London Wins 2012 Games (BBC)

BBC Coverage of the moment London won the right to host the 2012 Olympic Games. London beat rivals Paris by 54 votes to 50 in the final round of voting at the 117th IOC sessions in Singapore.

Olympics 2012 Stadium

Olympics 2012 Aquatic Centre

Olympic Park fly-through 2009 - London 2012

Watch progress of the Olympic Park venues over time on our webcams at

THIS VIDEO: Jonathan Edwards takes you on the latest fly-through tour of the Olympic Park, and shows you the progress of work on the Park since it began.

The Olympic Games in London exposes to the sun the black hole of 100 million pounds The budget is overspended

The London mayor kisses the investigation of making

100 million financial black holes surface

March of this year, Boris, mayor of London? Johnson require that carries on financial examination to all Olympic Games organization, just in this customary inspection, the investigator finds there is financial black hole at 100 million pounds in the London Olympics organization. London government Ma Wei accounting firm to the agency for development of London appoint, subsequently ' Management organization about the economic commercial department of London) Carry on the investigation.

At present, two high-ranking officials in agency for development of London have already been suspended from the duty, a person among them has been named Blake, responsible for buying the land that the Olympic Green needs specially, another person is Blake's accountant. It is reported, during the process of buying the land, they have not prepared the compensation payment in order to move personnel, this sum of expenses is probably between 60 million to 100 million pounds. In order to build Olympic venues, a lot of citizens in London are forced to move, this sum of huge fund is originally used for compensating the relocation citizens lying in the Stratford of east of London, the residents not getting the compensation payment now are excited, have already initiated the enormous dispute in London. No doubt, this financial question not merely makes London BOCOG unusually unbearable, have even influenced the building-up work of the Olympic stadiums of London seriously.

Generally speaking, the financial affairs unusually relate to deposit the fund in mistake, but the financial black hole is really due to neglecting the fund is diverted on purpose this time, there is not a final conclusion yet for the moment. "It is beyond the scope of customary investigation to already investigate, enter administration of justice now and investigate stage. " The personage concerned said, the government of London determines to investigate and include in the judicial process, the Olympic Games is prepared to firmly believe the appearance of the financial black hole is to operate the fault in the organization, does not swindle on purpose, here, council's spokesman of the Olympic legacy thinks the financial black hole will be remedied in time, "we have already made some schemes of remedying, will not influence the process of venue construction. "

The problem lies in people have prepared to already hold the suspicious attitude in sincerity of the organization to London government and the Olympic Games now, the special department responsible for risk control has not discovered the problems in time in the council at first, in addition London municipal government perplex financial scandal too, London vice-mayor before the this because credit card store difference in expose and forced to resign.

The investigation to the financial black hole is still continuing, but can affirm, the blueprint that the London Olympics is being prepared in absolutely not hoping is so beautiful, under the pincer attack of deficit and scandal, the Olympic Games has already become a huge stone pressed on London government and BOCOG head.

The budget of main venue overspends nearly 200 million

The Olympic Games minister regrets applying for originally

In fact, even if no this time sensational financial black hole will appear, the preparing to awkward of the Olympic Games in London, Olympic Games minister Qiao Wei acknowledged 2012 Olympic Games budget was up to 9,350 million pounds in early time, it is 4 times at 2,350 million pounds estimated in advance while applying for originally, the more terrible one was, in the construction of Olympic venues, this budget is being broken constantly too.

In the latest report announced not long ago, only the construction expenses of main venues such as Olympic Games main court, swimming center,etc. were up to 1,360 million pounds, exceed the budget of 190 million pounds, and the urgent fund of 27 hundred million pounds which the British government compiled of 2007, has already put 2,200 million pounds to use now, there is not much left. "We see coarseness what original budget is now. " "No matter what reason, it's time to appear to clear up the mess in the government now. "

Face the predicament in economy, London BOCOG has already begun to consider cutting down athlete's dormitory in a large amount, it is reported, the room of Olympic Village of London is counted and compressed from 4000 to 2800, this has meaning the athletes when the time comes many people share a room, even so, this just as ridiculously inadequate effort to save a grave situation to Olympic Games construction which London spends money like water. Why does the London Olympics encounter the awkward situation for the moment? One of the answers is to sweep across the global economic crisis, this lets the Olympic Games of London prepared disasters pile up on one another, it is serious to rely on the credit crisis for the moment of London of the banking very much, the market of real estate is close to collapsing too, in addition, numerous sponsors are in the state of looking around, under the coercing of economic crisis, a lot of investors with intentional script withdraw one after another.

Consider, support deficient, fund gap have to subsidize by the Britain government finance, is Britain's Olympic Games delivered to office chief John? Armitt says frankly: "Situation and already totally different apply for, now, have terrible trend more and more, totally the government undertakes the expenses, this is a very extreme situation, it is what we do not want to see either. " You know, the financial deficit under the influence of economic crisis of Britain government has up to in the past 15 years highested.

Because such a pressure, Olympic Games, minister of London, and Qiao Wei quite cannot help but feels, she has even produced the repentant purpose of a silk in bidding for hosting the Olympic Games, " know such a situation of now (the whole world encounters the economic crisis) early ,We should bid for hosting the Olympic Games, though so, now we or can make great efforts, budget for, maintain 9,350 million at. "

2012 London Olympics " Digitize most " But refuse the latest technology

In 2012 the London Olympics organizer showed a few days ago, the London Olympics will be the strongest tournament of a digitization, will pay close attention to netizen's voice to the most advanced network media, but will not adopt those latest technology.

2012 year London OCOG new A good fortune, Bell of Likes, (Alex Balfour), director of media, Show, " the Olympic Games is not the place of an innovative technology of test.
We pay close attention to, improve masses possibility of property of participation very much, around how about meet the challenge of scale some innovation of us, but not centre on the most advanced technology. "

News report of the London Olympics Brock - one (Jackie Brock-Doyle) of executive Jege of 2012 years Show, the sponsor may show the new technology, but a lot of people think wrongly, "all people can walk and watch the 200-meter dash match in the street of Oxford through the mobile phone. " Though a lot of people are very interested in advanced technology and use the most, but in so important tournament of Olympic Games, media must be reliable and passing the fact and verifying, but not pursue advance

Find the graveyard of Rome era at Olympic Games facility construction site of London

There are a large number of skulls in the graveyard

Recently, the archaeologist is under a new highway built for the 2012 London Olympics, bury the collective graveyard with a large number of garrulous corpse after discovering one. They suspect in the grave left because of the major war in era this is Rome, it will be probably British at the Iron Age that these are cut to pieces.

In England the southwest Dorset Ridgeway mountain of coast, one lead to majestic cogongrass new way then in course of building. This seashore small town will hold the yacht match for future London Olympics. The workers dig out a lot of skulls under the road bed. The archaeologist has excavated, studied this thoroughly.

Excacation person in charge, David of Oxford University archaeologist fruit (David Score) then Say: "We think, these corpses dismembered will be probably the British native at the Iron Age. The problem is how they die, who has killed them. Do they massacre and die each other inside the race? Or is massacred by Romans? " He tells Reuter's reporter: "They will probably conflict with invading Roman. "

According to the introduction of historical materials, the army of Rome invades Britain in A.D. 43, Mark Law works and guides darkly then the legion sweeps across the west of England rapidly, give tit for tat with Kehl special clan of Britain. This graveyard lies in the hillock fort of largest the Iron Age of Europe - -Young girl's castle. According to the records of historical data, after the army of Rome invades, the masses of local clan have carried on desperate resistance. Some historians think, Romans must be in order to be responsible for destroying this field, they have massacred all people that include within women and the children, level this place to the ground. The fruit shows, the archaeologist found 45 pieces of cranium in the range six yards wide then, and a large number of trucks, arms and legs. They estimate and further deepen with excavating, will find more corpse dismembered.

Through appraise, most skull belong to young people, this prove they kill in not fighting or in extensive to put execute collectively, to death further. Has also found a lot of prehistoric ancient implements by the corpse, some the Iron Ages are early with the pottery chip of times in Rome.

London Olympic Games soccer still uses U23

FIFA decided the proposal of the age of sportsman participating in the contest of London Olympic Games men's football of 2012 a few days ago: Go into battle in the sportsmen who the sportsmen that the men's football of the London Olympics had a match will be born in after being January 1, 1989, i.e. U23 team. May 31, the decision that FIFA Executive Committee has a meeting: The soccer reform scheme of the Olympic Games wouldn't be submitted to this all representative assembly for discussion, and will not involve before the next meeting either. It is revealed, the strong opposition of the IOC is one of the reasons why FIFA makes this decision.

Britain should send the super warship to warn the London Olympics

Britain plans to be sending and building 3 " Brave " One in one grade of 45 type destroyers provides protection for London Olympics. These 3 warships are respectively " Fearless" Number, " brave " Number, " diamond " Number, unit price is about 1,600 million dollars, expected to begin to be on active service in 2011.

The main weapons of these new warships are called " Leader's air defence missile system " .

According to the statement of the British navy, it is from a lot of directions that this system can be taken precautions against at the same time" Supersonic, stealthy, high mobility and can use, stick to sea or underriding guided missile of flight mode " .

British media reports, this kind of destroyer is furnished with " Radix Asteris " Guided missile, can follow and destroy the cricket size movement goal outside 30 kilometers.

During the London Olympics, if the aircraft kidnapped by the terrorist flies to the facilities of Olympic venue, warn in the mouth of Times river when the time comes " Brave " One grade of 45 type warships can shoot down it.

It is reported, it is " brave " to send Grades of 45 type warship responsible for cost that warn in 600 million of London Olympics ' Nearly shut 9. 600 million dollars) In the security protection budget.

The international basket unites IOC of the requirement Increase Olympic Games team participating in the contest of London

The international basket unites and already requires the IOC to increase 4 teams more in the 2012 London Olympics.

International basket unite, say, rise to 16 from 12 countries, bring heavy masses and effective match Friday.

The international basket is united secretary Bowman and said: "This match had already been expanded rapidly, admitted at time. Its audience rating will boom, is absolutely beneficial to the IOC. "

Begin from 1976 Montreal Olympics, the match of men's basketball has been keeping 12 teams participating in the contest all the time, but after allowing U.S.A. NBA sportsmen to participate in from 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the status was thereupon growth.

Bowman says, the basketball is second only to track and field sports in the Olympic Games audience's popularization.

"We have already given some agreements to IOC and the Olympic Games. I believe that if increase many teams, we can be in order to contribute more. "

Bowman says, the slogan of the basketball is not " made big but does strongly " ,It has an sufficient reason to strengthen the battle array.

Beijing Olympic Games last year, U.S.A with NBA star James gained the gold medal, other contestant countries have Brazil, France, Italy and SerbiaMonteneg,etc., some star Tony and Park like Spurs views and admires at home.

Bowman says: "It is that 24 countries participate in the conference that our world has a match, and we can increase to 32 teams of matches at any time. "

In addition, Bowman says, 16 teams not only can save the IOC and expenses funds of the preparatory committee in the future, will shorten two days competition day too, finish within 13 days.

Though Bowman is the members of IOC, he can't participate in decision. IOC project committee will offer one to report to to the executive committee that 15 members make up, they will make the decision at the meeting of Berlin in August.

Require in London Olympics beginning sporting can participate in the contest matted to increase for boxing while being other ' Popularize and introduce woman's medal project) ,And demand to increase the swimming of 8 jobs.

The Olympic Games in London popularizes and introduces business opportunity of 8 billion dollars

High-tech Expo attract all parts form a team, participate in, London Olympics at yesterday prepare, bring enormous business opportunity come on, relevant projects reaching 8 billion dollars wholly are popularized and introduced. At the meeting, more than one hundred central authorities keep a close watch on the business opportunity of the London Olympics in the enterprises of Beijing and Beijing, and High-tech Expo has become the bridges of both sides of communicating.

According to relevant personnel of London BOCOG, it is estimated that will sign 70,000 commercial contracts during the whole of London Olympics preparation, London will get economic growth space at 80 billion dollars. At the introduction meeting, London develop administration Beijing representative office person in charge say, have 801 company gain, add up to 3,500 million, or dollar of contracts already at present.

It is reported, two enterprises of Beijing win a bid of the London Olympics event at present, including the group company of Beijing Urban Construction Group and China, Beijing river culture develop the company. Among them Beijing Urban Construction Group will be responsible for the construction of the temporary facilities of the Olympic stadiums, and China river design and make 2012 badge for London Olympics, among them 90% with a limit on quantity edition all, it is estimated whole sales volume over 20 million.

As to finishing yet, business opportunity of London Olympics valued at nearly 2,600 million dollars, the enterprises of Beijing demonstrate the strong interest. London is negotiating with including a number of enterprises that has ever participated in Beijing Olympic Games event such as Lenovo Group, patriot in many ways.
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