London Olympics will be implemented to deploy surface-to-air defense system of air traffic control

As part of the 2012 Olympic Games security measures, London and South East of England will implement air traffic control. The British Defense Ministry said the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force personnel and equipment on Saturday (July 14) will be deployed, began to perform security tasks.

After the news that the London Olympic security needs an additional 3,500 soldiers. British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond (Philip Hammond), the London Olympics will be "peace and security."

Additional temporary air traffic control from the UK daylight saving time early Saturday morning, 00:01 (GMT Fri Jul 13, 2009 at midnight 23:01) and continued for a month. Control during the no-fly zone area 30 miles wide, but does not affect commercial flights flying normal routes.

The Royal Air Force in London Northolt Air Force Base to deploy Sea King helicopters (Sea King), amphibious assault ships of the Royal Navy's HMS Ocean sea and land will be involved in security operations in the River Thames. A day earlier, at four locations in London has deployed surface-to-air defense system.

Earlier this week, Typhoon (Typhoon) fighter had been stationed at Northolt Royal Air Force base, and Puma (Puma) fighters and snipers stationed in Ilford, east London and north of the capital (in Ilford).

The Defense Department said, after the start of the air traffic control personnel and equipment will be involved in air security operations. Meanwhile, the Department of Defense has in cooperation with the Civil Aviation Management and the National Air Traffic Services authorities to inform the parties on the air traffic control information and the use of British airspace during the Olympic Games provisions.

If a private aircraft into the no-fly zone, will first be warned, and then depending on the situation and escalate; Finally, the plane violations aircraft into the no-fly zone, despite the warning not to obey the instructions, will be shot down, the BBC defense correspondent said.
Hammond said in a written statement, the Olympics have not been specific or more security threats. Te Laisha May, Home Secretary also said that Olympic security is no problem.
BBC has learned that the Olympic Marathon organizers had hired about 600 private security personnel, military personnel were redeployed to other venues and events in performing security tasks, responsible along the way security.
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