London Apple retail store delivery iPhone / iPad Olympic badge

With the 2012 London Olympics forthcoming opening tomorrow, the plan of the London Apple retail stores will provide customers with a special gift - London Olympics Memorial badge.

Apple's build badge, a total of four were black or white iPhone and iPad, the middle of the pattern of the British flag.

The commemoration of the badge will be delivery to the packaging as shown above, the most middle of the Apple build the commemorative badge. We have not yet received definite news Apple will be how to allocate these badges, It is reported that some retail stores will probably be free delivery.

At the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Apple has held similar events. However, when a retail store delivery is the iPod nano-style badges, badge designs for the Maple Leaf. Vancouver Apple retail stores opened at the Winter Games during delivery is printed on the badge of the Maple Leaf and the Apple logo.

London Olympics will TwinsCam specially designed camera

Japan's NHK television station development camera TwinsCam, "will be put into use during the broadcast of the London Olympics in synchronized swimming for the first time. The camera can be taken underwater and water images automatically for synthesis, and screening like "sections" of the image.

This is the technology of the world's NHK has the NHK pre-image by the International Broadcast Centre in London sent to television stations around the world.

TwinsCam Although underwater and water set up two cameras image synthesis, but because of different light in the refractive index of underwater and water, direct synthesis, the image will be deformed.

NHK in Japan by repeatedly shooting activities, the precise location of underwater and water between the camera and lens tilt angle repeated adjustments and, ultimately, a natural image compositing effects.

In addition, the introduction of new technologies in network transmission. In the live broadcast of the TV schedule of athletic events, NHK experimental introduction of P2P communication systems. This is a user continue to send images to other users information "Bucket Relay" mode, and compared to the past way of the radial way to a number of users to send images, will reduce the pressure on the server.

BT to deploy in the London Olympics 1000 Wi-Fi hotspots

BT announced during the Olympic Games for the Olympic Park to provide a dedicated Wi-Fi service to meet the site to watch the huge demand for Internet access in the audience of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

Deployed about 1000 hotspots, including the Olympic Stadium, the water sports center and bicycle racing venue that BT broadband, O2 mobile services and Tesco Mobile (Tesco Mobile) offers free Internet access into service.

Other users can buy cards to access the Internet in the venues. Prices from £ 5.99, 90-39 minutes 30 days package with 4000 minutes. Foreign audiences can also buy packages of 28 pounds 14 days package 500 minutes.

BT Wi-Fi sector Chief Executive Officer Andy Baker said that the size and coverage of fixed and wireless networks are confident that these network installed in Olympic venues to ensure that viewers watch the games live to enjoy a smooth Internet experience.

He said: "We expect that the Olympic Park received more than 30 million viewers during peak periods, so we correct deployment will become very important. We are currently working in close cooperation with a number of technology partners, the use to be deployed in other large stadium hotspots accumulated a wealth of experience to ensure network uptime.

"This work not only involves the deployment of router also includes a background network. London Olympics in the background network capacity is four times that of the Beijing Olympic Games."
BT also announced that it is the deployment of an additional 500,000 hot spot in London to achieve its broader Internet access commitments in London.

The large-scale deployment of action is to vigorously enhance the important initiative of the London Wi-Fi coverage, O2 will be more than one London borough, and retail stores to provide services. Meanwhile, Virgin Media will provide Wi-Fi service in the 80 site of the London Underground.

Students to act as the London Olympics security

London opening of the Olympics around the corner, and the negative news about Olympic security has continued to be heard.

Provide nearly 20,000 security personnel scheduled for the London Olympics, according to British media reported on the 14th, British G4S recognizes its staff shortage, forcing the British Government temporary deployment of 3500 soldiers to share security duties.

G4S company employs 3300 high school students to act as screeners, but these students are in the training of listening to music, nap, on whether they qualified for the Olympic security work, security experts raise concerns about.

Bomb pistol managed to pass through the analog security

According to reports, thousands of high school students from all over Britain, a photo display, G4S organize training courses for students, discipline abnormal loose, a young man wearing headphones, listening to music, a blond girl sitting next to him is nap. These students need to receive pre-job safety training of four days. Requirements in the July 1 start for the Olympic security work must be 18 years of age, but some students to participate in the training only 17 years old, and some even can not read the training manual.

It is reported that these "security personnel" two-day training not yet know how to use the X-ray scanner to search suspicious items, testers can bombs, pistols, easily managed to pass through the analog security; one of the students in the detection of suspected explosives, hand touch, ignoring the "no touch suspicious items" provisions.

Peace's largest security

According to the statement of the British Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee, the escort for the Olympics is the British experience in times of peace the largest security operations.

Due to lack of security personnel, the British government is temporary deployment of 3500 troops to share security duties. The British Home Office admitted that they had to disposal in the German army to return home to participate in the Olympic security work, because the company responsible for the project failed to recruit enough guards.

Increase the number of soldiers involved in security from land, sea and air forces, including reservists, including the total number of 17000, near the British twice the total number of troops in Afghanistan. They have been deployed to the various Olympic venues, and the police, commercial security providers and volunteers before the start of the Olympics to begin the work of the security checks. Wang Sang

English in parts of the implementation of air traffic control

British Air Vice-Marshal Stuart, commander of the London Olympic air safety Asa announced on the 13th from midnight, the Air Force will be the London School of peripheral and south-east of England, the implementation of airspace restrictions. If the aircraft to enter controlled airspace violations and the Olympic Games pose a threat to the Air Force will use "deadly force", including the way to respond.

It is reported that the air control will continue until August 15. In the meantime, the aircraft entering the restricted airspace, including commercial flights, light aircraft, gliders, hot air balloon, or even model aircraft must comply with strict regulations. Commercial flight operations will not be affected. In addition, prohibiting aircraft from flying over central London and the Olympic Park over.

The Air Force said, if the aircraft is illegal to enter the restricted airspace, the military will first require it to follow a military aircraft to fly to London. If the aircraft does not meet the fighters will be fired flares or laser. If the vehicle still refused to comply with the Air Force command, it will be shot down by fighter.

London Olympic security recruitment problems 10000 security may not be able to speak fluent English

Inability to recruit 10,000 security issue, the G4S chief executive officer of the England first in the world, the Daan insurance company apologized and acknowledged that the company underestimated the enormity of the task. He also admitted that he did not know whether the recruitment of security can speak fluent English.

G4S CEO Nick Barkley - asked recruited security personnel can speak fluent English, he replied: "This is a difficult question they have the right to work in the UK, and to accept a high standard education and training. "

When reporters repeatedly asked the question, he admitted: "I can not make an absolute answer."

Buckley said that the security system, some jobs do not need contact with the public, but he will be on this issue for further understanding.

In view of the G4S unable to provide 10,000 security personnel to ensure that contract, the British government said, preparing to deploy 3,500 soldiers to fill the number of vacancies. G4S will default to pay a fine of £ 10 million -2 million.

Buckley said that until 8, 9 days ago realized that the recruitment of a problem. Olympic organizers and the government know that the company plans to recruit 7-8 weeks before the review and training process "compression" to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Buckley insisted that the compression time of the decision not to cut costs, but because some organizations can not be recruited to participate in the early stages of training, such as students.

Buckley also said the military support "very grateful" thank "to give up time with their families," the soldiers said, while acknowledging that the military is really no choice.

BBC launch of the London Olympics App Andrews and ios version on line

For the upcoming opening of the London Olympics, the BBC launched BBC Olympics app applications, Andrews and ios version was added to our application store for iOS (5.0 or above) and Android (2.2 or more) users to download.

BBC application will provide users with information about the Olympic Games, such as schedule, race results and the introduction of the event, in addition, this application provides the user with a more personalized service, users can customize concerned about the national team game situation and other features.

London Olympics will be implemented to deploy surface-to-air defense system of air traffic control

As part of the 2012 Olympic Games security measures, London and South East of England will implement air traffic control. The British Defense Ministry said the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force personnel and equipment on Saturday (July 14) will be deployed, began to perform security tasks.

After the news that the London Olympic security needs an additional 3,500 soldiers. British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond (Philip Hammond), the London Olympics will be "peace and security."

Additional temporary air traffic control from the UK daylight saving time early Saturday morning, 00:01 (GMT Fri Jul 13, 2009 at midnight 23:01) and continued for a month. Control during the no-fly zone area 30 miles wide, but does not affect commercial flights flying normal routes.

The Royal Air Force in London Northolt Air Force Base to deploy Sea King helicopters (Sea King), amphibious assault ships of the Royal Navy's HMS Ocean sea and land will be involved in security operations in the River Thames. A day earlier, at four locations in London has deployed surface-to-air defense system.

Earlier this week, Typhoon (Typhoon) fighter had been stationed at Northolt Royal Air Force base, and Puma (Puma) fighters and snipers stationed in Ilford, east London and north of the capital (in Ilford).

The Defense Department said, after the start of the air traffic control personnel and equipment will be involved in air security operations. Meanwhile, the Department of Defense has in cooperation with the Civil Aviation Management and the National Air Traffic Services authorities to inform the parties on the air traffic control information and the use of British airspace during the Olympic Games provisions.

If a private aircraft into the no-fly zone, will first be warned, and then depending on the situation and escalate; Finally, the plane violations aircraft into the no-fly zone, despite the warning not to obey the instructions, will be shot down, the BBC defense correspondent said.
Hammond said in a written statement, the Olympics have not been specific or more security threats. Te Laisha May, Home Secretary also said that Olympic security is no problem.
BBC has learned that the Olympic Marathon organizers had hired about 600 private security personnel, military personnel were redeployed to other venues and events in performing security tasks, responsible along the way security.

London bus driver dissatisfaction during the Olympic Games bonus strike

Additional bonus dissatisfaction during the Olympic Games, held in London bus driver 22, the 24-hour general strike, nearly two-thirds of the bus lines of the whole city to a standstill.

Organizing the strike, union members belonging to the 17 bus companies, accounting for 85% of London's bus drivers. In the morning of the 22nd, Transport for London said, only a quarter of the buses running, and then increase the proportion of running the bus, but can not run the line is still nearly two-thirds.

In order to reduce the traffic impact of the bus strike, the Transport for London staff and volunteers to passengers in the bus station to answer questions and guide them by public transport vehicles monthly pass to ride the subway.

The origin of the strike is the union dissatisfaction with bus drivers during the Olympics there is no additional bonus, subways, airports and other employees there will be a bonus of £ 500 per person. The union, said the bus passengers during the Olympic Games is expected to at least will increase by 800,000 people, bus drivers should be entitled to the same subway, airport staff the same treatment.

Since the union had threatened to go on strike, employers and employees have been holding negotiations. London Mayor Boris Johnson, 21, said the union to cancel the strike can be considered from the Olympic special funds allocated £ 8.3 million bonus as a bus driver. Although the union welcomed this statement, but dissatisfied with Johnson make that decision until the last minute, making it a "beggar feeling. On the 21st night negotiations eventually broke down, resulting in 22-day strike on schedule.

The union said that if their demands are not met, will continue to go on strike during the Olympics action.

London 2012 Olympic Games official launch of the iPhone game

 Distance of the London 2012 Olympic Games opening time of 37 days, the London Olympics official launch of the iPhone game "London on 2012 - Official Mobile Game" iPhone / the iPad general, the size of 143MB.

The game contains a dash, long jump, canoeing, nine of the Olympic Games, players can be more than 220 projects to train their athletes, the game supports Chinese, customizable three modes: training mode, the Olympic mode, challenge mode.

London Olympics cost of millions of clinics

2012 London Olympics £ 230 million investment, the construction of a multi-purpose clinic, for the athletes to provide a full range of vision, teeth, physical therapy, surgery free health care services.

24 hours a day to open the door of the clinic is located in the Olympic Park, it is expected that the game every day during the admissions of more than 200 athletes.

Although the athletes is a priority target, the clinics also received the team staff and coaches.

The most important treatment is expected to muscle strain, sprain class, and fever of colds and bumps of minor injuries.

LOCOG person in charge of sports affairs Evans (D Jevans), for elite-level athletes, not only is a little discomfort will cause serious consequences.

She said the clinic is equipped with excellent facilities to protect the athletes can get rapid treatment processing.

BOCOG emphasized that the clinic will only deal with health problems during the Games athletes, rather than diagnosis and treatment of problems or chronic diseases to participate in the Olympic Games before.

From previous Olympic Games experience, vision and dental care is provided by the Olympic organizers at the most popular after the physiotherapy.

This clinic with the most advanced medical equipment such as MRI scans, will be 10 to take a wages Olympic Organizing Committee staff, 500 doctors and nurses of voluntary service, and 80 standby experts support operation.

The meaning of the London Olympics mascot

London 2012 Olympic Games Organizing Committee announced the London Summer Olympics mascot Wenlock (Wenlock), which is based on the passion of Shropshire sheep, prototype, this sheep living in the Olympic history named Ma Qiwen Locke's Law Chapel Hill Village, the center of town.

London Olympics mascot Wenlock (Wenlock) from the Shropshire village of Ma Qiwen Locke (Much Wenlock). Where, once held the Wenlock Olympic Games, this ancient race is the father of the modern Olympic Games Pierre de Coubertin to create a source of inspiration for one of the modern Olympic Games: in the 19th century, Pierre de Coubertin was invited to go there to watch Wenlock games, the Wenlock Games, Baron Pierre de Coubertin greatly inspired, and thus founded the modern Olympic movement. So far, the The Wenlock game is still held. Therefore, the to Jinian Wen Locke Olympic Games, London Olympics decided to name the mascot "Wenlock"

London Olympics ban to purchase Icelandic whaling industry related companies

The animal rights organization Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) before the statement has successfully prompted the ban of the LOCOG right of HB Grandi, Iceland aquatic London 2012 Olympic Games will not purchase their products because the company and the Whaling Industry associated.

This statement was subsequently the LOCOG sustainable development department is responsible for confirmed. Only of finfish fishing in Iceland, the Hvalur chairman Kristjan Loftsson is also HB Grandi board members, causing concern the WDCS right correlation of the two companies, and in the past two years has been committed to HB Grandi products removed from the UK market.

WDCS anti-whaling movement Vanessa Williams-Grey, said that last year due to market downturn Havlur not catch finfish, but there is evidence that fishing may resume in June this year. The Hvalur of finfish fishing quota for the 150-170 head, in recent years, a total of nearly 2000 tons of whale meat exports to the Japanese market.

YouTube will broadcast the 2012 London Olympics

According to Reuters, YouTube this summer will be in Asia and Africa users to provide webcast services for the London Olympic Games, which is the latest effort to move the company to become the mainstream media.

YouTube said on Wednesday, the IOC will provide 10 high-definition video channels covering the London Olympic Games, the event. London Olympics will be opening in late July.
YouTube will be provided free of charge up to 2200 hours of live matches, including all 32 events in the gold medal battle.

YouTube spokesman declined to comment on the financial details of the transaction, the company will provide 64 countries in Asia and Africa users live matches, including India, Singapore, Malaysia and Kenya.

Olympic Games TV rights worth billions of dollars. Comcast Holdings NBC (NBC) for the 2010 Winter Olympics and 2012 Summer Olympic Games broadcast rights paid a total of about $ 2 billion.

In the United States, NBC this summer on its Web site for the first time all 32 events in the Olympic Games live online. To view the NBC network broadcast, the consumer must make sure that they have to buy cable, satellite or telecommunications service.

Thanks to the large selection of original videos, YouTube has become the world's most popular video site. It is continuing to increase the professional level content, and also allows users to lease from a number of films of the Hollywood production company, providing the network of various types of sports competitions live, such as the Indian Cricket League and the America's Cup.

London 2012 Olympic Games opened in July just around the corner lock 2 billion revenue target

LOCOG CEO Paul Dayton (Paul Deighton), said in an interview on Monday, Olympic sponsorship revenue and ticket sales both exceeded expectations, and thus ensure that LOCOG adherence to budget.

Before the end of the Olympic Games, the London Olympic Committee decided to temporarily released the final accounts, which also lead to some local politicians and the media criticized the lack of transparency in the Olympic financial position.

Dayton said: "I can basically determine the Olympics to achieve break-even." Dayton in 2006 to join the London Olympic Organizing Committee, after he had worked 20 years at investment bank Goldman Sachs.

"If I may say, £ 2 billion in revenue from the Olympic Games project cost of £ 2 billion for investment, we are committed to the revenue plan has achieved 92 percent," wear shield also added, and the remaining The section will be achieved through ticket sales and franchise.

LOCOG operations rely on private capital, such as: financing local sponsors, ticket sales and franchising. Another small part from the IOC global sponsorship revenue and broadcast rights into sales revenue.

Britain also invested in preparation for the Olympic Games £ 9.3 billion, the funds for the construction costs of the Olympic Park, the original dilapidated East End of London therefore has undergone enormous changes.

The latest financial data shows that the Organizing Committee is still £ 500 million of public funds were not utilized, British Sports Minister Hugh Robertson, Hugh Robertson, said that the expenses of the Olympic Games can control the budget.

However, compared with the initial budget to host the Olympics in 2005, the London Olympic Games, the overall public expenditure or turn doubled.

Value for money is the key

London Olympic Games sponsorship income up to 700 million pounds, in the case of the current weak global economic growth, Dayton said that this performance for the "opposite".

Ticket sales are expected to be over 600 million pounds, far higher than previously expected of £ 400 million.

July 27 to August 12, Olympic tickets were in great demand, leading to many events, tickets sold out, many British people are very upset to miss the Olympic ticket.

Faced with substantial government fiscal policy cuts and rising unemployment, Dayton said, after the Olympic Games held skepticism of the British people before the Olympics "to regain confidence.

He said that 75 pence in every pound of the Olympic public expenditure for infrastructure construction, which will become the British lasting legacy after the Olympics, the British people should believe in the Olympic Games are value for money.

"People have been convinced that this summer will usher in a unique event, but they also need to determine the amount of investment to generate the appropriate value, especially in the current economic situation, even more so," Dayton said: "I would like to to obtain public understanding, we have a lot of work to do. "

London 2012 Cultural Festival and the Olympic games in hand most of the programs free and open

The first event of the London 2012 Cultural Festival, "Music country" (Music Nation), this weekend (March 3-4, 2009). Across the country in more than 100 concerts will be held within two days of weekend thousand musicians to participate. The repertoire includes 18 new works, the whole event will be the BBC three over 24 hours of studio time. Music river activities, but also from the start of the weekend, will continue throughout the summer.

Cultural Kaleidoscope

The overall size of the Cultural Olympiad and London 2012 Cultural Festival of view, the BBC3 sets of ideas and take the lead "Music China" activities account for only a tiny tiny seats. Content of the London 2012 Cultural Festival includes all forms of art, art of all expected and unexpected places, said spokeswoman Emma (Emma Russell), pull the shuttle of the British Council (Arts Council) England Chapter , appear.

She said in a media briefing Friday, cultural events go hand in hand with the London Olympics is characterized by: Most programs are free of charge, and launched on a national scale. "This is in line with the original intention of the originator of the Olympic Games, the Olympic Games is both a sports competition, is also a cultural event," she said. British Cultural Olympiad, a total of more than 1600 million from the national professional and amateur artists.

The list goes on

Some of the pillars or dynamic role institutions play in the cultural life of the English custom content-rich "2012 Special". The Royal Shakespeare Theatre (the Royal Shakespear Company) put on by Shakespeare banner by 2012 Dongfeng, a big step towards the world.

July London International Shakespeare theater festival, in September the seven countries Shakespeare drama teaching case study, organized by the joint large Britain Museum of Shakespeare exhibition and plan launched in April interactive online platform, so that the public on the 19 century English big writer in why the 21st century there are practical significance? its practical significance in what areas? as well as how to realize such topics off to good start. These are just a part of the RSC activities.


London's famous Victoria and Albert Museum (Victoria and Albert Museum, V & A), in 2012 highlights the themes and tone, by Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne the 60th anniversary celebration of the machine, the introduction of the royal family, past and present exhibitions and organize overseas tour .

"British design exhibition, the V & A this month exhibits interpretation of why the English called the design of the world? From machinery to fashion, from the stage set to the process of ceramic, the United Kingdom has a proud achievement. Exhibition covering 1948-2012, aims to review the evolution of the "British design".

This year marks the 007 spy series of novels published in the 50th anniversary of the V & A and the Barbican in London, the Barbican Centre, the Cultural Center prepared to host an exhibition with 007 in the fall, the V & A will be Hollywood film costume design theme. The Barbican Centre 50 years of James Bond exhibition, from the layout of the exhibits to the exhibition hall will highlight the 007 style.

In addition to these larger events, associations and schools will be coordinated with the London Olympics, the introduction of different cultural and artistic activities, and fully reflects the participation of the whole Olympic idea.

Samsung Visa will launch the London Olympics mobile payment services

Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, February 27-March 1, Samsung and Visa will be officially launched this mobile payment application, it will on display in the Visa booth and the Samsung booth. This indicates that the two Olympic Games and Paralympic Games sponsors for the London Olympics to provide mobile payment services, the partnership out of the first step, but also one of the sponsorship of the 2012 London Olympic Games.

This application is based on Visa's payWave technology, POS machines and contactless payment. Payment, customers simply scan tools mobile phone at a no contact, to pay more than 15 pounds require a password. This application also allows customers to view their transaction history and the latest account balance. Visa trading platform for multi-level security and a reliable technical support, customer's contactless mobile payment by Visa security protection.

Visa Europe Innovation Sandra Al Zeta, Sandra Alzetta, said: "the 2012 London Olympics is a unique opportunity to showcase the future of payment will leave a valuable legacy to life after 2012. This The new mobile payment application is the core, we also cooperate with several partners, real-time mobile payment technology to consumers. We have recently announced the cooperation with many handset manufacturers with NFC payment function , commercial mobile payments more mainstream and realistic. "
Samsung mobile communications business, executive vice president, sales and marketing team in charge of DJ Lee said: "Samsung is very pleased with Visa to launch mobile payment services for the 2012 London Olympics. We firmly believe that this show will encourage people to experience and adopt the convenient security of mobile devices to pay as long-term Olympic partners and mobile technology leader, Samsung is fully committed to cooperation with Visa during the Olympic Games to provide a reliable and convenient mobile experience. "

Since 2002, the global sponsor for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, Visa has been in all Olympic venues to provide and manage the entire payment system architecture and network. For the 2012 London Olympic Games, Visa will be the Olympic and Paralympic Games venues to install 3000 contactless terminals, showing pre-paid, contactless payment, mobile technologies and innovative.

Britain to recruit more than two thousand reservists to participate in the London Olympic security work

United Kingdom Ministry of Defence yesterday announced that with immediate effect will be the 2100 reserve soldiers send notifications to recruit them to participate in security work in the London Olympic Games held in July this year.

The Defense Department said in a statement, these reservists will participate in the Olympic security from the British Army, Royal Navy, the Air Force and Marines.

Olympic Games held in July this year, there will be 13,500, including the military personnel involved in security operations, including special professionals.

London Olympics Airlines discount tickets launched

UK: London Olympics Airlines discount tickets launched. According to British media reports, in July this year, London Summer Olympics Ruqierzhi the In order to attract more Chinese tourists, British Airways announced the launch of special fares from today. Buy during the Olympic Games round-trip ticket from Shanghai to London, for as low as 4100 yuan (excluding taxes and fees, the same below).

Free study in the evaluation form free immigration evaluation form free visa assessment form free study in the UK evaluation form

It is reported that from today until next month on the 7th, British Airways will sell ultra-cheap tickets the Shanghai to London, and from 2300 yuan. These tickets travel date from February 8 to March 31. The travel date from April 1 to June 19 discount tickets for 2330 yuan. June 20 to August 20, namely the Olympic Games during the special fares for 4100 yuan.

British Airways China, stressed that the sales system will automatically adjust according to ticket sales, the proportion of special votes of each shift. In previous years, the average fare from Shanghai to London in July and August remained largely unchanged at 8000-10000 yuan.

London 2012 Olympic Games projects

2012 London Olympic Games, a total of 26, a total of 300 small game. Competition items and small items less than the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, water polo, archery, athletics, badminton, handball, basketball, boxing, canoeing, slalom, hydrostatic, cycling, track race, road race, mountain racing, small BMX (BMX), equestrian, fencing, football, gymnastics, trampoline, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, judo, modern pentathlon, rowing, sailing, shooting, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, triathlon, indoor volleyball, beach volleyball, weightlifting, wrestling, hockey.

U.S. companies printed the London Olympic tickets

According to Reuters, a printing company from the United States, won the design, printing London Olympics tickets contract. While in the UK led to criticism of some local politicians, LOCOG or to adhere to this choice.

Weldon, Williams & LickInc printing company located in Arkansas, USA, and they print 11 million tickets for the London Olympics, and then transported by cargo ship to the UK warehouse.

Some people think of the UK, given the current economic environment, such a contract should be left to their own talents. Prior to that, there are the local media broke the news, only 9% of the London Olympics souvenirs production in the United Kingdom. LOCOG, printed a large number of tickets for the 2012 London Olympics contract, after a thorough, full bid and review process. This previously had a similar experience of event tickets printing company, confidentiality, funding and scale, through our audit. Moreover, they have a special system, ticket printing and packaging according to our requirements. "

It is reported that the London Olympic Games tickets will be packaged together and the audience Spectators on the race day traffic cards. The British people have bought tickets earlier in the summer to get these votes. Tickets must be required by me sign, to avoid falling into the hands of others. Moreover, the need to pay additional 6 pounds courier. London Olympic Games tickets in 75 percent of all sales in the UK and the EU.

It is reported that the London Olympic Games 26 game big in the current stage of available tickets, football tickets for only not even sold out. And all the tickets, the most popular was undoubtedly the opening ceremony and the Men's Track and Field 100 meters final. Among them, purchase the number of Olympic Games opening ceremony tickets is ten times that of the opening ceremony of the number of tickets; purchase up to one million of the 100 meters final of the Men's track and field, while only 20,000 tickets.

60% of the London Olympic souvenirs from China

By the British flag, red, white and blue, these souvenirs of this is to showcase the best technology in the UK, to commemorate the 2012 London Olympics.

Unfortunately, the fact that only 9% of souvenirs produced in the UK.

In which the sale of Olympic souvenirs, almost all printed with the British flag of the cup, tea towels, crystal products and plush toys are produced overseas. Even Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, a well-known companies with overseas factories to produce their Olympic souvenirs.

Olympic Games Organizing Committee is expected to Britain from the 2012 London Olympics souvenirs for sale for £ 1 billion in revenue and a profit of 86 million pounds.

Although they claimed that the London Olympics to allow British companies to benefit, in fact, tens of thousands of jobs and huge contracts went to overseas.

"Daily Mail" The survey found that only 9% of the 2012 London Olympic Games Web site listed 194 kinds of souvenirs, manufactured in the UK, and the rest from overseas. China produced 62 percent of the London Olympic Games Souvenirs, Turkey accounted for 9%, the Philippines accounted for 4%.

Including T-shirts, handbags, hats, toys and sporting goods, including the production of the rest of the country by India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Poland, Slovakia and Germany.

The UK such as Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, Johnson Brothers, Dartington Crystal, a well-known enterprises are required to take the lead, producing a series of Olympic-themed tableware. Although the product is printed on the British flag and the famous London landmark, high-quality bone china teapot, cups, saucers, vases and dishes, production is far from the United Kingdom, Thailand and China.

Critics say that the production of household goods companies to get the Olympic Games souvenirs production contract because it represents the British tradition, but they wasted the great opportunity to showcase British technology.

London Olympic Games Organizing Committee pointed out that 90% of the production license of the enterprise is a British company. The remaining 10% also have a UK office, employing British workers.

But for some critics, this is hardly of consolation. BBC roving Kam Po "of television programs ceramics expert Steven Moore 乔赛亚韦奇伍德 founded the company in overseas production Olympics tea expressed shock.

He said: "Josiah Izumishita to know also feel uneasy. The public will think this is a British product, manufactured in the UK - rather than imported from thousands of miles away."

British Federation of small businesses, a spokesman said: "in every field of manufacturing, from T-shirts to toys, the United Kingdom has a large number of experts and expertise available, while the British economy at the moment is in the doldrums, which was originally a a good opportunity to boost the economy. the current situation was a bit disappointing. "
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