London bus driver dissatisfaction during the Olympic Games bonus strike

Additional bonus dissatisfaction during the Olympic Games, held in London bus driver 22, the 24-hour general strike, nearly two-thirds of the bus lines of the whole city to a standstill.

Organizing the strike, union members belonging to the 17 bus companies, accounting for 85% of London's bus drivers. In the morning of the 22nd, Transport for London said, only a quarter of the buses running, and then increase the proportion of running the bus, but can not run the line is still nearly two-thirds.

In order to reduce the traffic impact of the bus strike, the Transport for London staff and volunteers to passengers in the bus station to answer questions and guide them by public transport vehicles monthly pass to ride the subway.

The origin of the strike is the union dissatisfaction with bus drivers during the Olympics there is no additional bonus, subways, airports and other employees there will be a bonus of £ 500 per person. The union, said the bus passengers during the Olympic Games is expected to at least will increase by 800,000 people, bus drivers should be entitled to the same subway, airport staff the same treatment.

Since the union had threatened to go on strike, employers and employees have been holding negotiations. London Mayor Boris Johnson, 21, said the union to cancel the strike can be considered from the Olympic special funds allocated £ 8.3 million bonus as a bus driver. Although the union welcomed this statement, but dissatisfied with Johnson make that decision until the last minute, making it a "beggar feeling. On the 21st night negotiations eventually broke down, resulting in 22-day strike on schedule.

The union said that if their demands are not met, will continue to go on strike during the Olympics action.

London 2012 Olympic Games official launch of the iPhone game

 Distance of the London 2012 Olympic Games opening time of 37 days, the London Olympics official launch of the iPhone game "London on 2012 - Official Mobile Game" iPhone / the iPad general, the size of 143MB.

The game contains a dash, long jump, canoeing, nine of the Olympic Games, players can be more than 220 projects to train their athletes, the game supports Chinese, customizable three modes: training mode, the Olympic mode, challenge mode.

London Olympics cost of millions of clinics

2012 London Olympics £ 230 million investment, the construction of a multi-purpose clinic, for the athletes to provide a full range of vision, teeth, physical therapy, surgery free health care services.

24 hours a day to open the door of the clinic is located in the Olympic Park, it is expected that the game every day during the admissions of more than 200 athletes.

Although the athletes is a priority target, the clinics also received the team staff and coaches.

The most important treatment is expected to muscle strain, sprain class, and fever of colds and bumps of minor injuries.

LOCOG person in charge of sports affairs Evans (D Jevans), for elite-level athletes, not only is a little discomfort will cause serious consequences.

She said the clinic is equipped with excellent facilities to protect the athletes can get rapid treatment processing.

BOCOG emphasized that the clinic will only deal with health problems during the Games athletes, rather than diagnosis and treatment of problems or chronic diseases to participate in the Olympic Games before.

From previous Olympic Games experience, vision and dental care is provided by the Olympic organizers at the most popular after the physiotherapy.

This clinic with the most advanced medical equipment such as MRI scans, will be 10 to take a wages Olympic Organizing Committee staff, 500 doctors and nurses of voluntary service, and 80 standby experts support operation.

The meaning of the London Olympics mascot

London 2012 Olympic Games Organizing Committee announced the London Summer Olympics mascot Wenlock (Wenlock), which is based on the passion of Shropshire sheep, prototype, this sheep living in the Olympic history named Ma Qiwen Locke's Law Chapel Hill Village, the center of town.

London Olympics mascot Wenlock (Wenlock) from the Shropshire village of Ma Qiwen Locke (Much Wenlock). Where, once held the Wenlock Olympic Games, this ancient race is the father of the modern Olympic Games Pierre de Coubertin to create a source of inspiration for one of the modern Olympic Games: in the 19th century, Pierre de Coubertin was invited to go there to watch Wenlock games, the Wenlock Games, Baron Pierre de Coubertin greatly inspired, and thus founded the modern Olympic movement. So far, the The Wenlock game is still held. Therefore, the to Jinian Wen Locke Olympic Games, London Olympics decided to name the mascot "Wenlock"

London Olympics ban to purchase Icelandic whaling industry related companies

The animal rights organization Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) before the statement has successfully prompted the ban of the LOCOG right of HB Grandi, Iceland aquatic London 2012 Olympic Games will not purchase their products because the company and the Whaling Industry associated.

This statement was subsequently the LOCOG sustainable development department is responsible for confirmed. Only of finfish fishing in Iceland, the Hvalur chairman Kristjan Loftsson is also HB Grandi board members, causing concern the WDCS right correlation of the two companies, and in the past two years has been committed to HB Grandi products removed from the UK market.

WDCS anti-whaling movement Vanessa Williams-Grey, said that last year due to market downturn Havlur not catch finfish, but there is evidence that fishing may resume in June this year. The Hvalur of finfish fishing quota for the 150-170 head, in recent years, a total of nearly 2000 tons of whale meat exports to the Japanese market.

YouTube will broadcast the 2012 London Olympics

According to Reuters, YouTube this summer will be in Asia and Africa users to provide webcast services for the London Olympic Games, which is the latest effort to move the company to become the mainstream media.

YouTube said on Wednesday, the IOC will provide 10 high-definition video channels covering the London Olympic Games, the event. London Olympics will be opening in late July.
YouTube will be provided free of charge up to 2200 hours of live matches, including all 32 events in the gold medal battle.

YouTube spokesman declined to comment on the financial details of the transaction, the company will provide 64 countries in Asia and Africa users live matches, including India, Singapore, Malaysia and Kenya.

Olympic Games TV rights worth billions of dollars. Comcast Holdings NBC (NBC) for the 2010 Winter Olympics and 2012 Summer Olympic Games broadcast rights paid a total of about $ 2 billion.

In the United States, NBC this summer on its Web site for the first time all 32 events in the Olympic Games live online. To view the NBC network broadcast, the consumer must make sure that they have to buy cable, satellite or telecommunications service.

Thanks to the large selection of original videos, YouTube has become the world's most popular video site. It is continuing to increase the professional level content, and also allows users to lease from a number of films of the Hollywood production company, providing the network of various types of sports competitions live, such as the Indian Cricket League and the America's Cup.
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