Dominican Olympic taekwondo world by the London region's first qualification

The opening of the Olympic Stadium, a total of from 109 countries and regions, more than 300 players participate in the London Olympic Games qualifying competition. The event generated by the first Dominican player to be eligible for access to Mercedes leaves Rees.

JCP for the first men's 58kg and women's 67 kg class two-level contest, produced a total of six Olympic qualification. Since ancient times, men's 58 kg competition is more fierce level is one of the tournament a total of 50 countries and regions, players entered the competition, including two World Championship 2011: Men 58 kg two consecutive world championships, Spanish prodigy Gonzalez, men's 63kg, handsome Lida Wen Korea, and a number of World Championships medalists. "Unfortunately," is at the upper half with two champions, the thought that two people will meet at 8 into 4, did not think Gonzalez first met the "killer" - Australian Ha Lier, similar to the height so that the world has always been to take advantage of the height could not get Gonzalez, but opponents of the technology is almost entirely full and varied live Gonzalez tied the hands and feet, draw the two sides after three innings, the game has been dragged into extra time The results come prepared Hali Er cross-kick back after win Jintui, which reach the last eight, Gonzalez has been eliminated, thus his Olympic dream can only go up in the European qualifying achieved.

Two championship ahead of "self-harm", it will leave more room for competition everyone. Lida Wen showdown will be Ha Lier, the veteran Mercedes and the Dominican Republic met in the semifinals, this is a critical battle, the winner would mean direct access to the Olympic Games tickets, also need to bear with the other half District semi-final round of the loser battles to compete for the third Olympic seats. Mercedes although never won world championship gold medal, but the face of South Korea's new division champion, he is very set, an opening on the opponent's momentum to Flying contusion. Although the height shorter than the opponent more than 10 cm, opponents mercilessly hit his head three times, eating seven warnings, but still proud to Mercedes to beat 14 to 12, qualify for the finals, became the first player to win an Olympic qualification. Subsequent qualification is from Thailand Kara Kate and Lida Wen.

Women's 67 kg class in the other, the host player A Zizuo baby to potential dark horse into the final, locked in advance of the Olympic Games qualification. South Korea's Kim Mi Kyung, Irene Johansson of Sweden won the other two qualifications.

Equestrian and modern pentathlon Olympic test event in Greenwich Park

These two test events were the International Equestrian Eventing (July 4 to 6) and modern pentathlon World Cup final (July 9 to 10), they belong to the London 2012 Olympic test events planned series part, the intention is field-testing, testing and competition venues, the actual operation, the timely detection of problems for next year's Olympics fully prepared.

Participate in the competition from the world's top equestrian and modern pentathlon Olympic champion players and digital. Equestrian events will have 23 athletes in 41 countries, among them there are New Zealand's Andrew Nicholson and two Olympic gold medalist Mark Todd, the British Olympic veteran William Fox - Pitt and world-class female riders Nair and so on.

Modern Pentathlon competition will have 20 players participating 72 countries, including the Beijing Olympics, gold, silver and bronze medalist Born (Germany), Heather Fell (UK) and Victoria Express column Polishchuk (Ukraine). In addition, the current men's world champion from Russia Kaya gold will also participate in the test events.

Greenwich Park has built a temporary equestrian venues, the equestrian dressage and show jumping as well as modern pentathlon competition in the laser firing and other projects will be held here.

LOCOG Chairman Sebastian Coe of Greenwich park environment full of praise. He said, "the 2012 Olympics in such a beautiful place to hold a world-class sporting events so exciting and we will seize this opportunity for us in all aspects of planning and preparations for a comprehensive test at the same time , the region's residents and schools young people also have the opportunity to witness this historic place a high level of these two events the world. "

The person responsible for the London 2012 organizers will be strictly in accordance with the plans drawn up prior to event operation and management, and warned all the officers of the park facilities and surrounding environment doubly care. "It is time these plans into action," he said.

London Olympic venues by the end of the new stadium

"All the venues within the Olympic Park will be completed at the end of this year." Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) Olympic Park project director Stephen Cooper has disclosed that the London Olympic Games venue construction has entered the final stage. "We are pleased that all projects are completed on time and on budget, this is a happy result." Cooper said.

London Olympic venues concentrated in the Eastern District of New Stratford. Beginning in 2006, ODA in the area where the construction of a 3.05 square kilometers of the Olympic Park, focused on the Olympic Stadium ("the London bowl"), water sports center, basketball, Velodrome, Hockey Hall of seven venues, large-scale The Olympic Village is also located here.

Among them, the cost of 42 million pounds of basketball on January 9 completed, the Olympic Park to become the first four deliveries of the venues. It is understood that the stadium can accommodate 12,000 spectators, will be held after the Olympic Games Paralympic wheelchair rugby.

In addition to new venues outside London will be on the existing 13 venues for expansion. Among them, England's home, has a long history of Wembley Stadium will be the Olympic football stadium. As Wimbledon venue, the All England Lawn Tennis Club will host the Olympic tennis competition. According to British media reports, both venues are close to finishing the renovation and expansion, is expected to be completed in October this year.

In the interview with this reporter, the CEO of LOCOG said Paul Dayton, Olympic venue construction has entered the final stage, the next stage of the main task is to test the game. Cooper also confirmed that, starting from the 27th, ODA will have basketball and the Velodrome for hardware debugging. From August 16 to 21, the Olympic basketball tournament will be the first test. Will be invited to China, Australia, Croatia, France, Serbia, this combat team. Other items in the test events will start later.

As the gateway to the Olympic Park, Stratford station has also recently completed. Reporter visited the station, located south of the Olympic Park, through the bridge directly stadium. The station is an integrated transport hub, brings together a total of two subway, a light rail and a national railway. The station can be easily reached through the center of London Oxford Circus, Liverpool Street Station, and south of Greenwich.

It is understood that the UK has invested £ 6.5 billion to improve the traffic environment during the Olympics, "the London Olympics will be a catalyst to improve the UK transport hardware. This conversion will ensure that the Olympic Games - the world's largest sporting event with a safe, efficient transportation the environment. "British Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said.

International Olympic Committee London's Olympic team members are free to use Twitter

The latest guidelines published by the International Olympic Committee shows that in the 2012 London Olympics athletes in the game free to use Twitter. International Olympic Committee said that encourage athletes to use social media, through the blog or Twitter post their experiences. However, athletes should not use these services for commercial purposes.

International Olympic Committee has set a number of other requirements, such as athletes not to use swearing on Twitter or vulgar language, and should be used "first-person, diary form." In addition, athletes should not be the same as the correspondents reported that the Olympic Games. On the other hand, "free to use the media coverage of social media platforms."

According to the provisions of the International Olympic Committee, anyone can upload to social networking sites the Olympic Games photos, but may not sell these photos, or otherwise release the photos. In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, venue pictures is prohibited.

International Olympic Committee, said the London 2012 Olympic Games, the venue for audio and video recording is still prohibited. Violation of the provisions of the athletes may be barred from competition.

Withdrawal from Afghanistan, British special forces escort the Olympic Games in London

According to "Daily Mail" reported on June 21, the British special forces - the British airborne SWAT team (SAS) in the six months to withdraw from Afghanistan, home to prepare for the 2012 London Olympics to defend. The Royal Navy special boat squadron (Special Boat Service) will continue to perform the task in Afghanistan.

British airborne SWAT team in the six months to return home, to protect the Olympic Games security will be their primary responsibility. Part of the force in recent times in the Olympic Village with the British anti-terrorism police conducted a live-fire training exercises. According to "The Sun" reports, this elite force is now idle because they are very successful winter operation, almost no target can escape their pursuit.

Internal source said: "evacuation will be carried out quietly, since the SWAT team arrived in Afghanistan, they have achieved amazing results, but now they are there like overkill, especially boat squadron will continue to train the Afghan army, and run chase tower Taliban task. "British Ministry of Defense said they would not comment on special forces operations.

Buy tickets for the London Olympic Games start the first two re-issued 2.3 million tickets

For people in the UK and the EU launched the first phase of the 2012 Olympics ticket sales over the end of April, while the second phase of World War II rush tickets will be started on June 24. There will then be 2.3 million tickets for sale, take the principle of first come first served, 10 days before the first stage empty-handed for only those.

At 1:00 on April 27, six weeks of the first phase of ticket sales came to an end. LOCOG 17, said 6.6 million tickets attracted 1.9 million purchase, purchase volume reached 22.5 million. To this end, they conducted more than 1,500 times the draw, in response to popular session ticket shortage. Finally, involving three million tickets for 70 million applications have been successful "in the ballot." Average, each person assigned to purchase 4-5 tickets, pay 275 pounds.

Next, the second phase of ticket sales will commence at 6:00 on June 24 start, to at 18:00 on July 3 only for the 10 days of purchase, the first stage empty-handed people. The first phase has been harvested but not yet meet the person may purchase in at 6:00 on July 8 to July 17 attempt to purchase again. This phase of ticket sales to the principle of first come first served, the London Olympic Organizing Committee has the first stage 17 did not buy any ticket purchase details are sent to inform what projects, what screening, which price tickets there is a surplus.

It is reported that the second phase of the 2.3 million tickets include archery, athletics, basketball, boxing, fencing, handball, hockey, judo, rowing, table tennis, volleyball and other projects of 310 sessions. However, the 1.7 million tickets are from the football program. 1.5 million tickets for the price of not more than 50 pounds, 50 more than ten thousand of them no more than 20 pounds.

The next 14 months, the BOCOG will continue to refine the 35 Olympic venues auditorium arrangements, according to the present situation, from December 2011 onwards, the British public will be welcome to purchase more than 100 ten thousand Tickets opportunities. London Olympic Organizing Committee's goal is to purchase 1.9 million of those in two-thirds of all the harvest.

In addition, allowing the public access to the Olympic Park tickets sold from 2012 onwards.

London Olympic venues over the progress of the construction cost less than the budget

International (reporter Tu Yun in the UK): British Sports and Olympics Minister Robertson said Wednesday that as of the day, the London Olympic venues and infrastructure has been completed 84% construction progress has been ahead of schedule. Although earlier reports questioned the organizers of the tight budget situation is difficult to fully realize its commitment to the most vulnerable groups, but Robertson seems that this concern seems misplaced.

Less than a month ago, the London Olympic venues and infrastructure, and the proportion is 83% complete, while the Olympic Park a few days leading to the main transport hub - Stratford Station project completed, this ratio increased to a percentage points. Robertson expressed satisfaction with the progress of construction projects.

Robertson said: "We have completed 84% of the (stadium) construction project , plans to be ahead of schedule, (completed) by the Olympic venues have been delivered to each of the Olympic Delivery Authority (London) Olympic Organizing Committee, Olympic Delivery Management Bureau about the dissolution of this summer, because when it has completed its mission, we are well ahead in that direction. "

London Olympics budget has always been the focus of the outside world, from the initial estimated expenditure of less than 30 million pounds (about 30 billion yuan) soared to 93 billion pounds, even once have heard the news of the budget still increases, which period of fiscal restraint so that in the UK tax people is quite alert. However, Robertson said, there is no indication that Olympic spending will exceed the amount budgeted.

Robertson said: "I am very pleased (to you) confirmed that, as a few days, we (expenses) slightly below budget, and we feel able to lower than 2005 budget expenditures to complete construction projects, when the work has just start, while the other, whether it is marketing, Olympic Village (the building), or the construction of the main venues in the financial aspects, and most are scheduled to walk. "

In addition, there is much public attention Olympic ticket issue. Olympic organizers are announced recently the first phase of Olympic ticket lottery results, due to purchase well over the number of tickets sold, more than half of the applicants were unable to do get any tickets. Many people on the way to the Olympic ticket sales expressed dissatisfaction that should take the first set come-but not now submit an application this way, the organizers by drawing lots. The people concerned, opaque Yaohao will lead to unfair results. In this regard, Robertson said:

Robertson said: "I do not know whether this will make everyone feel a little fun listening as (Olympic) Minister, I pass during the Olympics, but my family is not, so I online (for them) for a ticket As a related charge of Olympic affairs and has been involved in seven government officials to purchase tickets for the Olympic Games and ultimately did not buy anything, I think this situation is rare in other countries I know which of the frustration, But no one has a better way, if ticket sales start on Monday morning, nine, nine on each person must sit in front of the computer, for those who can not access the people at that point in time is not fair, but also likely to lead to (ticket) system failure, if by 'first set come' approach will lead to a lot of buying and then reselling the situation in the secondary market, so I admit that (the current ticketing system) is difficult (so that we are satisfied), but there seems no better way. "

London's Olympic bid when the Olympic legacy with special emphasis on the effective development and use, but the British media recently quoted in a report but then had to achieve the Government's commitment was questioned. This report by the "social justice center," wrote the report, although the Government is committed to helping the most vulnerable young people more involved in sports, but also in November last year launched a 130 million pounds of mass participation, but limited funds and short-term planning makes it difficult to achieve the Government's objective, because "for some people still do not know the specific content involved in several sports and help change the lives of vulnerable people, after all not the same thing." Report that the British Government set up the "ambitious" goal but an elusive "promotional gimmick."

In this regard, Robertson acknowledged challenges do exist, but he expressed the belief that government is able to fulfill their promises.

Robertson said: "The Olympic legacy (implementation) is not a challenge? Of course, but also a huge challenge for any Olympic host cities and countries alike. We are now at the stage of quantitative goals can be achieved, This is not an easy task, especially in the record to address the budget deficit of the time, but I believe we can deliver the Olympic legacy (related commitments), we have developed a program in the coming months, this program will be made ​​public. "

Mayor of London can not buy Olympic tickets

British capital London Mayor Boris Johnson 1, said he was very lucky not drawn the London 2012 Summer Olympics games tickets.

Johnson said that in the first round of ticket applications, he submitted a number of other applications, more than the Olympic Games to buy tickets for themselves and their families to watch the game. However, the results of the first round of ticket ballot, he has not drawn a. 1 held an Olympic venue construction for the news conference, Johnson said he would "spare no effort" to apply for tickets to watch a few games out. "July and November have a chance to draw, I will work with all the no votes in the first round of the pumping of applicants drawn together again to try his luck."

London 2012 Olympic tickets selling extent than expected. All buyers must submit their applications before 31 May and completed the pre-debit the bank account. June 1, after the announcement of the results of the first round ballot, the ballot did not charge the applicant will be returned.

London Olympics than trying to take advantage Adidas Nike

London 2012 Olympics: Adidas aims to take beat Nike into second place at Gamesheld in London next year's summer Olympic Games, to compete for the position of the first name is not only athletes.

German sports brand Adidas plans to use the Olympics as a springboard to go beyond its top rival Nike to become the UK's largest sporting goods company.

 Nike is currently in the UK market share of 18%, worth £ 4.3 billion, is the UK's leading sports marketing company. Adidas to 15% market share in second place, but the company hopes its London Olympics official sports partner's identity to help it surpass Nike in 2015, the first goal.

Adidas addition to the 26 Olympic competition in athletes with 25 projects outside the equestrian competition clothing and equipment will also need a dedicated 70,000 Olympic volunteers, the Olympic Torch Relay before the opening ceremony of the Olympic athletes and the Olympic Village provide clothing.

Adidas 2012 Olympic Games were to invest about 100 million pounds. This expenditure includes the identity of official partners, athletes, volunteers and retailer of clothing production costs and product and the company's own marketing costs. According to "Daily Telegraph"

London Olympic torch relay route with no overseas

International Online News: London Olympic Organizing Committee announced 18 of the 2012 London Olympic torch relay plans, and set out the first of 74 torch relay locations.

Prior to the Beijing Olympic Games and the difference is that London's Olympic torch relay route without overseas, routinely collected in Greece, the torch is passed and completed in Greece, the torch will be passed directly into the UK.   

It is understood, May 19, 2012, England's most southwestern tip of the torch from the Cape Franz angle began to pass, in the July 27th Olympic Games opening day is the main venue for the Olympic Games to London "London bowl" stadium, after 70 days, a total of 12,800 km trip. First published 74 delivery sites include Bristol, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, Belfast and other cities.

London Olympic 8000 torch was officially launched Open Call

Organizing Committee communique said it would look for "inspirational," the torch. Organizing Committee, said the torch relay will cover all UK regions, cities and islands. The total route distance will reach 8000 miles (12800 km). Half of the torchbearers of places will be allocated to around 12 to 24 years old can play a role models in young people.

Organizing Committee press release also announced today the first batch by 74 torch relay to go through the site. Olympic Torch May 18 next year, arrived in Britain from Greece, the UK began the next day's starting point in England's relay in the southwest corner of Keen Wo town a place called "Land's End," the waterfront attractions, after 70 days passed after the arrival the Olympic Games the main venue, in the July 27 opening ceremony, Olympic torch lit.

Published in the first 74 points outside of the torch relay, BOCOG will gradually coming months inner London to identify and increase the Olympic relay through the cities, towns, scenic and historical sites. Britons spend just 95% less than an hour journey can reach their nearest place of the torch relay ceremony of the Olympic Games torch relay released the final schedule has not been established roadmap.

London Olympic cycling route through a number of historical and cultural monuments released

Recently, the London Olympic Organizing Committee announced the 2012 London Olympic Games road cycling routes, start and end the game in the tree-lined road in central London, and London Olympic marathon route starting and ending the same.

Reporters from the London Olympic organizing committee media love Howard Frank, senior officials say that the, and the London Marathon course is designed same as the London cycling race expected to do the same PFP and "beautiful."

The drivers will race through London in the six areas, start and end are the same, but the scenery along the way is colorful. Drivers will have after Buckingham Palace, Natural History Museum, London, Putney Bridge, Richmond Park, Hampton Court Palace, Hill and many other natural, historical landscape, whether players or spectators will be in London to experience road cycling race a London tour.

"London 2012 cycling race will be lively and show the magic of the game." LOCOG Chairman Sebastian Coe said, "We are pleased to make this exciting heavyweight match played here."
Sports Minister Robson road cycling event is considered the easiest audience to witness an event in Olympic history, the audience can easily close the game players. Robson is satisfied on the line: "I am delighted cycling race to London to show the world our landmark landscape."

Under the arrangement, the London Olympic Games road cycling race will be held July 28 and 29 held in the London Olympic games throughout the tournament to start the first and second days play an important role.
Men's event to start the first day, there will be 145 players to compete. Women's game the next day, 67 riders will participate in the competition.

Start / end
Tree-lined road in central London
Natural History Museum
Putney Bridge
Hampton Court Palace
Total distance:
About 250 km
About 140 km
Buckingham Palace
Road Cycling Race
After a road map and the Attractions
Du Rooster Statue

Beckham the brand ambassador of any London Olympic Games

Evening News a few days ago, Samsung announced in London David Beckham signed with the London 2012 Olympic Games as a global brand ambassador of the exclusive agreement.

Beckham is a world influence football players as well as London bid ambassador, he was born in the 2012 London Olympic Park is only one subway stop away from the Leiden Stone, grew up in the area of ​​streets and parks to play football Obviously David Beckham and the 2012 London Olympics has a unique special association between.

On the signing, Beckham said: "I am proud of my hometown - London's successful bid to make a force. The Olympic Games are one of the world's most important events, such as Samsung and acclaimed international brands , will help more people to enjoy and share the passion of the Olympic Games in London. "

Director of the London Olympic marathon Bedford resigned

According to British media reports, the London Olympic marathon director Bedford has walked away from the ground that the Olympic organizers are disappointed.

  BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) news that the 61-year-old experience of those who had resigned in February, but will continue to serve as the London Marathon race director. Bedford BBC quoted as saying: "Basically, never organized an event of their own institutions, so hard."

  London Marathon president Bite Er said that they will continue close cooperation with the London Olympic Organizing Committee, because they believed that through joint efforts, they can present term of super-successful Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

Back in August 2009, commissioned by the London Olympic Organizing Committee announced that London Marathon organizers responsible for the management of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games marathon, and help design the race route.

  Under the agreement, the London Marathon organizers will provide free equipment, human resources and a variety of equipment to ensure the London Olympic and Paralympic Games when the marathon route, service and other players

London Olympics because of environmental problems facing the £ 175 million fine

Bid from the start date, the British Government has always held 'in the history of the most environmentally friendly' Olympic Games as a target, but the reality allows the British Government and the International Olympic Committee embarrassment of being caught, but more embarrassing is intended for environmental protection funding has been cut. "

Britain's recent trouble-ridden, while making frequent extreme weather, agricultural and economic losses, on the other side, with the London 2012 Olympic Games approaching, the British Government for the preparation headache.

According to the British "Guardian" reported on April 25, the United Kingdom may be because of serious and persistent air pollution by the International Olympic Committee's penalty, fines of up to £ 175 million will. Bid from the start date, the British Government has always held "in the history of the most environmentally friendly," the Olympic Games as a target, but the reality allows the British government and the International Olympic Committee embarrassment of being caught, but more embarrassing is intended for environmental protection funding has been cut.

Mayor of London and the 2005 host of the International Olympic Committee signed an agreement, if the air quality during the Olympic Games in London less than EU standards, the International Olympic Committee will be entitled to recover the £ 700 million is expected to broadcast 25% of income . In addition, air quality, the EU and London has a temporary treaty: if the second half of this year, London's air suspended particles reach the EU target is still the standard, the Commission may face a fine of 300 million pounds.

[Odd and even number lines or to take measures] in order to achieve the requirements of the International Olympic Committee, the City of London in the last month must be reduced by 30% or more of the traffic, many people expected, it is likely to take odd and even prompted the City of London number lines and other harsh measures.
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