International Olympic Games is absolved for the London Olympics expenses in the economic recession

The IOC says on the 23rd, though receive the influence of the most serious economic crisis since World War II, Britain invests 9,300 million pounds (13,540 million dollars) for the 2012 London Olympics Still natural.

Though Britain budget that the prospect announced on the 22nd is dim shadows this visit, but the IOC's Coordination Commission prepares to three - day Olympic Games in London to investigate that is over in the word of compliment again.

Denis, president of the Coordination Commission of IOC? Oswald says, the dull economic prospect will not influence the income of the London Olympics for 2012 years.

Oswald tells reporters: "Each city organizes the Olympic Games to improve the infrastructure and having its distinctive quality. You can scrutinize all previous host cities for Olympic games including Athens, they have one new airport, one new train line, one new subway line, one new fast track, a new expressway All these facilities are built for the Olympic Games. "

"In order to make a modernized city, the investment is very essential. I think the east suburb area of London that demand perfection urgently is facing a very similar situation. And the Olympic Games brings the best chance for rebuilding in the city exactly. "

Olympic Games main venue, Olympic Games village and international broadcast and construction of media center progress leading already or with plan, move ahead simultaneously, but because the private fund is exhausted, the Olympic Games is delivered to the administration bureau to still move a part used emergent fund of 27 billion pounds as the overall budget.

Since London obtained the right to host of 2012 Olympic Games, the construction expenses of the main stadium of the Olympic Games have doubled. And until recently, the government did not pour into cash of 95 million pounds in order to solve the matter of great urgency of construction of Olympic Village.

Oswald says: "Meet an urgent need fund to be all right used in Olympic Village build by guaranteeing time limit for constructioning. When selling again in Olympic Village, this sum of fund may be regained. "

12 months ago, Oswald once showed the high score (10 points full marks) of 9.75 for the preparatory work of London BOCOG . But he has not done so, has just expressed it since he visited London last time this time, the change of the scenery of the east of London " Can be rated as surprisingly" .

He says: "We know all preparatory work go on on time, some work even walk in the front that is planned. In leave Olympic Games open have more than 3 years, this lets us feel happily everything is under control. "

When asked several big challenges that the London Olympics faces by 2012, Oswald thinks it is the greatest trouble that London has the traffic stopped up.

He tells Reuter's reporter: "Those street of spacious cities come to make easy progress from experience to the traffic team even more. "

"And London street is narrow and small, needing numerous intention personage's exploring can guarantee the traffic is unblocked and reduce athletes from Olympic Village to the method of time of the competition gymnasiums and stadiums. Though face so severe a challenge, London BOCOG is making great efforts to improve the traffic, believe they can unquestionably find the outstanding solution.

London Olympic Games stadium ceiling begins to start building

The ceiling of the main stadium of the London Olympics will begin to install soon this week in 2012, this means preparatory work of the London Olympics will enter a new stage soon.
The stell-structured roof located in top of main stadium will be lifted the height of 37 meters on schedule, this installation project is expected to last nine months, and the construction of whole stadium will be completed in an all-round way in the summer of 2011. The official spokesman of the London Olympics says: After the stadium binds the project and finishes, the main stadium of the London Olympics will dimple the overall picture gradually. People can know gradually too which kind of look this key building of the London Olympics is. This stadium will undertake opening and closing ceremonies and track and field events during London Olympics, it can hold 80,000 people to march into the arena to cost altogether at the same time. After the Olympic Games, the seat will be reduced to about 25,000, it is reported that much Rugby football club intends to regard this as the home court. A spokesman of development committee of London says: How London utilizes this stadium more rationally, it will be more and will be made and used in the fields of basic education and nationwide fitness programs.

The IOC: London Olympic venue well construction progress

(London Reuter) The IOC points out, the preparatory work that London of Britain launches for 2012 Olympic Games makes good progress, the progress comes faster than the other previous host cities.

Oswald, executive committee member of IOC, begins to carry on the inspecting of three days to Olympic Games competition area of London on Tuesday. One year ago, he was that London prepared the high score that the work of the Olympic Games gave a mark 9.75 ahead of time.

Oswald says after inspecting the construction work of the main stadium of Olympic Games of the east of London: "We have a stadium, this is sure, but some past Olympic Games might not be like this. "

He points out: "I had been here last May, what I must say was, I did so much work to feel very satisfied with to them, the whole concept makes me with deep impression too. "

London main stadium of Olympic Games will furnish funds of 540 million pounds ' About 1,185 million Singapore dollars) Build, it is nearly one time to be large than original estimation.

Five major fields because of the Olympic Games in London - -Construction work of stadium, race course, swimming center, Olympic Village, broadcast and media center, already in process like a raging fire, the IOC nowadays mainly needs to be concerned, assess the cost with constantly surging construction work, and the impact that the credit crisis bring.

Because private investment has already been exhausted, British government has already been forced to draw on the urgent fund, in order to let the project of Olympic Village continue. However, London declares, master budget of 9,300 million pounds of preparing the Olympic Games will not increase.

The officers of the IOC inspect the London Olympics preparation

IOC officer begin, prepare to London Olympics progress situation inspect 21, they will be inspecting in construction at present especially within two days " Five major possessions " --Main stadium, cycle racing hall, the aquatic sports centre, Olympic Village and press center.

Prepare to establish the office (O D A) in Olympic Games of London responsible for infrastructure construction of the Olympic Games President John and Armitt says, since inspecting last year in the IOC, have already made progress greatly in the preparing of London and building-up work. While inspecting last time, each venue project to be built in London has not gone into operation, but the main stadium of the Olympic Games has already begun to take shape now, the foundation of the cycle racing hall has already been completed too. He says, the main stadium of the Olympic Games has already become a view on the horizon of the east of London now, the aquatic sports centre builds up progressively too, the first batch of houses of Olympic Village rises sheer from level ground too.

London OCOG department, Sebastian of president, say, witness Olympic Games main stadium wait for venue appear progressively 2012 year, make him move endlessly. He says, these world-class facilities will leave British athletes and nearby residents the abundant legacy

London Olympic Games media center goes into operation Costing 530 million can receive 20,000 reporters

The media center of the London Olympics went into operation one month ahead of time in 2012. The media center is located in the northwest corner of the Olympic Green, is a very important Olympic Games construction project,

London Olympic Games pay administration bureau say: "Begin to make the international broadcasting center and main press center formally now, the workers have already begun to be driving ground base. " Still reveal in interviewing, the media center will cost 5.3 hundred million dollars. During London Olympics, offer 24 hours service for 20,000 domestic and international broadcasters, telex company, characters reporter and photographer. After the Olympic Games in London, this facility will be used for commercial purposes.

Just before soon, the IOC coordinates a committee member to go to the Olympic venues of London to inspect, basically satisfied. At present, there are aquatic sports centre, the bicycle hall and athletes' village in the London Olympics gymnasiums and stadiums that have already begun to construct.

Rogge agrees woman's boxing enters the Olympic Games in London

International Boxing federation president JingGuo Wu show IOC president agree, become the formal event of the London Olympics for 2012 years about woman's boxing already April 13, just count and turn in the gold medal from 5 while applying into 3. This is that a staff reporter is often the news got in Jianping from vice-president of international Boxing federation, director in Tai centre of State Sport General Administration fist on the 14th.

Chang JianPing says, Wu JingGuo is that the IOC bids for the 2016 Olympic Games 7 people in the city assess one of the group members, just investigated from one of the biding cities, Chicago of U.S.A. that assessed and made a detour Beijing to go to Japan to investigate and assess on the 14th on the 13th. Wu JingGuo reveals while meeting in Beijing, Rogge, president of IOC, is communicated and consulted thinking repeatedly with IOC project committee with Jianping frequently, and Olympic Games have current situation,etc. factor, woman of boxing, consider only among the all event at present from important role that sportswoman act among the Olympic Movement And then think, woman's boxing should become the formal event of the London Olympics for 2012 years. But in view of factors such as scale of the Olympic Games and number of medals,etc. at present, Rogge and event committee think, it should be 3 that the gold medal that woman's boxing enters the London Olympics is counted, this is that the gold medal which the IOC can accept is counted too. But not international Boxing federation submits in February of this year and gives the IOC 5 of an application.

Neither nor until it reduces to be 10 pieces to rank of 11 pieces in man in scheme it is concrete,is it little for woman to set up, in, a heavy rank, each rank and 12 people, it is 36 people altogether, has not exceeded 286 planned numbers of Olympic Games man's boxing participating in the contest before this.

Often Jianping thinks, though the IOC considers only agreeing from the overall situation woman's boxing has 3 ranks and enters more or less shortcoming of Olympic Games, but seen from development of China and world woman's boxing, this is undoubtedly an enormous break-through and leap, will encourage and impel more countries to pay woman's boxing to pay close attention to. Among them, as the formal event of the Olympic Games, it will become formal events of National Games naturally too, make the woman's boxing of China really enter a qualitative leap. International Boxing federation is discussing at present it is as the boxing event of woman of the Olympic Games which 3 ranks are selected.

Chang JianPing says, according to the regulation, the IOC will be at executive committee of Berlin of Germany of August 12, discuss formally and about agreeing woman's boxing classifies as 2012 after the assessment report of IOC of London through what the project committee referred to, could come into force formally.

AHMM designs Chobham institute of Olympic Village of London

Olympic is delivered to the office (ODA) Have announced by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) Plan of Olympic Village Chobham institute designed.


The institute plan, permit, become ODA until facility handle key element of the scheme after the match already, plan to open in September of 2013. During the Olympic Games, here is the main operation centre of Olympic Village, offers athletes' accommodation.

It lies in the northeast corner of Olympic Village, includes a kindergarten, primary school, middle school, adult education facility and child-care center in the daytime prepared for 0 to 5 years old children. The professors of this institute are mainly art of acting, course of English and sports speciality,etc.. In addition, this institute will also build artistic facility, the space offered for the fact that the local will have a meeting and sports facilities prepared for students and residents of a community.

It is estimated the engineering time will begin in summer of this year.

European Union sanctions releasing the loan Used in the construction of the London Olympics village of 2012 years

One European Union bank London OCOG release loan use for the construction of Olympic Village to 2012 year.

Deliver to the administration bureau and raise the private fund hard, determine whether to accept the loan of 373 million dollars of European Investment Bank in Olympic Games.

This sum of loans can only be used 1300 sets of construction of 3000 houses of east of London, these houses will be regarded after the Olympic Games as the economic and functional house.

The Olympic Games is delivered to the administration bureau to say: "The approval of this part of fund is a positive step. "

In January, the British government meets an urgent need from the Olympic Games the fund allocates construction for Olympic Village that cost 1,460 million dollars of 476,800,000 dollars extraly.

Chinese fireworks enterprises aim at the fireworks of London Olympics and set off right
2008 olympic game

The Olympic Games burst forth in the night sky of Beijing Olympic Games " Fifth Ring Road " " great footprint " Wait for the Chinese fireworks, leave global audience bright memory. Nowadays, Chinese fireworks enterprises aim at the goal the fireworks of the London Olympics of 2012 to set off right.

A few days ago hold in Changsha the ninth China ' Liuyang) At the international news conference of firecracker festival, mayor of Liuyang city Liang Zhong reveals, on the festival of this firecracker, more than 200 latest products, more than 60 items of latest technology of setting off will be represented in front of travelling trader and honoured guest in whole world, many " Dash for shouldering the doing of the pot of the London Olympics " .

Liuyang close to provincial capital Changsha of Hunan, is known as " the township of Chinese fireworks " ,It is the production base of largest fireworks in the world, 30 ten thousand obtain employment workers. The fireworks enterprises of Liuyang are suppliers and setting off the unit of the main opening and closing ceremonies fireworks of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games too.

Hold time to be still early from London Olympics, Liuyang fireworks enterprise of city set off London Olympics fireworks right regard important goal as already. Limited Company of panda fireworks group yielding unusually brilliant results at the Beijing Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies party, keeping close ties with officer of BOCOG of London now.

According to the introduction of this Zhao WeiPing, Chairman of company, after Beijing Olympic Games, the company has been launching new scientific research supported by Ministry of Science and Technology, hope to introduce more better fireworks variety and set off technology while marching into the Olympic Games in London, " can break through to some extent in environmental protection especially " . He reveals, the company has already been invited to participate in the fireworks which implements the London New Year party for December 31 this year to set off at present.

The Olympic Games in London draws the experience of security protection from G20 summit

G20 summit
British police augment horsepower to guarantee political V.I.P.s of various countries' security at London G20 summit that has just gone over, the organizer of the London Olympics learnt much experience about security protection work from it too in 2012. Security expert thinks, this Olympic Games is probably the Olympic Games that the safe risk is supreme since the dawn of human civilization. The picture is March 31 of 2009, police will check the protestor's tent on the square of Congress of London.

G20 summit

The Olympic Games in London is 10 big native stars

In 08, and the Paralympic Games that China succeeded in hosting Olympic Games, draws support from the home advantage, become the country that obtains the first in total number of gold medal, may be called unparalleledly, this set British media to admire very much. London will undertake the next Olympic Games, whether the Olympic Games, delegation of Britain, could make the good result to become media's extensive concerned focus through the advantage of appearing on the scene like China. A few days ago, British famous media " telecom newspaper " chose the star beneath most mention of 10 large native country of London Olympics, among them there is table tennis, diving, gymnastics respect star, certainly will launch haggling with the advantage event of China. The details are as follows:

Ivy, the woman (18 years old, iron-man triathlon)

After the Olympic Games very long break later, athletes begin to carry on arduous training, make preparation for match in summer. Go to Australia to travel, enjoy the climate of the warmth there, makes Ivy overcome the fear of swimming in the sea, coming back home, Ivy began to train diligently, grasped the skill of running. Meanwhile, also in Milton (Milton Keynes Bowl0 participate in several 40,000 bicycle race, in order to bicycle trick-cycling to raise her she.

Allen, the man (18 years old, tae kwon do)

Beijing Olympic Games has already gone over, Allen has lost the chance to take the bronze medal by mistake, at present, a fist that he has already got back to the industrial area of Manchester of Britain is said " The champion makes ground " Carry on arduous training. Last weekend, he went to France to participate in several Friendly, and would participate in the Open of Belgium from the 18th of April to the 19th, draw back his curtain of this season.

Daniel, male, (19 years old, bicycle)

At the beginning of this year, Daniel is not very smooth, he was infected with the virus of throat suddenly, so that can't train in three weeks. Unless but later, it find match state quickly he,in after Manchester short distance win the victory after defeating Buddhist nuns triumphant, runner-up of Olympic Games, among the match. This week, the kilometer that he is participating in the world championship in Poland has a match.

Paul - gold grams of Hall, male, (19 year old, table tennis)

Paul got four champions in the recent Britain advanced grade of table tennis matches, obtain singles, doubles, players who mix playing and the athletes under the age of 21 champions at the same time first after becoming Britain. He is still selected to specially train elites together with those expected European athletes who get the Olympic champion in 2012 and 2016 at the same time. He wants to go to Yokohama of Japan to participate in the world championship match in April.

Daniel - help spit of fland then, man (19 year old, the gymnastics)

Have full-length match, help spit of fland train hard straight then, look for the method to make one's own movements perfect. Unfortunately, he is injured unexpectedly, this may make him unable to participate in every competition of European championships of next month. Recently, he is selected to participate in a popularity very high match - DTB championships, this match will be held in four cities of Germany.

Gordon - Reed, male, (17 years old, tennis of wheelchair)

It is the motive force that Gordon makes great efforts to strive of the beginning of this year to obtain the elementary ranking competition champion in the world, he succeed all the way, defeat Tom, player of Dutch, elementary master match in France China has got the single champion, has realized his ideal. During the Easter, he Rory reach, join two match.

Drayton, female, (20 years old, athletics)

In the Britain championships that Sheffield holds, athlete Drayton of column of 400 meters has revealed the natural gift of her dash in last 60 meters. In the Britain south championships, she has obtained the personal best achievement for 7.44 seconds too. Next month, the west of the bank have a match (Penn Relays) that she can go to U.S.A. and hopeful in the product China makes the good beginning of foreign match of a season.

The jasmine is neat, female, (14 years old, the disabled person swims)

In the Britain elementary short distance championships that Sheffield holds, jasmines have created a succession of personal best achievement together, and backstroke to win the championship in butterfly stroke of 50 meters, breaststroke in the match, obtain the silver medal and obtain 50 meters of bronze medals of freestyle in breaststroke match of 100 meters. Unfortunately, she has been infected with the toadstool, this makes her miss last week's Britain long distance championships, at present, she is having a match and making preparation attentively for Europe of May.

Mei Gen - Sylvester, female, (14 years old, diving)

In January of this year, Mark stands on springboard of diving final of 10 meters of Australia's young Olympic for the fifth time, though it is so advanced as to have a match in three years that she has already participated in. In the Britain elementary championships, what everything is carried on is very smooth, however, when she is turning over the 3rd somersault the wound on the knee was worsening suddenly, make her have to withdraw from the match. Unless at present, go on she still it train,but wound to hear of her has to 90%.

Tom - Daeley, male, (15 year old, diving)

In 08, Tom - Daeley 14 years old is the youngest contestant in the British representative team of Beijing Olympic Games. Though obtain the seventh place only in the Men's 10 Meters diving platform match, he is sure to present brilliance on the London Olympics after 4 years. Tom - Daeley says, the goal of Beijing Olympic Games is not to gain the medal, but draw experience for 2012 years. Daeley young happy smile and extreme diving talent make that he become London Olympics diving at the court " The British prince " .

London Olympics basketball hall is plan, permit 2012 year


The third largest venue in the Olympic Green, 2012 Olympic Games basketball hall is plan, permit. This building designed by multi-disciplinary expert will hold the basketball, handball final and match of wheelchair basketball, wheelchair Rugby, will become athlete's place of the time field during the opening ceremony and closing ceremony to


Planned to permit 2 in basketball hall acquisition of the London Olympics in 2012

The conceptual design of the basketball hall is designed the group to make and reach unanimity in June of 2008 by Sinclair Knight Merz, Wilkinson Eyre and KSS, file and plan to apply in November. ODA planned to sanction this application in the committee last week, but would present the office of government of London finally.

During the competition, basketball hall have 12,000 seat use basketball preliminary contest and quarter finals for, and handball semifinals and final. During Paralympic Games, 10,000 seats will be used for watching wheelchair basketball and the wheelchair Rugby match here.


Planned to permit 3 in basketball hall acquisition of the London Olympics in 2012
This provisional venue lies in the west of the Olympic Green, the north of the Olympic stadium. The original field is the fencing hall, but the fencing hall has been moved to many grams of blue ExCel venues area, can build more park space in this case, utilize the facilities of the other venues as much as possible.

The basketball hall will be the largest temporary venues in the history of Olympic Games, 2/3 of the materials will be utilized or retrieved after the match.

The 2012 London Olympics CIO: The economic crisis does not influence IT budget

[CIO is saying ] the London Olympics CIO Jerry of 2012 years? Pennell (Gerry Pennell) : Though the goal is to get more done on less money, IT budget of IOC of London can not be influenced by economic crisis. It is the task that we must finish to hold a great Olympic Games, we will not let the present economic situation influence the realization of our goal. Our strategy has never changed, because our task is very clear.

[IT168 informationization ] if you are a sports fan, there are not several to work more attractively than 2012 London Olympics CIO in Britain IT trade.

Jerry? Pennell (Gerry Pennell) Afford to race against time, guarantee, hold the technology that sports gala use sufficient test, in order to can provide protection for holding of the Olympic Games in they after three years.

The technology that London BOCOG has already designed it is planned, and synthesizing cooperative partner Atos Origin (Atos Origin) with infrastructure construction at present IT system of carrying on the Olympic Games builds up and designs.

Main meeting-place of the London Olympics in 2012 years

London BOCOG can use 9,300 million Olympic Games fund come as their own operation costs, so Pennell needs fully making use of his experience to guarantee the project is handed over on time, and save investment as much as possible. Pennell has served as the technological executive of the federal sports meeting in 2002, have taken on Britain cooperation financial service company (Co-operative Financial Services) recently CIO.

Pennell say when interviewed by media for the first time after taking up an official post, " formate a group exactly from different different organization and individual of background, this is the main challenge that I face. We need to mould them into a whole, if can not do this, we will meet the trouble. "

He says, " the main thing which I discuss is, should have a very good understanding to the demand under the environment at present, strengthen the urgency of group's whole high-efficient operation. "

Pennell says, his experience in the federal sports meeting is very helpful for him to launch the new job. However, the situation of the Olympic Games and federal sports meeting differ widely, in the federal sports meeting, most work are finished by its oneself, and there is help of Atos Origin now. Let it be
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