BT to deploy in the London Olympics 1000 Wi-Fi hotspots

BT announced during the Olympic Games for the Olympic Park to provide a dedicated Wi-Fi service to meet the site to watch the huge demand for Internet access in the audience of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

Deployed about 1000 hotspots, including the Olympic Stadium, the water sports center and bicycle racing venue that BT broadband, O2 mobile services and Tesco Mobile (Tesco Mobile) offers free Internet access into service.

Other users can buy cards to access the Internet in the venues. Prices from £ 5.99, 90-39 minutes 30 days package with 4000 minutes. Foreign audiences can also buy packages of 28 pounds 14 days package 500 minutes.

BT Wi-Fi sector Chief Executive Officer Andy Baker said that the size and coverage of fixed and wireless networks are confident that these network installed in Olympic venues to ensure that viewers watch the games live to enjoy a smooth Internet experience.

He said: "We expect that the Olympic Park received more than 30 million viewers during peak periods, so we correct deployment will become very important. We are currently working in close cooperation with a number of technology partners, the use to be deployed in other large stadium hotspots accumulated a wealth of experience to ensure network uptime.

"This work not only involves the deployment of router also includes a background network. London Olympics in the background network capacity is four times that of the Beijing Olympic Games."
BT also announced that it is the deployment of an additional 500,000 hot spot in London to achieve its broader Internet access commitments in London.

The large-scale deployment of action is to vigorously enhance the important initiative of the London Wi-Fi coverage, O2 will be more than one London borough, and retail stores to provide services. Meanwhile, Virgin Media will provide Wi-Fi service in the 80 site of the London Underground.
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