MINI London Olympic Special Edition release £ 17,800 from

MINI integrated foreign media reports on recently released a special edition models to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Games. The London 2012 Olympic Special Edition models will be available to the Cooper, Cooper D, Cooper S and Cooper SD model selection, with three levels of inspiration from the British flag paint colors: Chili Red, White Silver and Lightning Blue color.

London Olympic Games Special Edition released MINI

Whichever you choose, the appearance of color, the London 2012 Special Edition models will be equipped with a white roof with the Olympic logo, a white cap and a rear-view mirror from the front end has been extended to the roof of the British flag stripes. Appearance of a custom 17-inch cone-spoke alloy wheels .

London Olympic Games Special Edition released MINI

In interior design, the dashboard of the car is etched with a complete line of the London skyline, depicting some of the most iconic London building outline, including Tower Bridge, Battersea Power Station and the London Eye. Black "leather couch" seat with a white trim and red and blue stitching. Full of patriotic enthusiasm of the London 2012 logo embroidered seats and, while equipped with piping to the head by the British flag. Handbrake, gear lever and carpet are also using the same color stitching.

London Olympic Games Special Edition released MINI

All models are standard DAB radio systems, air-conditioning system, cruise control and interior chrome highlights design.

London Olympic Games Special Edition released MINI

MINI will be put into operation 2012 new special edition models. Pre-sale will start this week, priced between £ 17,800 (equivalent to approximately 17.8 million) to £ 20,860 (approximately 20.8 million) between the different models based on the selected price range. From next year the new car will be on sale in March

International boxing black gold scandal linked exposure to sell nine million two gold medals in London Olympic

According to the British BBC evening news: "Azerbaijan International Boxing Union to accept a $ 9,000,000 investment business, is to ensure that the conditions in Azerbaijan's boxing team won two gold medals in London Olympics."

Sources said the deal is WSB professional boxing league chief operating officer operation, because WSB encountered financial difficulties in the United States, needed the money. After the broadcast, the international boxing immediately issued a joint statement, the statement said, WSB 2010 International Boxing Union from an operating company did obtain loans to investors in Azerbaijan, but the loan does not have any "secret", there is no any improper place, this is just a normal business investment, investors want to invest only in exchange for a commercial return.

This caused the International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge's attention, the international boxing has set up a joint investigation team. They asked the BBC evidence. BBC reportedly broke the news program interviewed two people have this problem hereby and Lopez Rega, the former International Boxing Union, a U.S. franchise of the former manager, but work less than three months by the International Boxing Union termination; The latter was the Chairman of the Romanian and international boxing boxing Union Vice President, for serious violations of international boxing to be banned from joint affairs for five years. Reporters Wei Boning

BYD electric cars into the UK inviting the London Olympic Games

Reuters electric car era, the British transport minister, Mr Philip - Hammond recently during a visit to Shenzhen BYD ( 002,594 , stock it ) the company headquarters, said that Britain welcomed such as BYD electric vehicle manufacturers to set up the UK investment plant. It is reported that, in the 2012 London Olympics, London will use electric buses as the main means of transport, then in addition to the Prime Minister, the British cabinet members will take the electric bus to the meeting, BYD electric buses are expected to K9 among them.

British Transport Minister, Mr Philip - Hammond recently visited Shenzhen from Hong Kong, starting from the subway station take the BYD Fukuda newest K9 BYD electric bus to visit the company's headquarters. He believes that electric vehicles will be low carbon, green transport plays an important role, and inviting investment to the UK production of BYD electric cars.

Hammond on the bus to the BYD car told reporters that the British Government will in three years for local governments to provide 560 million pounds of financial support for developing sustainable transport projects; in low-carbon transport , the British will intensify cooperation, so welcome as BYD electric vehicle manufacturers to set up plants in the United Kingdom, and hope that the Chinese enterprises to participate in the British high-speed rail project development and construction.

"I want to buy a car BYD"

Hammond, Shenzhen, China is the last leg of the line, after he had visited Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Although the travel-stained, Hammond always smiling, high spirits. Get on the bus, he transport committee in the city, accompanied by the person in charge, first visited the construction of the subway station Fukuda and Fukuda transport hub in the charging facilities for electric buses, listened to technical personnel.

The way in to BYD, Hammond took place on the busy Yantian interest, a temporary increase in the journey to listen to part of the Chinese personnel Yantian Port. "Yantian Port throughput is how much? Proportion of the country's total port throughput? Average time of unloading of a ship? Tons wheel and arrange groups of crane unloading? Whether all the electronic operation?" Hammond's problems very specific. Chinese officials to answer, he kept saying: "Yes, you really great!"

During the visit in BYD, Hammond on the petite F0 minicar became interested in that price is just over 30,000 yuan, the surprise and said: "I want to buy such a car!"

Welcome to BYD-made electric car went to Britain

BYD President Wang meeting, Hammond said, now Japan's Nissan and Mitsubishi in the UK production of electric cars, BYD are also welcome to set up manufacturing or assembly plants in the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom's research institutions with new energy vehicle research and development.

Although the UK economic downturn, but with the 2012 London Olympic Games, the British transport network, whether air, rail, road or building of the harbor was a great investment. Hammond said that the British believe that carbon is the only transportation industry trends, and because the car in the global economy plays an important role in low-carbon technologies is essential.

Wang said that as bus and taxi carbon emissions several times in the private car, urban air pollution is caused by the culprit, BYD will be the development of public transportation in the future of electric vehicles based. In this regard, Hammond said, the United Kingdom, will also promote the electric buses and electric taxis penetration.

In an interview with reporters, Hammond said, his visit is aimed at promoting the Sino-British transport and low carbon travel fields. He was aboard the Beijing-Tianjin high-speed rail to Tianjin, China hopes to learn from experience in building high-speed British rail high-speed rail construction, and will consider China's high-speed rail locomotive manufacturers production. "We spent four years to make high-speed rail project is passed, it took nine years to develop project implementation plans, this time too long."

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British Cabinet members will attend the Olympic Games take electric cars

Electric vehicles is a new thing in the UK, the British government launched in March this year, the electric car subsidies, the cost for consumers to return the car to 25%. On the other hand, as the British electricity is one-tenth of the cost of petrol in the UK or the use of electric cars attractive.

Hammond said that because Europe has developed strict emission standards, the UK must take measures to reduce vehicle emissions, or face a huge amount of fines. British taxi is privately owned, the Government can not compel change, but will put restrictions on the use of traditional fuel vehicles as taxis measures to promote the taxi company to use electric cars. He also said that in the 2012 London Olympics, will use electric buses as the main means of transport, then in addition to the Prime Minister, the British cabinet members will take the electric bus to attend the meeting.

In order to encourage carbon reduction, the British government announced in January this year, will be in three years to local governments for a total of up to 5.6 billion pounds of capital investment to developing sustainable transport projects. Hammond said that local governments will be competitive bidding for funding, the project ultimately by the Ministry of the door and set up special joint committee of experts group for approval.

During the interview, Hammond asked about the difference between Chinese cities and London. He replied that the difference is too great. "By Chinese standards, only the city of London can only be counted, even Birmingham are the villages." He said with humor.

British Prime Minister Cameron invited to participate in the global business community the London Olympic Games

September 22, 2011, British Prime Minister David • Cameron was officially launched in New York promote Britain as a tourism destination and an ideal business promotion activities.

Royal wedding this year and next year at the upcoming London Olympics, and the diamond jubilee celebrations of Queen Victoria ascended the throne, the world's attention to the United Kingdom is gradually gather. British Government are determined to seize this unprecedented opportunity to usher in more than 2012 sports festival of carnival, but also the UK to show the world all of its self-promotion.

GREAT Campaign UK launched a new initiative will focus on 10 areas of expertise of the UK, highlight the UK as suitable for tourism, study, work, invest and conduct business advantage.

• British Prime Minister David Cameron said: "By 2012, only one place to go. With the summer Olympic and Paralympic Games will come to London next year, the greatest event on earth in the greatest city on earth at one . "

"However, in 2012 the UK will be dedicated to the world not just sports, as well as an extraordinary opportunity, which is the world's rediscovery of the British as charming and unique business, tourism, innovation and entrepreneurship, world-class creative and cultural industries destination opportunities. "

"Today's Britain is indeed a very suitable for travel, study and work places, but also a suitable place to invest and do business."

"We would like an invitation to the world, inviting them to a new vision to see what we can provide everything."

Invitation to the global business community

Invitation to the global business community as part of Prime Minister David • Cameron also announced the investors and business leaders for the "Global Investment Conference" program, this meeting will be held in London on the eve of the Olympic Games. Cameron Prime Minister also announced a business summit in creative projects, including "British business Ambassadors" program, which will focus on a range of areas related to global growth as well as online, "British Business Club." These projects will be commercial activities responsible for the implementation of UK Trade & Investment is expected these projects will bring long-term to British business at least 1 billion pounds in revenue.

Invitation to visitors to the world

GREAT Campaign is a critical part of action to promote the UK as a tourist destination image, the British hope in the next four years, attracting more than 4 million visitors. The action plan will invite visitors to a new world vision to understand the UK to see her national parks and experience her music festival, wandering around in her castle, museums and galleries.

British Government believes that in 2012 the UK will have enough time to celebrate, and the whole world will be invited to participate.

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London Olympics will be broadcast using 3D technology

LONDON, August 31, sporting the Japanese electronics giant Matsushita Reuters Company 31, announced that the London Olympics will be the first to use 3D technology for television.

London Olympics as the official broadcasting equipment providers, the company said viewers around the world can watch the 3D technology opening and closing ceremonies, track and field and swimming and other major sports.
London Olympics will be held on July 27 next year, during the game, there will be more than 200 hours of sports programming is transmitted through the cutting-edge 3D technology to the world.
It is reported that the company has with the IOC and the Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) to reach an agreement, they said, 3D TV will fundamentally change the past, viewers watch the game experience. The OBS's general manager, said: "We believe the first use of 3D products will make the London 2012 Olympic Games to become the most important broadcast technology in the history of Olympic Games."

Japan's Matsushita Group, said the London Olympics will be the first to broadcast live 3D images

Global Network reporter Wang Xin reports, August 31, according to AFP news, the Japanese electronics giant Matsushita Group in London in 31 hours revealed remarkable Olympic Games in London, England in 2012 will be the first to realize the form of 3D images live .

 A Panasonic Group's senior official pointed out that in 2012 London Olympic Games was held, global audience will have the opportunity to see, including the opening and closing ceremonies, including all major events and activities of the three-dimensional image. Matsushita Group will use special equipment and technology for more than 200 hours of Olympics video processing, and let the best 3D effect.

 The report quoted a Matsushita official as saying: "We believe that the first live broadcast of the Olympic Games by 3D technology, mankind will live the history of science a glorious. "
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