NBC Universal signed an exclusive car into the London Olympics Advertisers

GM vehicle 11, said the company signed NBC broadcast of the London 2012 Olympic Games as the exclusive automotive sponsor, but the terms of the agreement are not available.

Integrated Media January 11 reported that GM (General Motors Co.) said the company signed NBC broadcast of the London 2012 Olympic Games as the exclusive U.S. auto advertisers.

The move is to increase advertising efforts GM is another evidence. By signing, "Super Bowl" (Super Bowl) and other significant and influential events, GM is committed to increase its advertising spending to the level before the bankruptcy.

For the "Super Bowl", General Motors purchased the News Corporation (News Corp)'s FOX [ review image Forum ] a major advertising package, showing the game play at least twice during the Chevy ads, and broadcast several times before and after . Ad buyers expect the game 32 seconds between the cost of advertising from 2.8 to 3 million U.S. dollars.

News Corp. owns Dow Jones, publisher news (Dow Jones & Co.) And "The Wall Street Journal" (Wall Street Journal).

Contraction during the financial crisis after the marketing and promotion efforts, GM's global chief marketing officer (chief marketing officer) Ivan Nick (Joel Ewanick) has been trying to reshape the major sporting events through the General Motors brand image, especially the Chevy brand.

While NBC and General Electric's agreement with terms not disclosed, but GM's ad spending on the Olympics broadcast may be higher than the level of 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

According to the advertisement tracking company WPP PLC's Kantar Media's data, in the 2010 Winter Olympics, ad spending for the General Motors 4,150 million, far below the previous Olympic advertising spending over the $ 100,000,000 of the bet.

The industry is expected during the Olympic Games in London "extravaganza" of the car manufacturers not only universal one.

United States Olympic Committee (USOC) 2010 Germany was authorized BMW car ( BMW AG) as its official sponsor.

GM's partnership with the USOC in 2007 end.
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