London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony biggest names in British rock to sing

Today, the 2012 London Olympic organizing committee spokesman announced that 54 -year-old well-known British film director Danny Boyle Dannibaoer been identified as the London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony, the chief director , because his films with a fertile imagination to clear The visual style is known .

Dannibaoer due to film " Slumdog "(Slumdog Millionaire) and won the 66th annual Academy Awards four , while his nineties hit movie " Trainspotting "Trainspotting already brought him unexpected The sensation and the numerous awards.

The spokesman said , "We want to offer a history of the world 's most imaginative opening ceremony , hoping to use the next two years , and strive to surpass the level of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics . "

It is reported that this is a reference to China's successful hosting of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games experience , precisely because of Zhang Yimou directed the opening ceremony and make the Beijing Olympic Games shine .

Have news , " Rolling Stones " frontman Mick Jagger ( Mick Jagger ), " Rock chameleon "David Bowie ( David Bowie ), and Elton John ( Elton John ) and other biggest names in British music scene Expected to appear again at the opening ceremony . The Rolling Stones ( Rolling Stones ) is already confirmed to perform at the opening ceremony . By then , there will be 80,000 spectators watched at the scene of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in London .

Buried under the London Olympic Stadium into the problem of radioactive waste re-use

ccording to British media reports, have been built east of the Olympic stadium in the UK there is hidden location . Before the completion of the stadium , the ground or near the ground have been buried for 100 tons of radioactive waste .

Alleged that the seat stadium several years ago, is a landfill. The landfill violated the law , will be a large number of elements with thorium and radium waste buried in the underground , while the Olympic venues when the site and did not notice this.

Despite official claims that the United Kingdom , the Olympic tournament , the ground floor of the waste will not cause any harm to athletes and spectators , but they waste Querang use plans stalled after the match venues . That it should be razed , or continue to be used for commercial purposes , officials did not give a definitive answer.

Some experts support the stadium razed to the ground , because this waste will be re- exposed , people can move them to a safe place.

Analysts John said: "The Olympic venues are located in the re-use can not be rushed and not planned, it will hurt the interests of nearby residents . In general , no matter for what purposes , people risk analysis of radioactive waste are all heart Deposit doubt . "

London 2012 security invested more than 2.2 billion U.S. dollars

MS Research market analyst Blake Kozak said: "The London 2012 Olympic Games from a one-year , all the preparations were also being carried out . staff identification card , biological systems such as scanning and hand-held infrared reader , will Prevent terrorist attacks as an important part of security spending will be above 2.2 billion more than expected . "

VCA Technology 's marketing director Kevin Waterhouse said the retail and transport sectors to promote the application of intelligent video analysis products , retailers hope to extend the functions of surveillance cameras value , but added intelligent video analysis capabilities to provide reliable customer Traffic and dock time management information. " the cash register system of PoS transaction data and video clips to integrate management , to prevent and reduce the incidence of employee theft in order to achieve return on investment. According to the latest statistics show that the loss of businesses in all retail theft , there are 40% for internal employee theft . "

ondon Olympic Torch Relay to be published in May 2012 arrived in the United Kingdom

London Olympic bid promised , it will inspire a new generation to join the Olympic movement. In accordance with this commitment, 8,000 torchbearers will be more than half of all young people . Olympic Committee is expected to be released in May 2011 Torchbearer nomination process , so that the whole British people have the opportunity to participate in the 2012 London Olympic countdown before the opening of the history of activities.

Olympic torch 's origins date back to ancient Greece 's Olympic Games , when the messenger who came to cities from Olympia to the people that race date . They invited people from around the Olympia to participate in the competition , marking the sacred truce was provided one month before the start of the race and during the game , people would stop all wars . Modern Olympic flame is still lit in Olympia , the ancient Greek tradition with the consistency , people still use the sun to light the Olympic flame . Olympic flame has a long history of precipitation, it is not only on behalf of the London 2012 Olympic Games , but also a symbol of peace , which lasted several centuries old game history, participants and winners of the achievements and performance of the Olympia 's outstanding contribution . Olympic flame arrives in the UK, it calls the world 's athletes : the Olympic Games approaching , so we gather here, race it!

Time to determine the London Olympic torch relay passed

the London local time 26, the London Olympic Organizing Committee announced the 2010 London Olympic torch relay and the time the preliminary plan , the London Olympic torch relay will be a total of 70 days .

According to the London Olympic organizing committee, the Olympic flame will be May 18, 2012 to enter the UK , and then passed throughout the country . Now, the UK 's torchbearer selection activities have been launched , more than 8,000 young people to look forward to be armed with the London Olympic torch to pass the lucky ones . The specific route the torch relay will be in line for 95% of the British to the principle of close contact .

Mayor of London - Boris Johnson said: "The Olympic flame is a symbol of the spirit of the modern Olympic Games , it will be the arrival in May 2012 , not only the start of Olympic torch relay in London , is also a great significance in the history of London three months . "

London Olympic torch relay route specific , will be published next year .

London Olympics will cancel the international torch relay leading to the UK

According to the British " Times " reported that the London 2012 Olympic organizing committee announced on the 26th , the Olympic flame will be 8,000 volunteers , after 70 days , in every corner of the UK transmission .

Olympic torch will be May 18, 2012 arrived in the UK and will arrive the weekend before the opening of the Olympic Games in London .

Torch relay route announced until next year . But the London Olympic organizing committee , said the torch will pass close to the maximum extent of the public , target 95% of British people have an hour with the flame close contact opportunities.

Torchbearer selection process has not yet announced details . However, it was revealed that at least half of the torch under the age of 24 , in order to practice the London Olympic organizing committee will encourage young people to grow up accomplishing commitment to the Olympic Games .

Olympic flame lit in Olympia, Greece , will be directly passed to the United Kingdom .

Interpretation of the London Olympic mascot

the London Olympic Organizing Committee announced to the public, the mascot of the 2012 London Olympics . As soon as he appeared , Winrock and Mandeville weird mascot of " Cyclops , " a style would attract controversy .

Inspired by the shape of the two mascots from the construction of Olympic venues in London , on a steel column dripping down the root of the molten steel , the head of the yellow light from the iconic London black taxi . Winrock wearing Olympic rings friendship bracelet color , Mandeville wore wrist stopwatch . Their big eyes are the camera , used to " capture " the person they met , the places .

Compared with the previous Olympic mascots , the number of warm Locke and Mandeville seemed to be somewhat eccentric , They look like ill-prepared on the thinking of people who really have no small impact. Although the London Olympic Organizing Committee has repeatedly stressed that the mascot is full of the imagination, unfortunately, people seem to really like them really small . In particular, people do not buy it is in London , due to unsatisfactory design of the mascot , and many people on the British designer of London published a very sharp criticism.

According to the London Olympic Organizing Committee 's view , the two mascots are designed for children . London Olympic Organizing Committee has deliberately arranged the mascot to the UK and a local primary school children to interact with the result, the two sides is very embarrassing , most children only had one eye that the lack of affinity for the mascot , or even " some people cold . "

As we all know , the Athens Olympic mascots have caused a great time at the advent of the dispute , many people think that Athena was made a "Bigfoot "is difficult to understand . London Olympic Games emblem , landmark building , " Tower of London , " London Olympic Games promotional film that were once part of the public can not accept ... ... turns out to be thin ring of fat swallow , difficult to reach. This is currently being endured the test of people's tongues , just spent thousands of pounds out of the mascot design excels it is there ?

Has been involved in the design of the 2008 Beijing Olympic mascots Fuwa Tsinghua University ( Technology ) Academy of Fine Arts Visual Communication Design Department deputy Ren Chennan that this mascot and symbol of the London Olympic Games , overall API , and conducted the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games 8 minutes show the style is uniform . Big Ben London Olympics is not obvious , like the British Round Table Knights of traditional cultural symbols , but to rock music , football and other popular elements presented to the public . This mascot is the " avant-garde , abandoned the traditional " use of the " new language. "

Winrock and Mandeville may not like the mascot of the 1972 Munich Olympics , " Waldi dogs " and the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games mascot " Misha Bear " as popular , but that does not like the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games mascots "Izzy " as was widely considered to be flop. There designers recommendations from people not try to direct him to see on the mascot of British characteristics , its subtlety lies in their origin - Molten Steel on behalf of the United Kingdom made the largest contribution to the world : industrial civilization . Some supporters believe that the British out of the past Olympic Games, state representative with the mascot of the frame to do biological species , can be viewed as a meaningful change. In addition , the two look a little weird mascot has a star on the network , become the focus of the discussion the majority of users now have appeared on the network users using the image processing technology for the mascot design new look. Some people may see that this mascot is successful because they not only attract the eye and reach the purpose of rapid dissemination , but also provides a creative space for people .

Whether people like it or not , warm Locke and Mandeville have become the mascot is an established fact . London Olympic Committee , the more important may not be dealing with disputes, but to ensure that the mascot of the market . It is understood that sales of the mascot -related products will be fully launched in July this year , the London Organizing Committee of the profit goal is 15 million pounds , while the mascot design for the British Iris creative company expects it will bring up to 70 million Pound profits.

Cloud will build London 2012 Olympic Games WiFi network covering the whole

ccording to British "Financial Times " reported , Europe's largest wireless broadband network company Cloud ongoing assessment of how to build a London city -wide WiFi network , which is 2012 Part of the Olympic Games construction projects . London Mayor Boris Johnson had asked the company to propose a project plan.

Cloud British mobile operator Vodafone , O2 and Virgin Mobile to be with each quarter and the 2012 Olympic Games Organizing Committee met with Mr. Mayor , how to respond to the proliferation of mobile Internet during the Games needs .

Last week, Mr. Mayor , said at a news conference , the 2012 Olympic Games, London will achieve the city 's WiFi network coverage .

Cloud CEO Steve Nicholson told the Financial Times , the last meeting , Mr. Mayor asked , can the Cloud network to the Olympic Village Stratford ( Stratford ) . "To expand the data download , but also to ensure reliability , WiFi is the only way , "Nicholson said .

The project 's final decision as early as September of this year announced it would mean Cloud company network rollout in 2011 , the project 's size also means that companies need for further financing .

Cloud has built in London to support O2 's network , along with expanded use of smart phones , mobile phones rapidly increasing demand for data download . For example, the Apple iPhone will first search for WiFi signals , if found not only to other networks .

Cloud 2009, total revenue for the company 17.6 million euros , an increase over the previous year of 170 million euros.

Since 2003 , Cloud in the European building a series of local WiFi networks , and many have installed wireless Internet in public places such as shops , bars , hotels and local government offices and so on . Today , the company set up in 11 European countries had more than 12,000 Internet and more than 20,000 WiFi networks .

London Olympic Mascot API " Made in China " dissatisfied with the British local companies

British media has recently exposed material , said the London 2012 Olympic mascot Wenlock and Mandeville animated videos from Beijing Crystal Digital Technology Co., Ltd. designed and manufactured , the company served as the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, some of Animation production work , even this group is also the mascot of the sample model is the "Made in China . " The news caused uproar in the United Kingdom , British animation company was very angry and puzzled , and accused the London Olympic Committee against the Olympic spirit .

London 2012 mascot animated videos have been the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in the evening program "The One Show" in the play . Children's story writer迈克尔莫尔Pougaud prepared for the mascot of the production process of a lively and interesting story: The workers are the construction of steel plant for the Olympic venues to work hard , baked in the steel column moment , two drops of molten steel fell on the ground . Older workers, the two cooling solidification of the steel is picking home , carved into two big eyes and long with a wizard , the London Olympic mascot was born. Animation is not only the propaganda produced by high-tech means , there is a unique design.

It is reported that , in order to save the British animation industry , has produced a well-known animated " Wallace & Gromit "and" Little Architects Babu " The Aardman Animation has launched an accusation against this criticism campaign . British critics have said that Britain could have produced a higher technology works , but local businesses do not have access to this valuable opportunity .

Lobby claims that the British animation studio , animation production and sample model will create opportunities for foreign companies to do much because in the United Kingdom are not entitled to tax relief policy. Many experts believe that "Made in China " caused controversy will continue.

2012 WiFi service will cover every corner of the Olympic Games in London

according to foreign media reports, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson) has said that the occasion of the convening of the 2012 Olympics , WiFi network will cover every corner of London .

Johnson said: " By 2012 , every street in London , each bus site , pedestrians can enjoy the wireless Internet . "

The project , called "WiFi project " , so far , in London, 33 districts, 22 districts have already signed to join the project. In the next period of time, other areas will also be added . By then , the program will greatly ease the pressure on London's 3G network .

In addition , Johnson also said it would launch an iPhone application that helps people to check a bike leasing . Johnson said: " Through the application can not only check point where the bike rental , but also know how many cars left a bike . "

London Olympic mascot design was critical to meet the official said that only children

according to foreign sources , when the London 2012 Olympic Games emblem was published three years ago , the UK on the design of their strange puzzle -like disdain for this week three , the Olympic mascot officially released , the organizers strongly To avoid the recurrence of similar criticisms , but proved to be the voice of criticism of the more intense .

"Look , I do not know what to say. Olympic mascots often become the laughing stock , but two mascots , ah , looks like such a ridiculous level to push a new level . " said a London public . The two weird there is still a complex image of the background behind the story is a children's author wrote it. The story explains why the two mascots have only one eye (on behalf of the camera lens used to capture things in the world ) , why there is light yellow overhead lights (on behalf of the iconic London taxi ), but not clearly explained Why are these two guys look like Pixar films often appear steel scrap . And, in fact , the publisher can explain these details for me to feel more strange things . Why the left with a guy like oven mitts ? Where their feet ? Is this design is a metaphor to express we can not escape the meaning of global warming ?

The official mascot for the children involved in the design of deeply proud , This is one to be accepted, because this design is indeed like a second-year pupils in class work . Locke and Mandeville two mascots paper looks like an integrated proposal for each child . "They should be only one eye ! " "If they karate , I shall be extremely cool ! "" I want them to fly ! " There is no filter designer to accept these views , the London mascot design is simply too complex To be added .

Naturally, the official will argue that the mascot for the children , not adults designed to convince kids to buy them a lot of adults with the so-called mascot of licensed merchandise . But this argument is also untenable . In order to meet the child and can not be a reason for mediocre design . As mentioned above, Pixar 's movies but also to cater to the tastes of children , but they are also able to make adult films resonate .

The name comes from the Wenlock Shropshire is located in the Marche • Wenlock Village, the 19th century, there have been held Wenlock Games , which inspired the modern Olympic Games Pierre de Coubertin was inspired to create . Paralympic Games in specially set up the hospital, there was the name of Mandeville . Although both characters in the novel like Tolkien , but two names pretty well , and this is the only mascot who embodies the characteristics of the local United Kingdom .

London 2012 Olympic Organizing Committee for the reason to explain the design of the mascot , also released a special video . But do not know why , only make it look more alien to the mascot .

London Olympic Paralympic mascot released

They are neither plush animals , and no gender-specific, the name is not pleasant . London Olympic organizing committee announced this morning the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games mascots , which are both long with a cartoon image of the eye , a man named Wenlock ( upper left) , called Mandeville .

The two mascots are imagined by a forged steel workers , use of forged London Olympic stadium shaped the last two drops of molten steel . The names of the two mascots with the concentration of the British Olympic and Paralympic history . " Wenlock " originated in the village of Machivenyika Locke , the father of the modern Olympic Games Pierre de Coubertin visited here in 1890 , and the germination of the founder of the modern Olympic inspiration. " Mandeville "is inspired by the Stoke Mandeville hospital , the birth of the Paralympic Games is here . LOCOG chairman Sebastian Coe said: "We passed understand that young people today are not like the Olympic mascot plush animals , they like to interact and have historical origins of the mascots . Now the two Cartoon mascots are consistent with this feature , contact the youth and sport together , tell them we are proud of the Olympic Games and Paralympic history. "

UK general election change affecting the London Olympics budget or cut government team

London, May 13 (Reporter Zhang Wei) - in the Conservative Party and Liberal Democratic Party announced a joint cabinet , the British formally established the new government . Hunter, newly appointed minister of culture said on May 13 , did not rule out the 2012 London Olympics budget cuts possible .

Joint Government in 2010 to 2011 financial year will be 6 billion pounds of expenditure compression target , and made a " without prejudice to the front-line public services and increase employment opportunities " guarantee.

Hunter told BBC ( British Broadcasting Corporation) interview , admits: " Games of money is not protected. Culture, Media and Sport for all the budget can not be guaranteed . " He said if the government required all departments to reduce the budget on average bear Mission , he led the department to provinces out 66 million pounds .

However, in the Brown -led Labour government in the post as the Olympics minister Tessa Jowell has warned that care must be taken to reduce the Olympic budget . "Olympic budget in a significant number of contingency fees, this should accidents happen . is the existence of money makes the Olympic preparatory work so far on time and within budget . contingency costs may be cut to achieve savings in the short term The role of funding , but in the long run may cause more spending . "

London Olympics budget of 9.325 billion pounds . London Mayor Johnson assured the people of London Olympics will not be because the government budget more money or cut .

London Olympic organizing committee , or move to relax the age volunteers

The 2012 London Olympic Committee agreed to consider a minor under the age of 18 to provide play opportunities for volunteers .

London Olympic Organizing Committee in accordance with the provisions of the original , only for the recruitment of volunteers as of January 1, 2012 aged 18 years . London Olympics is expected to guarantee a smooth operation , approximately 70,000 volunteers, volunteer work all-inclusive , including ticketing , guidelines audience and scheduling vehicles. However, the London Olympic Organizing Committee is recruiting volunteers age limit criticism , it was felt that the London Olympics is a once in a lifetime opportunity , allow young people to participate is not appropriate , especially in London 's bid is based on the year " Encourage young people " based on the commitment . 16 -year-old Kaisebeilun is one of the Olympic host city Niuhan Mu city "youth mayor " , the directly elected representatives of young people recently to LOCOG Sebastian Coe was The letter , hoping Olympic Committee will reconsider . "The current system means that thousands of young people will miss the Olympic Games in London, so once in a lifetime opportunity to play a role . London Olympic Organizing Committee said that they ' committed by the power of the Olympic Games inspire young people in the UK ' . " Kaiser said, the Olympic Games for young people to provide volunteer service opportunity is to fulfill the promise of an excellent opportunity not only to their personal involvement , and the accumulated experience and skills of their life after the road is very valuable in terms of . Tom Muleweite Labour MPs have raised the same question , he made the Olympics Minister特萨乔威尔, want to volunteer to 16 years of age the bottom line .

In this regard, the London Olympic Organizing Committee , said the age limit for volunteers is made under the Child Protection Act , but they promised to try to minors under 18 to participate in the Olympics . Has been "locked" the opportunity is in the Wimbledon tennis match at the men and women when the caddy , and now the London Olympic Organizing Committee is also considering football recruiting minors to do similar work .
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