London Olympic security recruitment problems 10000 security may not be able to speak fluent English

Inability to recruit 10,000 security issue, the G4S chief executive officer of the England first in the world, the Daan insurance company apologized and acknowledged that the company underestimated the enormity of the task. He also admitted that he did not know whether the recruitment of security can speak fluent English.

G4S CEO Nick Barkley - asked recruited security personnel can speak fluent English, he replied: "This is a difficult question they have the right to work in the UK, and to accept a high standard education and training. "

When reporters repeatedly asked the question, he admitted: "I can not make an absolute answer."

Buckley said that the security system, some jobs do not need contact with the public, but he will be on this issue for further understanding.

In view of the G4S unable to provide 10,000 security personnel to ensure that contract, the British government said, preparing to deploy 3,500 soldiers to fill the number of vacancies. G4S will default to pay a fine of £ 10 million -2 million.

Buckley said that until 8, 9 days ago realized that the recruitment of a problem. Olympic organizers and the government know that the company plans to recruit 7-8 weeks before the review and training process "compression" to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Buckley insisted that the compression time of the decision not to cut costs, but because some organizations can not be recruited to participate in the early stages of training, such as students.

Buckley also said the military support "very grateful" thank "to give up time with their families," the soldiers said, while acknowledging that the military is really no choice.
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