London Olympics will TwinsCam specially designed camera

Japan's NHK television station development camera TwinsCam, "will be put into use during the broadcast of the London Olympics in synchronized swimming for the first time. The camera can be taken underwater and water images automatically for synthesis, and screening like "sections" of the image.

This is the technology of the world's NHK has the NHK pre-image by the International Broadcast Centre in London sent to television stations around the world.

TwinsCam Although underwater and water set up two cameras image synthesis, but because of different light in the refractive index of underwater and water, direct synthesis, the image will be deformed.

NHK in Japan by repeatedly shooting activities, the precise location of underwater and water between the camera and lens tilt angle repeated adjustments and, ultimately, a natural image compositing effects.

In addition, the introduction of new technologies in network transmission. In the live broadcast of the TV schedule of athletic events, NHK experimental introduction of P2P communication systems. This is a user continue to send images to other users information "Bucket Relay" mode, and compared to the past way of the radial way to a number of users to send images, will reduce the pressure on the server.
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