload their paintings to a special website.
Produced "Wallace & Gromit" (Wallace & Gromit) series animation company Aardman Animations series of these pictures together, and then moved to the big screen.

Because the whole work are the original picture with the children produced, thus giving a fresh feel.
The animated film also won awards for digital broadcast (Broadcast Digital Awards) Award for the best content partners (the Best Content Partnership Award).

BBC ZDF evening of July 2, nine will be broadcast this cartoon.
It will be held on July 23, 2012 opening weekend in London (London 2012 Open Weekend) on Trafalgar Square during the show.
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