London Apple retail store delivery iPhone / iPad Olympic badge

With the 2012 London Olympics forthcoming opening tomorrow, the plan of the London Apple retail stores will provide customers with a special gift - London Olympics Memorial badge.

Apple's build badge, a total of four were black or white iPhone and iPad, the middle of the pattern of the British flag.

The commemoration of the badge will be delivery to the packaging as shown above, the most middle of the Apple build the commemorative badge. We have not yet received definite news Apple will be how to allocate these badges, It is reported that some retail stores will probably be free delivery.

At the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Apple has held similar events. However, when a retail store delivery is the iPod nano-style badges, badge designs for the Maple Leaf. Vancouver Apple retail stores opened at the Winter Games during delivery is printed on the badge of the Maple Leaf and the Apple logo.

London Olympics will TwinsCam specially designed camera

Japan's NHK television station development camera TwinsCam, "will be put into use during the broadcast of the London Olympics in synchronized swimming for the first time. The camera can be taken underwater and water images automatically for synthesis, and screening like "sections" of the image.

This is the technology of the world's NHK has the NHK pre-image by the International Broadcast Centre in London sent to television stations around the world.

TwinsCam Although underwater and water set up two cameras image synthesis, but because of different light in the refractive index of underwater and water, direct synthesis, the image will be deformed.

NHK in Japan by repeatedly shooting activities, the precise location of underwater and water between the camera and lens tilt angle repeated adjustments and, ultimately, a natural image compositing effects.

In addition, the introduction of new technologies in network transmission. In the live broadcast of the TV schedule of athletic events, NHK experimental introduction of P2P communication systems. This is a user continue to send images to other users information "Bucket Relay" mode, and compared to the past way of the radial way to a number of users to send images, will reduce the pressure on the server.

BT to deploy in the London Olympics 1000 Wi-Fi hotspots

BT announced during the Olympic Games for the Olympic Park to provide a dedicated Wi-Fi service to meet the site to watch the huge demand for Internet access in the audience of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

Deployed about 1000 hotspots, including the Olympic Stadium, the water sports center and bicycle racing venue that BT broadband, O2 mobile services and Tesco Mobile (Tesco Mobile) offers free Internet access into service.

Other users can buy cards to access the Internet in the venues. Prices from £ 5.99, 90-39 minutes 30 days package with 4000 minutes. Foreign audiences can also buy packages of 28 pounds 14 days package 500 minutes.

BT Wi-Fi sector Chief Executive Officer Andy Baker said that the size and coverage of fixed and wireless networks are confident that these network installed in Olympic venues to ensure that viewers watch the games live to enjoy a smooth Internet experience.

He said: "We expect that the Olympic Park received more than 30 million viewers during peak periods, so we correct deployment will become very important. We are currently working in close cooperation with a number of technology partners, the use to be deployed in other large stadium hotspots accumulated a wealth of experience to ensure network uptime.

"This work not only involves the deployment of router also includes a background network. London Olympics in the background network capacity is four times that of the Beijing Olympic Games."
BT also announced that it is the deployment of an additional 500,000 hot spot in London to achieve its broader Internet access commitments in London.

The large-scale deployment of action is to vigorously enhance the important initiative of the London Wi-Fi coverage, O2 will be more than one London borough, and retail stores to provide services. Meanwhile, Virgin Media will provide Wi-Fi service in the 80 site of the London Underground.

Students to act as the London Olympics security

London opening of the Olympics around the corner, and the negative news about Olympic security has continued to be heard.

Provide nearly 20,000 security personnel scheduled for the London Olympics, according to British media reported on the 14th, British G4S recognizes its staff shortage, forcing the British Government temporary deployment of 3500 soldiers to share security duties.

G4S company employs 3300 high school students to act as screeners, but these students are in the training of listening to music, nap, on whether they qualified for the Olympic security work, security experts raise concerns about.

Bomb pistol managed to pass through the analog security

According to reports, thousands of high school students from all over Britain, a photo display, G4S organize training courses for students, discipline abnormal loose, a young man wearing headphones, listening to music, a blond girl sitting next to him is nap. These students need to receive pre-job safety training of four days. Requirements in the July 1 start for the Olympic security work must be 18 years of age, but some students to participate in the training only 17 years old, and some even can not read the training manual.

It is reported that these "security personnel" two-day training not yet know how to use the X-ray scanner to search suspicious items, testers can bombs, pistols, easily managed to pass through the analog security; one of the students in the detection of suspected explosives, hand touch, ignoring the "no touch suspicious items" provisions.

Peace's largest security

According to the statement of the British Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee, the escort for the Olympics is the British experience in times of peace the largest security operations.

Due to lack of security personnel, the British government is temporary deployment of 3500 troops to share security duties. The British Home Office admitted that they had to disposal in the German army to return home to participate in the Olympic security work, because the company responsible for the project failed to recruit enough guards.

Increase the number of soldiers involved in security from land, sea and air forces, including reservists, including the total number of 17000, near the British twice the total number of troops in Afghanistan. They have been deployed to the various Olympic venues, and the police, commercial security providers and volunteers before the start of the Olympics to begin the work of the security checks. Wang Sang

English in parts of the implementation of air traffic control

British Air Vice-Marshal Stuart, commander of the London Olympic air safety Asa announced on the 13th from midnight, the Air Force will be the London School of peripheral and south-east of England, the implementation of airspace restrictions. If the aircraft to enter controlled airspace violations and the Olympic Games pose a threat to the Air Force will use "deadly force", including the way to respond.

It is reported that the air control will continue until August 15. In the meantime, the aircraft entering the restricted airspace, including commercial flights, light aircraft, gliders, hot air balloon, or even model aircraft must comply with strict regulations. Commercial flight operations will not be affected. In addition, prohibiting aircraft from flying over central London and the Olympic Park over.

The Air Force said, if the aircraft is illegal to enter the restricted airspace, the military will first require it to follow a military aircraft to fly to London. If the aircraft does not meet the fighters will be fired flares or laser. If the vehicle still refused to comply with the Air Force command, it will be shot down by fighter.

London Olympic security recruitment problems 10000 security may not be able to speak fluent English

Inability to recruit 10,000 security issue, the G4S chief executive officer of the England first in the world, the Daan insurance company apologized and acknowledged that the company underestimated the enormity of the task. He also admitted that he did not know whether the recruitment of security can speak fluent English.

G4S CEO Nick Barkley - asked recruited security personnel can speak fluent English, he replied: "This is a difficult question they have the right to work in the UK, and to accept a high standard education and training. "

When reporters repeatedly asked the question, he admitted: "I can not make an absolute answer."

Buckley said that the security system, some jobs do not need contact with the public, but he will be on this issue for further understanding.

In view of the G4S unable to provide 10,000 security personnel to ensure that contract, the British government said, preparing to deploy 3,500 soldiers to fill the number of vacancies. G4S will default to pay a fine of £ 10 million -2 million.

Buckley said that until 8, 9 days ago realized that the recruitment of a problem. Olympic organizers and the government know that the company plans to recruit 7-8 weeks before the review and training process "compression" to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Buckley insisted that the compression time of the decision not to cut costs, but because some organizations can not be recruited to participate in the early stages of training, such as students.

Buckley also said the military support "very grateful" thank "to give up time with their families," the soldiers said, while acknowledging that the military is really no choice.

BBC launch of the London Olympics App Andrews and ios version on line

For the upcoming opening of the London Olympics, the BBC launched BBC Olympics app applications, Andrews and ios version was added to our application store for iOS (5.0 or above) and Android (2.2 or more) users to download.

BBC application will provide users with information about the Olympic Games, such as schedule, race results and the introduction of the event, in addition, this application provides the user with a more personalized service, users can customize concerned about the national team game situation and other features.

London Olympics will be implemented to deploy surface-to-air defense system of air traffic control

As part of the 2012 Olympic Games security measures, London and South East of England will implement air traffic control. The British Defense Ministry said the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force personnel and equipment on Saturday (July 14) will be deployed, began to perform security tasks.

After the news that the London Olympic security needs an additional 3,500 soldiers. British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond (Philip Hammond), the London Olympics will be "peace and security."

Additional temporary air traffic control from the UK daylight saving time early Saturday morning, 00:01 (GMT Fri Jul 13, 2009 at midnight 23:01) and continued for a month. Control during the no-fly zone area 30 miles wide, but does not affect commercial flights flying normal routes.

The Royal Air Force in London Northolt Air Force Base to deploy Sea King helicopters (Sea King), amphibious assault ships of the Royal Navy's HMS Ocean sea and land will be involved in security operations in the River Thames. A day earlier, at four locations in London has deployed surface-to-air defense system.

Earlier this week, Typhoon (Typhoon) fighter had been stationed at Northolt Royal Air Force base, and Puma (Puma) fighters and snipers stationed in Ilford, east London and north of the capital (in Ilford).

The Defense Department said, after the start of the air traffic control personnel and equipment will be involved in air security operations. Meanwhile, the Department of Defense has in cooperation with the Civil Aviation Management and the National Air Traffic Services authorities to inform the parties on the air traffic control information and the use of British airspace during the Olympic Games provisions.

If a private aircraft into the no-fly zone, will first be warned, and then depending on the situation and escalate; Finally, the plane violations aircraft into the no-fly zone, despite the warning not to obey the instructions, will be shot down, the BBC defense correspondent said.
Hammond said in a written statement, the Olympics have not been specific or more security threats. Te Laisha May, Home Secretary also said that Olympic security is no problem.
BBC has learned that the Olympic Marathon organizers had hired about 600 private security personnel, military personnel were redeployed to other venues and events in performing security tasks, responsible along the way security.
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