London Olympic Games will recruit 70,000 volunteers on July 27 to accept applications

According to U.S. media reports, the London Olympic Committee on July 9 announced that it will recruit 70,000 volunteers to participate in the 2012 London Olympic Games , these volunteers will be called the " Olympic maker "(Games Makers).

At the same time , this is the post-war British history at the largest volunteer recruitment .

Reported that the need to have the "professional skills " for the work of volunteer positions will begin July 27 , volunteers for general office will be open in September 15 .

In addition , McDonald's sponsored by the volunteers under the age of 18 will be recruited in July 2011 began.

390 seats in the Olympic Games in London shooting began issuing three kinds of ways to get

 Reuters July 29 -8 11 shooting World Championship will start in Munich, Germany, concern is this world championship will have 69 qualify for the Olympics in London, then London's Olympic shooting competitions, the total number of entries qualifications, but also how to allocate it?

  According to the International Shooting Federation qualify for the Olympic Games announced allocation can know: the London Olympic Games a total of 390 seats, there are three channels available to athletes to qualify.

  London Olympic Shooting competition a total of 390 seats

  2008 Beijing Olympic Games, shooting games a total of 390 entries seats, men 9 projects, women's 6 projects.

  London 2012 Olympic Games, shooting competition and the events remain the same size, that is, it will also set the men 9, women's 6 of 15 items, were distributed 390 tickets, allocation, as always.

  Athletes can be Olympic qualification three ways

  Athletes get Olympic shooting competition in London to qualify in three ways: First, through competition, and second, the host automatically, third, the International Olympic Committee, ISSF integrated deployment.

  The first is the most major way, a total of 357 entries will be eligible (218 men, 139 women) will be released through the game: players through participation in competitions, get good results, and thus qualify. These games include: 2010 and 2011 World Championships, World Cup Series in 2011 and 2010,2011,2012 years of intercontinental event.

  Did not contest the nature of the second approach, is the host of the "care", London, UK will host the Olympic Games 9 projects have direct access to the seats, one seat for each project, of which 5 men and women 4.

  The third is the International Olympic Committee and the International Shooting Federation of deployment: a total of 24 seats. The deployment of the standard is hard to say there is a rigid standard, but the general principle is to to promote the localities, the project development.

  Shooting World Championships in Munich 69 Olympic seats will be distributed

  Specific to the Munich World Championships, will have a total of 69 seats in the Olympic competition.

  Men's 9 Olympic projects will qualify for payment of 41 Olympic Games, including 10 meter air rifle, 10 meter air pistol have six; rifle three-position, rifle shooting, Trap, Trap the 5; pistol 4, the three double trap, pistol rapid fire 2.

  6 women will be issued 28 Olympic events qualify for the Olympic Games, in which 10-meter air rifle, 10 meter air pistol 6; rifle three-position, 25-meter sport pistol 5; Trap, Trap all three .

London 2012 Olympic Games Coordination Committee meeting 6th meeting in London

 Reuters reported that according to the International Olympic Committee Web site: Dennis - Oswald (Denis Oswald) led by President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) 2012 Olympics in London Coordinating Committee will be meeting in London this week, which is self- London 2005 Olympics has been obtained, the Coordination Committee of the British capital the 6th visit. 3-day meeting will be July 6, 2010 opening, to the end of July 8th. During the meeting, members of the Committee will visit the London 2012 Olympic venues and listen to BOCOG (LOCOG) on progress in the preparations made by the report of the Olympic Games.

  Venue and Customer Service

  Currently, only 2 years from the Olympics a little more time, preparations for the 2012 London Olympic Games has entered a critical stage, that entered trial operation. Beginning next year, the London Olympic Organizing Committee will use a half years planning their own testing to ensure Olympic Committee to host the Olympic Games in response to the severe challenges facing. For this consideration, the Committee will examine the part of the stadium, to see progress in venue construction, also examined the organizing committee for the provision of services to different customer segments, including: athletes, national Olympic Committees, media, international federations and the general audience and so on.

  London 2012 Olympic Organizing Committee

  July 6, 2005, London, held in Singapore, the IOC 117th session of Congress was elected as the 30th Olympic Games host city. London received 104 votes and 54 votes to win in the final four. During the voting process, the other four London faces fierce competition from the candidate cities, which are: Paris, New York, Moscow and Madrid. A total of 2012 London Olympic Games in 26 events, expected to attract 10,500 athletes.

London Olympic Support homosexual hope to create a badge inclusive sports environment

Reuters London Olympics organizers on sale this weekend to support the gay community's badge.

  The sale of the emblem as a set of two, were designed for the Summer Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, and come with six-color rainbow flag and the Olympic Games emblem design, each costing the price of five pounds. London Olympic Organizing Committee on July 3 gay pride parade in London and the London 2012 Olympic Games official website, available at this badge.

  London Olympic Organizing Committee's executive Paul Deighton said that the introduction of homosexual themes commemorative badge show support for the organizing committee to create a more inclusive and equitable sporting environment.

  Organizing Committee plans to sell more next year, badges, theme related to age, disability, religion, gender, and ethnic.

CBS Outdoor media become the exclusive outdoor advertising the London Olympics

A few days ago, the London Olympic Committee designated the company CBS Outdoor Media Group is the exclusive provider of outdoor advertising media support, but also the first 33 London Olympics sponsor. CBS, CBS Outdoor media is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group.

From now to the London Olympics, CBS Outdoor media companies will fully support the London Olympic Organizing Committee's marketing activity, including areas within the UK bus and tram network, London Underground, rail and major retail stores in London.

London Olympic mascot Winrock and Mandeville visit UK schools

Winrock Donald Tang to Belfast primary school visit.

  Reuters, according to the London 2012 Olympic Organizing Committee hearing June 28, 2010 - London 2012 education through participation in the project called "prepared to start" (Get Set) in the contest, all UK schools have the opportunity to invite Winrock and Mander Virgin on their school and community visits.

  Embark on the journey from Central England, the two began to get acquainted with new faces on the mascot, make new friends, and try all kinds of sports.

  June 18, they arrived in the first leg of the trip: Belfast Dundonald Primary School. Donald Tang Primary School will be the Olympic values into which their own sports day activities, so that Day more inclusive so that all children can participate in some form of activities which, to win points for their college, while also been the experience of personal success, through the transformation of the movement all day, Deng Donald primary end in the "prepared to start" contest and won the chance to be invited to visit the mascot.

  All registered to participate in "prepared to start" activities in large, primary and secondary schools are available through competitions, winning Winrock or Mandeville visit their schools and communities the opportunity to close contact with the mascot. London 2012 Olympic mascot will separately embark on different journeys in the streets of Britain to encourage people in the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games held in the former, active participation in sports.

  London 2012 Olympic Organizing Committee Chairman Sebastian Coe - Branch (Sebastian Coe) said: "I think this around the UK on a visit to the school and community will make the trip temperature Locke and Mandeville thrilled. We design the mascot purpose is to inspire young people and enhance their links with the sport, while promoting our proud history of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. "

  Winrock and Mandeville has inspired young people's interest in sports. Thousands of sites in London 2012 mascot voted hope the next study sports mascot. Currently, Winrock has learned rowing and swimming, Mandeville is learned football 5 and wheelchair basketball. Winrock and Mandeville on the Facebook now has more than 6,000 friends on the Twitter has more than 3,000 fans. Welcome to vote should learn to choose their next sport.

  Since the BOCOG announced that schools and universities can match, first decided to Winrock and Mandeville's Central British tour has been registered with the London 2012 Education Project "prepared to start" school to thousands of continued growth. Currently registered to participate from across the UK, "prepared to start" competition, medium and small schools has reached 13,000.

  Sebastian - Section added: "Young people broke out the amazing passion, we are pleased that the mascot has been released, many schools have registered to participate 'prepared to start' activities."

  "Prepared to start" is carried out for the UK medium and small schools, the official London 2012 education program. The project aims Wei 3-19 year old youth and children free of learning resources, help them understand the Olympic Games of Xiangguanzhishi, exploring friendships, and respect for other Olympic values of Excellence, and Jue Xin, Ji Li, courage Hepingdengdeng Paralympic Games values.

  All solemn commitment through the Olympic Games, in their school life into the Olympic and Paralympic values in the large, primary and secondary schools can apply for the "prepared to start" network. Adding "prepared to start" network of schools available to the London 2012 Olympic Organizing Committee special incentives and opportunities, including: plaque and certificate, and marked in schools, letterhead, websites and news reports use the London 2012 Jiaoyubiaozhi rights. As "prepared to start" Network member schools, but also access to many unique opportunities, such as: exclusive tour of the Olympic Park to visit, some members have been with the Desmond Tutu (Archbishop Desmund Tutu) the opportunity to meet and invite the Olympic Games and Paralympic Olympic athletes visit schools the opportunity to participate in London 2012 opportunities to pilot new projects and participate in lucky draw to win a digital camera and other London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games sponsorship opportunities for prizes.
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